The Legendary Football Player, Pele

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By Fa rzin Sadeq 6D The Legendary Football Player, Pele

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The Legendary Football Player, Pele. By Farzin Sadeq 6D. Who is Pele?. On 23 October 1940 Edson Arrantes de Nascimento was born in Tres Coracoes, Brazil. He is known to the world by his nickname Pele. Clubs, Teams, Countries. At age 15, his career began in the Santos Football Club. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Legendary Football Player, Pele

By Farzin Sadeq 6DThe Legendary Football Player, PeleWho is Pele?

On 23 October 1940 Edson Arrantes de Nascimento was born in Tres Coracoes, Brazil. He is known to the world by his nickname Pele.

Clubs, Teams, Countries

At age 15, his career began in the Santos Football Club.In 1956, Pele joined the Brazil national teamRetired in 1974Returned to football in 1975, with a 7 million dollar contract for 3 years in the North American Soccer League (NASL) Played in the New York Cosmos between 1975-1977.


Football player Dondinho was Peles father. He was raised in a poor family that loved soccer. He skipped school to play soccer.At age 6, his family moved to Bauru. In Bauru, he formed a team the Shoeless Ones with his friends. They would run barefoot, kicking a stuffed sock.

Playing Position and Period

Peles playing position was striker. Stayed in Santos Football Club for 20 years. Played for the Brazil national team for 15 years. Played for the New York Cosmos for 2 years. Total score 1,281 goals in 1,363 matches.

Playing Characteristics

Born with the gift of speed, great balance, controlling the ball excellently, and shooting precisely and powerfully. He had a tremendous sportsmanship. Salutes the crowd after scoring a goal. Fans would stand and chant his name. Goalkeepers would wave or bow to Pele after a goal. If a keeper stopped his shot, Pele would shake hands with him. He tolerated players who fouled, harassed or injured him.

Passages of Great Play

Knew numerous tactics to dribble around defenders. He mastered the in-swinger shot. It is a swerving shot that would turn sharply away from the goalie. Expert in the drop/rainbow shot. The ball would appear to go over the crossbar, then it dives into the net. Peles famous shot was the bicycle kick goal. He trapped a long pass with his chest, sent it into the air with his left foot, tossed it over his shoulder, then flipped backwards and volleyed the ball in mid-air.


Trophies3x World Cup (1958, 1962, 1970) 2x Intercontinental Cup (1962, 1963) 2x Copa Libertadores (1962, 1963)6x Brazilian Championship 1x U.S. Champion (1977)1x IFFHS Player of the Century1x Jules Rimet Trophy

Honors1x Most Valuable Player of NASL (1976)1x International Peace Award (1978)Placed in the United States Soccer Hall of FameTitle of The King of Soccer

3 Interview Questions

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?I am interested to know what would, Pele change regarding his career choices or personal life.What is the most memorable game in your life? Why?The reason behind this question is I want to know what extraordinary performance did he display in that game.What advice would you give to the football players of our generation?I want to know his advice about match fix-ups, bribery and drug problems that football player face today.


1940: Pele was born1946: Moved to Bauru1956: Enters Santos Football Club1956: Picked for Brazil national team1958: Won 1st World Cup for Brazil1962: Leads Brazil to 2nd World Cup victory

1970: Won his final World Cup1974: Retires from Santos 1975: Plays in New York Cosmos 1977: Retires from Cosmos


"It seems that God brought me to Earth with a mission to play soccer." (Pele)"When football stars disappear, so do the teams, and that is a very curious phenomenon. It is like in the theatre, in a play, where there is a great star. If the star is not well, the whole cast suffers." (Pele)"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." (Pele)

Interesting Facts

Pele had many nicknames. Gasoline for his energy, Executioner for his brilliant scoring ability, and The Black Pearl (Perola Negra) because he was precious."If you weren't Pele, King of Soccer, what great man would you like to be?" a reporter once asked him. "Dondinho, my father" Pele replied. Pele said that he came out of retirement, not for the money, but to make soccer truly popular in the United States.President Janio Quadros declared Pele a national treasure.

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