(The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod) (1983) with the LCMS's most current hymnal, the Lutheran...

download (The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod) (1983) with the LCMS's most current hymnal, the Lutheran Service

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Transcript of (The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod) (1983) with the LCMS's most current hymnal, the Lutheran...

  • (The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod)

    210 East Pleasant Street Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 53066

    Church Office: 262-567-5001 Daily Devotions: 262-567-1001 Website: www.splco.org

    Worship Schedule: *Saturday 5:30 pm * Sunday 8:00 am Traditional in the Church * * Sunday 10:30 am Contemporary in the Church

    St. Paul’s Mission Statement: “Reaching, Serving and Growing Disciples”


    Survey of Luke & Acts

    567-5001 Sun. - 9:15 a.m. Fellowship Hall

    Being Christian

    567-8195 Tues. – 7:00 p.m. Muecke’s Home

    Rev. Lance Armstrong O’Donnell, Senior Pastor Steven Scharnell, Vicar Rev. Ronald P. Krug, Pastor Emeritus Ben Mueller, Youth Director Rev. Paul Borgman, Pastor Emeritus Diane Bleke, Organist/Choir Director Fred Boldt, Interim Principal Kelly Kulas, Kinder Place Director Volume 20 Office Hours - 7:00 am - 4:00 pm Number 50

    WELCOME to everyone, especially our guests.

    Your presence is important to us.

    St. Paul’s is an evangelical Christian

    congregation, embracing historic Christian

    teaching on all doctrines, centered on Jesus

    Christ. Our desire is to bring the Gospel both

    to those who are searching for answers to the

    meaning of life and to those who desire a

    closer relationship with God. We here at St.

    Paul's have chosen to align ourselves with the

    teachings of the Lutheran Reformation, due

    to the clarity with which these help us to see

    the true meaning of God's Word.

    Specifically, St. Paul's is a ministry of the

    Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod, one of

    America's truly biblical churches!

    • Members and guests: please fill out an

    attendance card and place it in the

    offering plate to indicate your presence

    today. For Holy Communion, please read

    our confession and indicate your

    agreement with our beliefs by checking

    the box next to the names of those


    • Those sharing our beliefs, especially from

    parishes in fellowship with us, are

    welcome to receive.

    • If you desire Holy Communion but hold a

    confession differing from that of this

    congregation, please speak with a Pastor

    or an Elder.

    • Non-communing, baptized children are

    welcome to come to the table for a


    Please note: Half the inner circle of individual

    glasses in each tray contains water with one

    drop of communion wine for those hesitant to

    drink larger amounts of wine. Those glasses

    with wine are rose in color. 2


    Come to worship. As the prelude begins,

    worshippers are encouraged to conclude

    conversation and quietly prepare to enter

    into the experience of worship.

    Theme: Theme: Theme: Theme: Finding Fulfillment Part II: The Rescuers

    Pastor: Pastor: Pastor: Pastor: Lance Armstrong O’Donnell

    Traditional Service Divine Service 2, Setting 1, pg. 158 Divine Service 2, Setting 1, pg. 158 Divine Service 2, Setting 1, pg. 158 Divine Service 2, Setting 1, pg. 158

    Contemporary Service Special OrderSpecial OrderSpecial OrderSpecial Order

    December 15th & 16th, 2012


    St. Paul’s Dinner Auction

    April 13, 2013

    at the Golden Mast Inn

  • PRAYERS FOR THIS WEEK “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.

    With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.” Ephesians 6:18

    Those sick or hospitalized: MEMBERS – Martha Blanck (hip surgery); Ed Krelwitz; Mark Burdette; Teresa Schmeling (surgery); Frederic Marohn; Quinn Bandomir; Harvey Rupnow (Shorehaven); Andy Stenson; Judy Hasenstein; Pastor Paul Borgman; Pastor Ronald P. Krug; Elaine Bankert (Shorehaven); Vanessa (nee Stock) Hood - Leukemia; Bernice Hoeft (Aurora); Jackie Fulmer; Marian Faltersack; Bill Duchow; Betty Bender; Doris Marrari; Iris Jahnke; Dorothy Peterson (Shorehaven); Barb Krug; Mary Ann Schmitt; Betty Chatos; Crystal Parker.

