the LONG RUN - .the LONG RUN Volume 31 Issue 2 Running News for the Pike’s Peak Region xx 2007

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Transcript of the LONG RUN - .the LONG RUN Volume 31 Issue 2 Running News for the Pike’s Peak Region xx 2007

  • the LONG RUNVolume 31 Issue 2 Running News for the Pikes Peak Region xx 2007

    Heroines of RunningLocal women who stand out

    Steve PrefontaineLinda shares a book on Pre

    Rescue Run Results

  • 2 The Long Run

    OfficersPresident: Jon Cornick 262-0595Vice President: Micky Simpson 495-5891Secretary: Patricia Lockhart 598-2953Treasurer: Gil Kindt 328-9828

    Board MembersTony Abdella Jack AnthonyJim Beckenhaupt Travis WaldripJohn Gardner Luci StansberryJim Kelleher John ONeillLarry Miller Ron Garcia

    CommitteesMailing: Jim Beckenhaupt 636-2696Calendar: Dave Sorenson*Course Marking: Travis Waldrip 282-1671Equipment: Larry Miller 590-7086

    Bill Gallegos 596-3507Event Promotion: Micky Simpson 495-5891Insurance: Pat Lockhart 598-2953Historian: Storme Rose 591-6819Newsletter: Jim Kelleher jim@pprrun.orgMembership: Janet Rose 598-1904Nielson Challenge: Phil Foster 447-1371

    Al Grimme 534-0534Race Coordinator: Don Johnson 291-9712Race Results Dave Sorenson*Volunteer Coordinator: Cymmie Bailey 578-1651Web Site: Dave Sorenson* Training Runs: Garden of Gods: Dave Sorenson* Barr Trail: Larry Miller 590-7086


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  • February 2007 3

    Presidents Letter Contents

    Building community! Soundspretty lame, but think aboutwhat it means. A communitymakes achievements that benefit thegroup. If two groups of people weregiven a task, odds are, the successfulgroup is the one whose membersbonded. During the execution of thetask, they all shared a common expe-

    rience. That experience allowed a bridge to develop thatlinked individuals into teammates. For a brief moment,everyone shared something in common and a commu-nity was born. The members of a community use theirsimilarities to develop a safe environment. That allowsthem to overcome natural defensive individualism andwork as one team to achieve something of value. By contrast, a group of people that let their differences pro-tect them from involvement rarely achieve anythingthat benefits the group.

    I ran the Rescue Run this year on sheet metal screws(thank you Matt Carpenter). While running alongwith new found confidence, I had the opportunity to talkwith Lani Langley-Gendron. We had a great chatwhen not gasping for air. Later on I thought to myself,What a great experience it is to strike up a conversa-tion with a complete stranger and not get the cold shoul-der treatment. I didnt know Lani and she didnt knowme. We just ended up going the same speed togetherthrough a section of trail. I cant remember what wetalked about, but that could be due to age. The impor-tant thing was that we were both sharing a common ex-perience in a safe environment and that a transfer ofthoughts occurred. Moments like this foster community.

    During the January PPRR board meeting, we discussed community. How can we, the board, help tobuild a meaningful, sustaining and enjoyable social environment for our members? How can we grow a vi-brant and enthusiastic running community? What canwe do that will improve the desire to take up running asa hobby, or even a lifestyle? The answers to these questions will be our focus for the next twelve months.

    I want to get to know you and I want you to get toknow me. I have no hesitation about asking people Imeet on the trail if they are members of the Pikes PeakRoad Runners. Thats how I met Korina Lyons. She isour first Members Spotlight celebrity and her inter-view will appear in next months newsletter. Every

    Cover Photo: Leading the charge at the start of the 2007 New Years DayRescue Run is Jason Kearns (left) followed by Rob Versaw and Matt

    Drake (black shirts). photo by Thomas Dewayne

    February 2007

    Presidents Letter by Jon Cornick . . . .3PPRR Board Minutes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4From the Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5the Long Run Long Ago . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5Letters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6New Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6Volunteer Corner by Cymmie Bailey . . .7The Nielson Challenge . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8Marilyns Heroines by Marilyn Godloe .9Chiro Corner: Low Back Pain in Running

    by Dr. Shane Conrad . . . . . . . . . . . . .11Lindas Leads: Pre Steve Prefontaine

    by Linda Fuqua-Jones . . . . . . . . . . .13The Seed Was Planted: The power of en-

    couragement by Sarah Murphy . . . .142007 Rescue Run Results and Photos .16

    month there will be a member of the PPRR in the spot-light. If you have a story to tell, Id be happy to listen.Community is about sharing the good, discouraging thebad and enduring the trail set out before us.

    Your assignment for this month is to greet at leastone person you meet on the trail. For one second, dontbother with the stopwatch. Slow down, make eye con-tact, and say Howdy! Great day for a run isnt it? Thenyou can continue on knowing that today you did yourpart to build a little bit of community for the runners ofthe Pike Peak Road Runners.

    Jon Cornick

  • The Long Run4

    PPRR Board Minutes

    Tuesday, December 5, 2006

    AttendancePresent: Tony Abdella, Travis Waldrip, Jim

    Beckenhaupt, Jack Anthony, Jon Cornick, Pat Lockhart,Robin Satterwhite, Larry Miller, Don Johnson, MickySimpson, John ONeill, Bill Gallegos, Dave Sorenson

    Excused: Gil Kindt, Lyn Hale, Jim KelleherGuests: Ron Garcia, Luci Stansberry, John

    GardnerMeeting Minutes Review/Approval (Robin)Minutes were approved as corrected.Od Business

    Board of Directors Responsibilities (Gallegos) Amotion was made and seconded to add the proposed codeof ethics to the handbook. Discussion occurred concern-ing the portion of the code covering conflict of interests.There was a suggestion to add the term conduct to thesection titled Code of Ethics. Many speaking empha-sized that currently there are not ethical problems buthaving a code of ethics is a prudent set of guidelines toinclude in the handbook. Other discussion occurredaround the semantics of items included in a code of con-duct versus code of ethics. Others wanted to make surewe didnt legislate the fun out of the club. Jack An-thony offered a shortened version: Doing whats rightto support the running community and making peoplefeel welcome. The Board voted on page 4 and 5 (SectionV!) to include in handbook. Motion Passed. The rest ofthe document pp. 2-3 will be included as an addendumat the end of the policy handbook as an addendum. Themotion passed.

    Treasurers ReportGil has paid the RRCA insurance and membership

    renewal.Calendar (Dave) Additions to the calendar: Nancy Hobbs added May

    event to the calendar - May 23. El Paso County Parks.Fountain Creek Nature Center.

    Feats of Fire- May 20 at