The New Direction In Windows Amerimax has pushed The New Direction in Patio Doors to an...

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Transcript of The New Direction In Windows Amerimax has pushed The New Direction in Patio Doors to an...

  • The New Direction In Windows

  • S E L E C T I O N

    Amerimax has completely redesigned our entire product offering of energy efficient windows and patio doors to bring you, The New Direction in Selection and Style.

    This New Direction in windows, improves interior and exterior aesthetics, maximizes the viewing area, maintains the unsurpassed energy efficiency and structural integrity Amerimax has always been known for, while creating a more slender look and feel.

    Our New Direction in windows has so many choices that when we say, “no matter what kind of opening or style of home you have, we have a window or patio door to fit”, it really is The New Direction.

    The Amerimax selection includes:

    The Masters Grande Series featuring the finest in quality, design and innovative options.

    The Craftsman Portrait Series reflects old world touches and attention to detail while combining modern technology and engineering.

    The new Aristocrat Casement Series is simply a cut above the rest with style for the most discriminating taste.

  • w w w . a m e r i m a x w i n d o w s . c o m

    Rectangular picture windows are available in every Amerimax window series with an expanded variety of custom geometric shapes to meet your most imaginative needs.

    The Amerimax selection of custom manufactured Bay Windows - Bow Windows and V-Bays continues to be unsurpassed in the industry.

    Amerimax has pushed The New Direction in Patio Doors to an unprecedented level of choice by establishing:

    The Exciting New Horizon Series of sliding Patio Doors, available in 2-panel, 3-panel and 4-panel configurations with Transom options.

    The Elegant new Riviera French Slider Series combines the beauty of wide rail design with multiple configuration choices.

    The long awaited Versailles Series French Hinged Door comes with an innovative selection of operable side lite options.

    The Performer Pro Series is a revised and updated version of our always-popular Performer patio door.

  • M A S T E R S G R A N D E S E R I E S

    The Masters Grande Series is an extensive revision of our original Masters Series that has performed successfully for so many years.

    These exciting changes provide maximum viewing area, enhanced aesthetics including interior beveled frames and sashes, slender profiles and sleek smooth narrow lines. The Master Grande Series maintains the same trademark Amerimax high quality, engineering and unsurpassed energy efficiency that our customers have grown to expect.

    The Master Grande Series continues to offer easy cleaning from in side your home with two operable & removable sashes in all Double Hung and Horizontal sliding windows.

    This exclusive series now has additional options including Twin & Triple Double Hung configurations within a common frame to provide the ultimate in style and design choices.

  • w w w . a m e r i m a x w i n d o w s . c o m

    A R I S T O C R A T C A S E M E N T S E R I E S

    The completely New Aristocrat Casement Series embodies everything a casement window should be. Traditionally the most elegant of all window products with the tightest weather seal and rugged durability.

    This versatile series boasts full view design, heavy-duty 3 1/4” frame, smooth operation utilizing Roto hardware and a one touch multi-point locking system. The ultimate in beauty — strength and protection against outside elements!

    The Aristocrat Series is presented in 1-lite – 2-lite – 3-lite styles. Awning windows and fixed lite Picture Windows are also available and may be combined into a common frame providing perfect versatility and style.

  • B A Y S A N D B O W S

    Create a focal point in your home with an Amerimax custom-built Bay or Bow Window, the most inexpensive room addition available.

    Open up any room, expand your view and bring in the light. You will delight in your brand new interior and transform the look of your home inside and out.

    Custom-design your Bay and Bow Windows with 1-1/4” oak-stock head and seat boards and choose flanking side windows from Double-Hung or vented Casement styles.

    Amerimax Bay and Bow Windows feature state-of-the-art materials, design and superb craftsmanship, making them virtually maintenance free.

  • w w w . a m e r i m a x w i n d o w s . c o m

    The New Direction of Patio Doors by Amerimax provides the most extensive array of products and styles in our history.

    In addition to our expanded list of standard styles and sizes, the New Horizon Series and the Riviera Series provide the most complete and cost effective custom- manufacturing program in the replacement industry.

