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Transcript of The Neverendingstory Ad:TECH

  • 1. The Never Ending Story:How to run an always-on campaignWednesday, March 13th, 11:10-11:40amErin Anderson, Nestle | Maura Tuohy, @mtuohy, MercerBell #ATSYD

2. The Marketing Economy is in fluxOld SchoolNew SchoolBrand messages Interactive contentCulture copycats Culture cultivatorsBrand marketers TechnologistsBurst campaignsAlways On 3. How do we become new school?Favour exchangeKey milestoneConversa FeedbacktionTrustTime 4. Enter FUSIAN noodlesKids Teens AdultsNoodle- eatingAge 5. Meet the Internet Generation#nofilterCheck outmy newmash-up My meme is Twitter is SObetter than 2012youre meme Im so coolEntertain me because Idont like thisI have an opinionPffffabout absolutely everything 6. Our strategyBrand speak Non-brand speakTo create a relationship Give them the glorythrough sustainable content by allowing Gen Y to tell ourbrand story 7. The first Kung Fu movie written bythe internet 8. 5things we learned fromFists Of FUSIANCreating, running and measuring an always-on campaign 9. 1. Respect the social quotientCreativ MediaUnpredictablCampaign einvestmee human performanccontentntbehaviour e 10. 1. Respect the social quotient Caption this Super -usersFansObserv ers 11. 2. Have a content strategy 1. Listen 2. Determine Brand Tone andContent Pillars3. Complete moderation framework, &escalation guidelines 4. Create a conversation calendar5. Measure and learn 12. 2. Have a content strategy 13. 3. Your community is your brief 14. 4. Adopt a constant beta attitude 15. 5. Measure the right things 16. In Summary 1. Respect the social quotient 2. Have a content strategy 3. Your community is your brief 4. Adopt a constant beta attitude 17. THANK YOUQUESTIONS? #ATSYD