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  • Ewing Presbyterian Church

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    Ewing, NJ 08628


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    The newsletter of

    Ewing Presbyterian Church

    February 2015

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  • Transition Thoughts

    As we begin this year, 2015, EPC continues to grow

    in strength and vitality. Our worship continues to

    be the vital core of our life; our ministry and

    mission continue to strengthen as we find more

    ways to reach out to touch the people of our

    community and bring change to their lives. The

    ministry of our Deacons has grown as they connect

    the people of our congregation and beyond, with the

    generous care of our God. We are connecting with

    other faith communities, and have learned to bring

    their concerns and hopes into our own. And we are

    slowly bringing down walls of distrust and pain that

    have long existed.

    And yes, the business of our church continues.

    Here are a few highlights from our Annual Meeting

    of the Congregation and Corporation, held January



    Gerrie Apsotolos, Nancy Coleman, Alice Olson,

    Chuck Ranson, and Bob Schofield were elected to

    serve as Elders. Wayne Allen, Becky Lovett,

    Jennifer Magdelinskas, Sandy Pezzillo, and

    Elizabeth Ranson were elected to serve as Deacons.

    Pam Hoffman and Mary Hough were elected to

    serve on the congregation’s Nominating Committee.

    The Bylaws of the congregation were changed to

    allow an annual meeting in November for the

    election of officers. This will allow for the election

    and training of officers so that they might begin

    their service at the end of January each year.

    Annual reports were shared and received. The

    music ministry of the church was celebrated, with

    special thanks expressed to Carol Houghton,

    Marianne Lauffer, and all the members of the

    choirs. The work of the Deacons was lauded and

    kind words spoken for the pastor. Thanks were

    expressed for the improving condition of our

    buildings, and the good work of Wayne Berens and

    Don Lovett.

    Jonathan Savage reported that the financial situation

    of the congregation is stabilizing. He sighted the

    congregation’s response to the Building on the

    Foundations Campaign, the growing strength of

    pledges, the continued efforts at reducing expenses

    led by the steep reductions in personnel costs, all as

    important parts of stabilizing the financial situation

    of the church. Appreciation was expressed by all

    those present for Jonathan’s determined work in this


    I share with you my thanks for and to the dedicated

    staff that serve this congregation; to Pam Rauh goes

    a special thanks for her initiative, her thoroughness

    and commitment, shown in her work as our Office


    The year ahead will offer us many opportunities,

    challenges, and possibilities for our ministry in the

    name of Jesus Christ. I look forward to working

    and worshipping with you all.

    In Christ’s service,

    Paul Rhebergen

  • February Worship at EPC

    Sunday, February 1


    Sunday in Ordinary Time

    9:30 a.m. Worship

    The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper

    with Extended Communion

    Rev. Paul Rhebergen Preaching

    Deuteronomy 18:15-20, Psalm 111;

    1 Corinthians 8:1-13; Mark 1:21-28

    Sunday, February 8


    Sunday in Ordinary Time

    9:30 a.m. Worship

    Scout Sunday

    Rev. Paul Rhebergen Preaching

    Isaiah 40:21-31; Psalm 147:1-11, 20c;

    1 Corinthians 9:16-23; Mark 1:29-39

    Sunday, February 15

    Transfiguration of the Lord

    9:30 a.m. Worship

    The Ordination and Installation of Officers

    Rev. Paul Rhebergen preaching

    2 Kings 2:1-12; Psalm 50:1-6;

    2 Corinthians 4:3-6; Mark 9:2-9

    Wednesday February 18

    Ash Wednesday

    6:00 p.m. Simple Soup Supper

    7:00 p.m. Ash Wednesday Service with the

    Imposition of Ashes

    and the Sacrament of Communion

    Sunday, February 22

    1st Sunday in Lent

    9:30 a.m. Worship

    Rev. Paul Rhebergen preaching

    Genesis 9:8-17; Psalm 25:1-10; 1

    Peter 3:18-22; Mark 1:9-15

    Wednesday, February 25

    7:00 p.m. Lenten Prayers and Study

    Thursday, February 26

    Worship and Fellowship at

    Trenton Psychiatric Center

    Deacons’ Doings

    February is upon us and you may wonder what the

    deacons do to keep busy during the cold, dreary

    winter months.