    With the introduction of the Versailles Series comes the single entry full view Garden Door, the Versailles French Hinged (in swing or out swing) and the Center- Hinged style. All Versailles Series Doors have adjustable hinges and operable venting side lite options with wide and narrow French rail design.

    The Performer Pro Series preserves all the energy efficiency and reliable performance that has made it a long time favorite. The new fusion welded sash frame provides enhanced appearance, increased stability and the Performer Pro now offers an expanded selection of designer hardware options.

    P A T I O D O O R S

  • C R A F T S M A N P O R T R A I T S E R I E S

    The Craftsman Portrait Series is a comprehensive consolidation and redesign of two of our most popular product lines of the past.

    This exciting new series not only offers our traditional high quality and energy efficiency, but also features four different frame options for selected installation applications.

    The Craftsman Portrait Series is now available in a larger range of styles, configurations and combinations than ever before.

    The Craftsman Portrait Series now affords you the opportunity of blending other Amerimax window series, within your home, as they all share the same sleek exterior appearance.

  • w w w . a m e r i m a x w i n d o w s . c o m

    O P T I O N S A N D C O L O R S

    Color is a matter of choice . . . Yours.

    With the revolutionary new AmeriCoat color coating system from Amerimax, you have a choice of 10 designer colors. One is sure to match your home.

    When you choose AmeriCoat you are choosing a high performance system, featuring a water based single application exterior coating, formulated specifically for Amerimax products.

    AmeriCoat utilizes a heat reflective pigment that minimizes heat gain even for dark colors. AmeriCoat exceeds all environmental standards and is backed by a comprehensive warranty.

    Pattern Glass Options Whether you are concerned about privacy or just want to add a designer touch Amerimax has a decorative glass option to keep your room beautiful while allowing the light to flow naturally.

    Sandstone #877

    Evergreen #635

    Sage Green #731

    Tile Red #119

    Black #201

    Truth Bronze #524

    Bronze #922

    Brown #307

    Gull Gray #145

    Slate Blue #121

    AmeriCoat colors

    Pattern Glass Options

    Flemish Obscure

    Delta Frost Glue Chip

    Rain Narrow Reed

  • Acrylic Adhesive Seal

    Mylar Barrier

    Butyl Perimeter Seal

    Dual-Layered Silver LOW-E Coatings

    True Warm Edge Structural Foam Spacer

    Double- Strength Glass

    Acrylic Adhesive Seal

    Block Out • Winter Cold • Summer Heat • UV Rays

    Interior Comfort Winter and Summer

    A M E R I G L A S S ™ D I F F E R E N C E

    The Ameriglass™ Insulated Glass System features Low Emissivity glass coated with dual microscopic layers of silver, combined with Edgetech TrueWARM®

    Structural Foam Spacer to create a dual sealed glass unit with superior energy efficiency and long-term durability.

    The Ameriglass™ System has now been expanded to include Ameriglass™ Low E Solar with additional tinting and enhanced blocking of unwanted solar heat gain.

    Ameriglass™ System Provides:

    • Maximum UV Protection

    • Extremely Low Thermal Transmittance

    • Superior Condensation Resistance

    • Reduced Sound Transmission

    • Long-term Durability

    • Lifetime Warranty

    You Will Enjoy Energy Savings Year-Round.

  • w w w . a m e r i m a x w i n d o w s . c o m

    R I G I D T E S T I N G

    All Amerimax Windows and Patio Doors are stringently tested by independent laboratories for:

    • Thermal Performance

    • Structural Integrity

    • Air Infiltration

    • Water Resistance

    • Wind Loads

    Thermal performance tests are in accordance with NFRC Standards and requirements.

    Structural, air and water performance tests are to AAMA standards.

    Test results are certified and administered through Keystone Certifications. An ANSI accredited, licensed, independent certification agency.

    All Amerimax windows with the Ameriglass™ IG system meet or exceed Energy Star® requirements in all climate zones.

  • A M E R I M A X . . . A C O M P A N Y Y O U C A N T R U S T .

    Amerimax Building Products, Inc. is a division of Euramax International, Inc., a leading international producer of value-added aluminum, steel, vinyl and fiberglass products. Based in Norcross, Georgia,