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This presentation is a biography of a photographer practicing in the Midwestern city of Goshen, Elkhart county, Indiana.

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  • 1. Creative Commercial Portraiture

2. ABOUT BRYAN 3. Born and raised in the city ofElkhart Movedto Goshen 10 years agoMarried with 2 kidsPlayed in a band (4 and 20Elders) for 20 years 4. MORE ABOUT BRYAN Tech Director @ River Oak Community Chruchfrom 2003-2007 Went to IveyTech in 2007 Left IveyTech for a job and practical training atTodd Allen design in 2007 Designer @ Todd Allen Design(08-09) Self-employed from May 2009-Present 5. PhotographicDetail"Visual Communication ingeneral is something I getkinda intrinsically" 6. CHOSE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHYBECAUSE: 7. IMMEDIACY OF RESULTLack the patience for film cameraWaited till 2004 for DSLR1st camera was a Canon Digital Rebel 8. EQUIPMENTOF CHOICECanon 7d 9. other accessories 16-35mm f2.8L, 70-200mmf2.8L IS 50mm f1.4 and a Sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro. use a wide variety of lights and modifiers,mostly made by Westcott and Paul C.Buff. "Off camera lighting/sunshine on astick". 10. MASTERYOUR CRAFTLIKELANGUAGE"Being able tocommunicate whatevervisually" 11. LOVING THE CRAFT Senior Portrait Event Photography 12. MORE SOUNDBITEFAVORITE SHOOT ON INFANT PORTRAITS "...I try to move away"...I enjoy doing senior from trendyportraits for youngstuff...focus on strongladies. I think a lot of emotional connections,ladies lack self esteem, those little piece" (like infant holding fathers finger).so I like to (with hiscraft) give (them) asense of pride." "B/W speaks more" 13. IMAGE TO REMEMBER 14. LEARN MORE@ 15. QUESTIONS