    We started out in January by taking down all the

    holiday decorations. We would like to thank all

    those who assisted us after church. The job was

    done quickly and efficiently.

    The Simple Soup Supper will be held on

    Wednesday, February 18 at 6:00 followed by an

    Ash Wednesday worship service at 7:00. The

    deacons are responsible for providing the food and

    hosting the event. We will be making 3 kinds of

    soup after church on the 15th

    so join us if you’d like

    to help. Help is also needed setting up and cleaning

    up on the 18th

    . You can sign up on the table in the

    vestibule at church.

    The third gathering for the people of South Fork has

    been rescheduled to February 22nd

    with a snow date

    of March 1st. These gatherings have been well

    received by the people attending and we look

    forward to doing this again.

    There is a sign-up sheet located on the bulletin

    board in the lobby for providing refreshments at

    coffee hour. If you bring something, it is really

    helpful if you can put it on a serving plate and place

    it on the table. The ushers are now responsible for

    doing the set up and clean up due to the change in

    the sexton’s duties and it is often difficult for us to

    get everything accomplished before the worship

    service. Also help with clean-up is always


    Be watching for a date for the great chili contest,

    probably in early March.

    As usual remember to bring nonperishable food

    donations for Mercer Street Friends on the third

    Sunday of each month. There will now be a cheery,

    little red wagon to put them in, and they will

    become part of our offering that Sunday.

  • The board wishes to thank the outgoing class of

    deacons – Ruth Savage, Ruth Tantum, Jen

    Magdelinskas and Bette Schubert. The board looks

    forward to greeting the class of 2017 at our

    February meeting.

    Give someone a Valentine’s hug and tell them they

    are special this month.


    Our Church Family

    In Loving Memory… Katherine Stoneking, 91 November 22, 2014

    Alice Filor, 82 December 28, 2014

    Edith Sims, 82 January 12, 2015

    Mildred deFlesco, 99 January 18, 2015

    Lolomi MacLaury, 91 January 26, 2015



    The Seniors’ group met on January 6th, and because

    of low attendance, we called our speaker and

    canceled her visit, hoping to reschedule her later in

    the spring.

    Our next meeting will be on February 3 and our

    speaker will be Richard Stoneking, on the topic of

    his choice. Richard is known to many of us through

    our physical therapy needs over the years.


    February Adult Education and Faith

    Development at EPC

    February 1st

    Passionate Presbyterians: 4 Centuries of Unity

    and Diversity

    “That Old Time Religion” or “The New


    The Problem of the “Essential and Necessary”


    Rev. Dr. Marianne Rhebergen leads the 3rd

    of 4

    sessions on the history of Presbyterians

    February 8

    Passionate Presbyterians: 4 Centuries of Unity

    and Diversity

    Developments in the 20th

    Century and A

    Confessional Church in the 21st Century: Where do

    we go from here?

    Rev. Dr. Marianne Rhebergen leads the 4th of 4

    sessions on the history of Presbyterians

    February 15th

    Congregational Café Conversation 3

    Pastor Paul and the Transition Team invite all to be

    part of this conversation on the question of the place

    of worship for our congregation.

    February 22

    Exploring John Calvin

    Wayne Allen will lead an exploration of of John

    Calvin, the “father” of Presbyterianism. In this

    session we will learn about who he was, and what

    shaped his thinking.

    March 1

    Exploring John Calvin

    Wayne Allen will lead the exploration of the major

    ideas of John Calvin and their role in the

    Presbyterian understanding of God and church.

  • Presbyterian Women

    Calendar of Events

    Coordinating Team

    Sunday, February 8th


    Gerri Apostolos, Moderator

    Tabitha Circle

    Tuesday, February 10th

    9:15 a.m.

    Vergene Wieman, Hostess

    Lydia Circle

    Tuesday, February 10th

    10:00 a.m.

    Janice Rockmore, Hostess

    Ruth Circle

    Wednesday, February 11th

    7:30 p.m.