    FAMILY & FRIENDS OF MEMBERS – Those with cancer: Debbie Duchow (Bill Duchow’s daughter) - brain and lung cancer; Terry (Marilyn Sherman’s) niece – breast cancer; Susie; Joann Romain - kidney cancer; Ron Rafalski - throat cancer; Kathleen (12 years-old) - Lymphoma; Grace Wilhelm - Multiple Myeloma; Nancy - breast cancer; Mrs. Susan Ohm; Richard Willey - bladder cancer; Lisa’s mom - colon & liver cancer; Linda Winke (Pastor Winke’s wife) - breast cancer; Sarah Beine (stage 4 cancer); Marlene Thurs (Kelly Kulas’s mother); Les; Rod; Kellie Kallies (Bill & Dorothy Duchow’s niece) - brain & lung cancer; Patricia Bach (Cindy Lippert’s mom) - cancer; Marian Lippert (Les’s mother); Dick Olson (Leonhardt’s friend) Other: Frank Finkler; Nephi Cardejon (brother-in-law of Mike Tanner) - heart surgery; Daut Gaba; Jon Franke - continued healing; Sandy Flanagan (Mabel’s daughter-in-law); Mandy Bruce; Larry Kehl; Barb Pieper’s brother; Kelly Kulas (Kinder Place Director) - knee-replacement surgery; Dan Brugger; Ken Lower - Alzheimer’s & broken hip; Shane; Carrie Snyder (for continued healing); Scott Dahlke (Carl & Gwen Nicholson’s friend); Tony Hopkins; Kathleen Converse; Kim Pomeroy (Cindy Lippert’s cousin) - diagnosed with MS; Laura (continued healing); Bob DeWitz (Jerry’s father); Joel (Tina Gartzke’s nephew); Paul Fellin.

    Those serving in the military-deployed: Zach Howard, Theresa; Jim Carney; Phil Preston; Adam Becker, Chad Kelling, Casey, Phil, Andy & Steve Koth; Luke, Jacob, Brian, Wayne Klamp, Randy, Jeff, Matt, Tom, Brad, Ben, Mike, Rob, & Fabian Beats.

    Those serving God as missionaries: Christie Nelson (China); Ray Wigdal (China); Dennis Denow (Thailand); Jeff & Julie Vigil (Kenya); Bob & Chris Prouty (Australia); Pastor Reinke (Deaf Ministry); Rev. Bud Palmer; St. John’s, Ashippun, WI; Brian & Jeanette Keller and the LCMS mission in the Dominican Republic. Those in need: Our Shut-Ins; Butterfield family; Schultz family; Camp LuWiSoMo as they begin preparations for next summer and begin construction on a new Dining Hall; Victoria Berger to find a job; John - going through difficulties in marriage; the Schmidt family; Dave - suffering from severe depression; Devin Engel, seeking employment; Jacob.

    Anniversary: Jim & Marlene Steinberg - 47th - December 18th Birthday: Lloyd Schlomer - 13th - December 13th

    The Prayer Warriors of St. Paul's are praying daily

    for these families and their needs..















    BAPTISMS We welcome into St. Paul’s church family during the 10:30 am Worship Service, Jacob Lee. He

    is the son of Tommy & Heather Boulware. His legal guardians are Kyle Swanson & Jody

    Jackson. His sponsors are Brad Mabry & Dorothy Dancey. We also welcome in to St. Paul’s

    church family during the 10:30 am Worship service, Xander Noah, son of Logan Krivitz &

    Kaela Lind. His sponsors are Moira Callan, Laura Ann Tyrrell, Kody Lind and Frank Krivitz. We

    will keep Jacob & Xander in our prayers.

    *Flash photography is not allowed during a baptism which takes place during the worship service. The pastor

    may reenact the baptism after the service for picture-taking opportunities.

    YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED ASAP Brian and Jeanette Keller are winding up their service in the Dominican Republic before

    the summer of 2013. With contributions trickling off, they need your financial support now

    more than ever. Contributions may be made payable to LCMS South Wisconsin District

    and mailed to:

    Bob Mason--Missions Dept.

    LCMS South Wisconsin District

    8100 W. Capitol Drive

    Milwaukee, WI 53222

    Please put in the memo area of your check: Keller Dominican Support. Thank you for your



    Brookfield Lutheran Church will be making a construction mission trip to the Dominican

    Republic March 1-9, 2013 to build a group home. The approximate cost for plane tickets,

    room and board, and van rental will be $1,200 per person. If you are interested in joining

    the Brookfield Lutheran group for this mission trip, please contact Nancy Wolck at pax-

    nan@wi.rr.com. Brian Keller is wrapping up his service in the Dominican and plans to fin-

    ish his projects before the summer of 2013.



    newspaper ad in the Waukesha Freeman on January 22, 20