The next 50 years of value: Micro Focus COBOL & the IBM ... · Micro Focus’ portability delivers...

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As an IT leader in the digital age, the mandate couldn’t be simpler – deliver more value, faster. Exploring smart ways in z13 to deliver ever more value, quickly The next 50 years of value: Micro Focus COBOL & the IBM Mainframe Ed Airey & Derek Britton Micro Focus

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Transcript of The next 50 years of value: Micro Focus COBOL & the IBM ... · Micro Focus’ portability delivers...

  • As an IT leader in the digital age, the mandate couldnt be simpler deliver more value, faster.

    Exploring smart ways in z13 to deliver ever more value, quickly

    The next 50 years of value:

    Micro Focus COBOL &

    the IBM Mainframe

    Ed Airey & Derek Britton

    Micro Focus

  • PublicCloud


    40+ years of

    innovation has

    delivered incredible

    returns but at the

    cost of huge levels

    of complexity

  • Micro Focus portability delivers future investment savings

    CloudDistributed VirtualizedMainframe?

    COBOL applications written yesterday run on todays modern platforms

    COBOL applications written today will run on tomorrows leading platforms

    COBOL is already part of the next generation of platforms

    Micro Focus is investing today so that business applications can support your

    business for the coming generations

  • Micro Focus bridges the old

    and the new, enabling customers

    to unlock the value in their core

    business applications

  • Majority of IT spend

    'keeping the lights on'...

    Bridging the old and the new in the enterprise

    The barriers to change

    leaving insufficient

    room for innovation

  • Time to Value Driving Critical IT Projects



    IT Backlog


    Time to Value

  • DeployKnowledge UX Develop

    Accelerating Time to Value in the EnterpriseStreamlining the enterprise IT journey to deliver more value, faster


  • Enterprise-wide insight to support superior IT decision making


    Manage drivers for change,

    Establish expertise to

    de-risk IT strategy, reduce

    redundancy and IT budgets


    Review technical,

    operational and business

    impacts based on the only

    source of application truth

    the applications



    Provide knowledge at

    the point of change

    for application



  • Knowledge

    Knowledge at the point of change for fast results

  • Rapid, simple business application modernization


    Core applications are

    now available through

    web, desktop and

    mobile interfaces


    Modernizing core applications

    without having to change the

    underlying application accelerates

    business improvement; modern

    controls provide a more intuitive,

    efficient interface for users

    and customers


    Complex multiple screens

    can be sanitized into

    simpler interfaces to

    reduce the complexity,

    time and risk of error

    for end users

    User Experience

  • Rapid modernization for dramatic business results

    User Experience

  • Best in class, efficient z Systems development


    Remove infrastructure

    limitations and


    mainframe reliance


    Introduce flexibility

    across the development

    life-cycle and enhance

    the resource pool


    Maximise developer

    efficiency and improving

    delivery times by

    up to 40%


  • Streamline removing barriers to efficiency

    Accelerated delivery time by providing access to contemporary development environment

    Maximize developer efficiency by reducing mainframe resource contention and wait time

    Rejuvenate the skill pool through adoption of industry standard technology

    Switch between connected or offload mode to get the best blend of instant change and reduced mainframe dependency

    Maximize efficiency


  • Accelerate improve delivery times and maximize efficiency

    Instantaneous application change with zero wait time and no resource conflict

    Advanced editing and debug technology for fast error detection and resolution

    Remove barriers to unit testing to improve code quality


  • Expand flexibility across the development life-cycle

    Quickly integrate mainframe tools and process to improve developer adoption

    Unification of best of breed development tools and deep integration to configuration management

    Industry standard IDEs foster development team collaboration

    A single development technology regardless of application strategy


  • Develop

    Optimal efficiency and flexibility for enterprise development

    Future-proofed todays core applications have a robust and flexible future path

    Flexible enables instant mainframe connection or fully detached, distributed set up




    Unified Standardized IDE technology provides highly productive environment for enterprise developers

  • Develop z/OS from Eclipse

  • Develop Limitless Debug and Unit Testing

  • Enterprise testing for rapid, cost-effective service delivery


    Remove existing capacity

    bottlenecks and improve

    time-to-delivery with a

    flexible, scalable

    testing model

    Cost Efficiency

    Reduce or contain

    testing costs by

    testing more in less

    time using cheaper



    Improve application

    delivery quality and

    throughput without

    consuming additional



  • Remove existing test capacity constraints with a scalable low cost test execution environment

    Scale up test capacity on demand

    Flexible access to mainframe applications, job steps and data where needed

    Faster time to delivery with less risk of production failure

    Flexibility remove bottlenecks, improve time to delivery

    User Acceptance


    System Testing

    Functional Testing

    Integration Testing

    Unit Testing




  • Quality Find issues faster, with no extra effort

    Bring agility through Continuous Integration for fast error detection and resolution

    Enable end-to-end testing for composite applications

    Faster resolution of complex runtime issues with improved diagnostic tools and core dump debugging


  • Quality

    Cost efficiency Effective rapid service delivery

    Reduce or contain test MIPS consumption to free up headroom for production workload

    Virtualization for cost-effective access to unlimited test capacity

    Simple set up and management to remove reliance on systems administrators

    Reduce the cost of delivery by finding issues earlier

  • Delivering Better Time to Value

    Transform UI for immediate 100% efficiency improvement

    Achieve rapid insights for better decision making

    Improve Dev Efficiency by 25%

    Provide knowledge at the point of change

    Establish fast and flexible test cycles which deliver up to 50% faster

    Z Systems workload flexibility with a 50% time to market improvement




    T I M E / R I S K

    Achieve business value quickly to drive investment for future innovation and growth

  • RewritePackage Modernize




    High risk


    RewritePackage Modernize


    RewritePackage Modernize



    4 months

    RewritePackage Modernize




    Customer Success

    Cost Risk Time to Value Competitive Advantage

  • The IBM z System is a result of more

    than $1 billion in R&D investments over the past

    four years We are continually working with our technology

    partners to help our clients maximize the value in their IBM

    mainframes, and this latest innovation from Micro Focus is a

    great example of that commitment.

    Vice President and Business Line Executive, IBM z Systems, 2013

    IBM z13 is the industry leading business execution environment

    for enterprise application workload where scalability,

    performance and extensibility are core requirements for

    successful IT service delivery. Micro Focus is delighted to

    support the latest generation of IBM mainframe technology

    innovation, the z13

    Chris Livesey, CMO, 2015

  • Outline survey of key application


    Micro Focus / Client meeting

    Discussion of current situation,

    strategy, criteria, priority

    Review and outline proposal within


    Mainframe SolutionsNext steps Value Profile Meeting

    Ed Airey - @edairey | Derek Britton - @derekbrittonuk