    Sylvia Allen & Louise Armbruster


    Mission Sewing

    Tuesday, February 17th

    10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

    Sylvia Allen, Leader

    Mark your calendar for the

    Mission Luncheon

    Tuesday, March 17th


    Tabitha Circle, Hostesses


    Cookie Recipes – Janice Rockmore

    At the PW tea last month, I was asked for cookie

    recipes and I promised to get them in the newsletter,

    but I did not specify which one. Use your own

    discretion on this.

    Scottish Shortbread

    1 pound unsalted butter 1/2 teaspoon salt

    1/2 cup granulated sugar 4 cups flour

    1/2 cup confectioner’s sugar (10x)

    Soften butter, add sugars and cream together. Sift

    flour/salt mixture and add to butter/sugar mixture

    and knead gently. Roll out flat on a cookie sheet

    and refrigerate at least one hour. Cut into pieces

    and place on ungreased cookie sheet. Preheat oven

    to 350 degrees. Reduce heat to 275 degrees and

    bake approximately 30 minutes until a light creamy

    color. Do not overbake.

    Miniature cheesecakes

    24 vanilla wafers 3/4 cup sugar

    1 pound cream cheese 1/8 teaspoon vanilla

    2 eggs

    Place a vanilla wafer in the bottom of a cupcake

    paper cup. Mix all other ingredients until

    smooth. Fill each cup 3/4s full. Bake at 350

    degrees for 20 minutes.

    Pecan Puffs

    1/2 cup butter 1 cup pecans, ground

    2 tablespoons sugar 1 cup flour

    1 teaspoon vanilla Confectioner’s sugar

    Beat butter until soft, then add sugar and blend

    until creamy. Add vanilla and beat again. Stir in

    pecans and flour. Place 1/2 teaspoon batter in balls

    on a greased cookie sheet. Bake about 30 minutes

    at 300 degrees. While puffs are still hot, roll in

    confectioner’s sugar and then roll them in sugar


  • Youth Group News

    He reached down from on high, he took me;

    he drew me out of mighty waters...

    He brought me out into a broad place;

    he delivered me, because he delighted in me

    ~Psalm 18:16, 19

    Dear friends, I hope your winter has been restful

    and full of joy! I have missed seeing you in January

    as I have been away on vacation in sunny

    Minneapolis! As we move toward the spring, all of

    our regular youth programs will start up again. I

    hope to meet up with all of you over the next few

    months, checking in, sharing joys and concerns, and

    planning for our youth. I pray you and your families

    are blessed with joy and courage, peace and hope.

    Please reach out anytime by phone, email,

    Facebook message, or carrier pigeon.

    Love, Pastor Katie.

    Where to Find Katie:

    Sunday Worship:

    2/1: Ewing

    2/8: Lawrence Road

    2/15: Covenant

    2/22: Lawrence Road

    [email protected]

    (805) 448-9641

    Jr. High Fellowship: open to students in 5th-8th


    2/8: Roller Skating! 1-5pm at the Rolling Thunder

    Skating Rink. Cost is $10 per person. Meet at

    Lawrence Road Presbyterian Church

    2/22: Pizza & Movie Nite at Ewing Presbyterian

    Church, 5-7:30pm.

    Jr. High Camp Johnsonburg: May 15-17. A

    weekend retreat for students in grades 6-8 at Camp

    Johnsonburg. Fellowship, games, music, good

    conversation, friends, and fun. Cost is $105.

    Transportation will be provided from the church.

    High School Fellowship: open to students in 9th-

    12th grade

    Every Wednesday at Lawrence Road Presbyterian

    Church, 6-8pm. Dinner at 5:30pm. Begins February

    1. Friends are welcome!

    L.O.G. (Love of God) High School Retreat: April

    17-19. Join us for a student-led weekend of

    fellowship, games, great food, worship, prayer,

    singing, and friends. Cost is $50 per student. Retreat

    will be at Lawrence Road Presbyterian Church.

    L.O.G. Team Weekends: for L.O.G. team

    members. Please save the dates--more details

    coming: February 20-21, March 6-7, and April 10-


    Holy Imagination Retreat: for older youth and

    young adults, ages 14-24. March 27-29. Cost is $50

    per person. Our theme for the weekend will be hip

    hop, justice and resistance--we'll be looking at

    music and lyrics written by others and writing our

    own. No experience required! Retreat will be held

    at Camp Johnsonburg and transportation will be

    provided from the church.

    Rider Christian Fellowship: Every Tuesday, 5:30-

    7:00. Dinner and discussion group for college aged

    students at Rider in the downstairs chapel office

    (Gill Chapel). If you would like to help feed college

    mailto:[email protected]://

  • students or adopt students in other ways, please

    contact Katie for more information!

    Monthly Prayer Vigils with UMIO: Every month

    we gather on the first Monday to pray for Trenton

    and surrounding communities. We pray specifically

    for homicide victims and their families and then

    share a simple community meal of soup and bread.

    Please join us on first Mondays, 6-8pm at Covenant

    Presbyterian Church. February 2nd, March 2nd, and

    April 6th.


    Ordination & Installation


    Lory Ryan




    Christ Presbyterian Church

    Marlton, New Jersey

    West Jersey Presbytery

    Sunday, January 15, 2015

    3:00 p.m.

    Jovon Sykes – Facilities Manager

    Even though we welcomed Jovon Sykes, our new

    Facilities Manager to the Ewing Presbyterian

    Church staff a few months ago, it is time to learn a

    bit more about Jovon.

    In addition to his duties at EPC, Jovon is an active

    musician appearing in venues from North Carolina

    to New York City. He is passionate about his music

    and actively participates as a freelance musician on

    most weekends. He is a bass guitarist, but also

    plays drums, and is currently learning to play the

    piano. “Learning the piano is hard on many levels,

    in addition to learning to read music,” states Sykes.

    Most recently he has joined a group called the

    Arcade Symphony which is made up of 2 basses, 2

    guitars, a drummer, a keyboardist, and a vocalist.

    He explained that the group plays a variety of music

    including R&B, country, jazz and rock. Most of his

    experience is playing gospel music which is not

    surprising since 95% of his gigs are church related.

    Jovon comes to his love of music and in-born talent

    through his family. “My whole family is musical;

    both singers and musicians.” He and his three

    brothers enjoy jamming together whenever they can

    find the time and the opportunity. One of his

    brothers lives in Connecticut. The next musician in

    line in the Sykes family is Jovon’s 2 year-old son,

  • Aidan. “He has a miniature guitar and yells bass,

    bass, whenever he wants me to play with him.”

    “Even though Aidan has his shy moments, he is

    energetic and playful. We are beach buddies; he

    just loves the water and our favorite beach is


    In his free time, which is rare, Jovon loves to bowl.

    Currently scoring in the 220’s, he is aiming to bowl

    a 300 game! He also enjoys basketball and football

    and is a diehard LA Lakers fan.

    His hope is to one day own a chain of studios which

    would include facilities for recording, production,

    and instruction. “I also want it to be a place where

    people can come to learn the production side of

    recording and offer clinics in production.”

    In his short time here at EPC, Jovon has found

    everyone very friendly and welcoming and vice

    versa. And as Pastor Paul wrote in the Annual

    Report about Jovon: “we welcome his ready smile,

    his compassionate presence, his skills, and his


    Welcome aboard Jovon!


    2015 Per capita - $30.00

    Mark Achtemeier to Speak at Ewing

    “The Bibles Yes to Same Sex Marriage”

    On Friday evening, February 22nd

    , the Ewing

    Presbyterian Church will host Mark Achtemeier for

    a time of presentation and conversation on Scripture

    and marriage.

    Mark has served the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A)

    for more than three decades as a pastor, theologian,

    and writer. He is the author of The Bibles Yes to

    Same-Sex Marriage: an Evangelical’s Change of

    Heart. John Buchannan, the former moderator of

    the PC(USA) and editor of The Christian Century

    wrote, “With his skills as a distinguished biblical

    scholar, his pastor’s heart, and his personal

    integrity, Mark Achtemeier carefully explores what

    Scripture says, and does not say, about same-sex

    relationships and marriage.

    Come join us at 7:00 for an evening of dessert and



    Around the Presbytery

    On Sunday, February 8, 2015 at 5PM, Titusville

    Church is hosting a Bluegrass Concert featuring

    The StoneHearth Bluegrass Band. Bitter Bob's food

    concessions will be there at 3:00 p.m. Tickets are

    $15 and family pricing is available.

    For more info, please contact the church at 609-



    Kingston Presbyterian will be holding a

    GriefShare Support Group. GriefShare is a weekly

    video seminar featuring some of the nation's

    foremost experts on grief recovery topics. Each

    seminar is combined with a small group discussion

    time to allow group participants to talk about the

    content of the seminar and about how they are

    dealing with the death of their loved one. Group

    meetings are held on Wednesday evenings from 7-

    9pm in the church assembly room. The sessions

    will begin on February 11th.

  • Nursery School Notes

    February is the month in which all of us at Ewing

    Presbyterian Nursery School really focus on the

    people, pets and things that we love. The children

    enjoy giving and receiving Valentine cards and

    have fun during their classroom parties. We also

    enjoy taking this special time to talk about the

    message of love that Jesus taught us.

    2 year old class – Mrs. Contento - Our classroom

    was decorated for winter in the month of

    January. We had great fun making snow crafts as

    we learned the colors black and white. We even

    went bowling (in our classroom). The weather has

    not been good for outdoor activity, so we have

    gotten creative and played many indoor games.

    This month we will work with the color red. We

    have made so many friends and now is the time to

    show them how much we care. Valentines will fill

    our room and we will have a party. At the end of

    the month we expect a special visit from Clifford,

    the big red dog, and also everyone’s favorite Elmo.

    3 year old class – Mrs. Genovay – During the

    month of January, our class focused on the themes

    of Winter, Story Dramatization and Names. In

    February we will talk about the 8 basic colors

    through games and projects. The children will learn

    about the different shapes, along with their

    likenesses and differences. They will earn about

    numbers and the importance of counting.

    We will also talk about Ground Hog’s Day,

    Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day. The highlight

    of the month will be our Valentines’ Day party!

    Children will also learn about Chinese New Year

    because it occurs in February this year.

    4 year old class - January was a busy month. We

    learned about winter and started our letter-a- week

    themes. We started Gym and everyone loves it. We

    have started our Safe and Sure Program. Miss Stacy

    will be coming in every Tuesday in January and

    February to show us ways to keep ourselves safe.

    February is going to be a fun filled month. We have

    started some Valentine projects and have more to do

    before our Valentine Party. We will be learning

    how the post office works and how mail travels. We

    are looking forward to our Pajama Party during P


    First Aid Course – Ewing Presbyterian Nursery

    School will be sponsoring a First Aid

    Adult/Pediatric CPR program on Thursday,

    February 5th

    from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Eddie Gallon

    will be our presenter and he makes the subject

    matter interesting and fun! The cost is $45 and we

    may allow up to 30 participants. If you are

    interested, please send your completed form (in this

    newsletter) and money to the nursery school office

    no later than Monday, February 2nd

    . Questions?

    Contact Suzie Wentworth at 883-5364 or

    [email protected]

    EPNS 50th

    Anniversary – This school year is

    Ewing Presbyterian Nursery School’s 50th

    year of

    joyously playing and working with young children!

    Our goal is to help children learn to love learning,

    and to provide a strong foundation for their

    education in future years.

  • Prayer Requests for healing,

    wholeness and God’s special presence.

    H. Wayne Berens

    Carol Koch Bridges, cousin of Dave Koch

    Shirley Brower

    Bull Burton

    Kacy Chmielewski, daughter-in-law of Virginia Saiia

    Eleanor Ciccone, grandmother of Julie & Joey Ciccone

    Janet Corbin

    Doris Cregar

    Joan Disbrow

    Rachel Evans & Family

    Quentin Fabiano

    Karen Fuchs, sister of Laura Wallin

    Ken Harvey

    Kevin Hecky

    Beth Hensler

    Lydia Hill, cousin of Cathy Holland

    Cathy Holland

    Jean Hopkins

    Dan Hough

    John Kelso, friend of the Saiias

    Nadine Kunz, mother of Becky Lovett

    Bob & Marion Letts

    Robert MacLaury

    Charlie Magee, brother of Judy Carapezza

    Maureen Magee, sister-in-law of Judy Carapezza

    Kevin, Megan & McKenna Maisto, friend of Barb


    Margaret Marcks

    Matt Massimi

    Samuel Meservey, grandson of Lois Meservey

    Sue Milstead

    Aaron Morgan

    Susan Morris, friend of Dave Koch

    Leslie Nevius, cousin of Barb Salles

    Pamela Olson

    Marissa Porfirio

    Cara Pressman, friend of Laura Wallin

    Bill Raughley, friend of Jane Perelli

    Elizabeth Ranson

    Joanne Ranson

    Nancy Riemann, cousin of Dave Koch

    Robert Rodgers, friend of Laura Wallin

    Barb Salles

    Michael Bailey Schafer, grandnephew of Mary Hough

    Dick & Dottie Schenck

    Ralph Sims

    Ann Skeeter, mother of George Renwick

    Krista Berens - Smart

    Jane Snedeker

    Ceil Szeg, friend of Bette Schubert

    Frank Szachtowski, step-dad of Mike Hecky

    Bob Taylor, brother of Virginia Saiia

    Gene Taylor

    Travis Turner, nephew of Gay McGraw

    Skippy Twining, friend of Barb Salles

    Leisal Vidal, aunt of Nancy Kriegner

    Nelson Wallin, father of Laura Wallin

    Harold Walter

    Kaitlynn Webster, granddaughter of Nancy Coleman

    Mary Lou Weinstetter

    Alfred Wensley

    Eileen Whang

    Marva Wyckoff

    Grace & Norm Yates, friends of the Letts family

  • February 2015

    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

    1 Souper











    6:30 p.m.


    7:30 p.m.


    Orientation &



    7:00 p.m.



    First Aid CPR


    11:00 a.m. – 3:00











    9:15 a.m.

    Lydia Circle

    10:00 a.m.


    Ruth Circle

    7:30 p.m.




    Valentine’s Day


    Ordination &


    Mercer Street

    Friends Food



    Office Closed


    Mission Sewing

    10:00 – 2:00



    7:00 p.m.





    7:00 p.m.

    Simple Soup


    6:00 p.m.






    7:00 P.M.



    Open House



    South Fork



    Movie Night

    5:00 – 7:30


    Breakfast at


    9:00 a.m.




    7:00 p.m.


    Lenten Prayers

    & Study

    7:00 p.m.


    Worship &

    Fellowship at







    Service for



    11:30 a.m.

    March 1

    Second Sunday

    In Lent







    7:00 p.m.


    On Sundays

    9:30 Worship, FH

    10:30 Hospitality

    11:00 Adult Ed. &

    Sunday School

    4:45 Jr. High Youth


    On Mondays

    5:15 AA, AL

    5:30 Yoga

    On Tuesdays

    7:30 Al-Anon,AR.

    8:00 NA, AL

    On Wednesdays

    6:00 L.O.G &

    High School

    Youth Group

    On Thursdays

    4:30 Yoga

    6:15 Sanctuary


    7:00 Scouts

    7:30 Bell Choir

    8:00 AA, AR

    On Saturdays

    3 pm AA, AL

  • Ewing Presbyterian Nursery School

    100 Scotch Road

    Ewing, NJ 08628

    American Safety and Health Institute

    First Aid & Adult/Pediatric CPR Workshop

    The instructor, Eddie Gallon, is a paramedic and makes the course interesting and fun!

    Thursday, February 5, 2015 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

    Cost is $45


    Mailing Address ____________________________________ City/State/Zip

    Phone(s) _____________________________ E-Mail

    Write checks to: Ewing Presbyterian Nursery School

    Please contact Suzie Wentworth at 883-5364 or [email protected] with any questions

    mailto:[email protected]