The iPhone Photography Awards 2016: Winners

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9th Annual iPhone Photography awards Winners Announced

1st runner-up: Patryk Kuleta of Poland The Modern Cathedrals

2nd runner-up: Robin Robertis of the United States She Bends with the Wind

3rd runner-up: Carolyn Mara Borlenghi of the United States Wonderland

Trees winner: Victor Kintanar

Trees 2nd place: Concepcion Munoz

Travel winner: Fugen Xiao

Travel 2nd place: Donghai Xia

Sunset winner: Nicky Ryan

Sunset 2nd place: Yongmei Wang

Grand Prize Winner: Siyuan Niu of China Man and the Eagle

Still life winner: Wen Qi

Still life 2nd place: Fan Long

Seasons winner: Valencia Tom

Seasons 2nd place: Coco Liu

Portrait winner: Elaine Taylor

Portrait 2nd place: Geri Centonze

People winner: Zhenkai Xia

People 2nd place: Scott Woodward

Panorama winner: Glenn Homann

Panorama 2nd place: Diana Mota

Others winner: Kevin Casey

Others 2nd place: Kechen Song

News events winner: LouloudAki

Children winner: KK

Children 2nd place: Siyuan Niu

News events 2nd place: Hernan Ramos

Nature winner: Junfeng Wang

Nature 2nd place: Yang Zhang

Lifestyle winner: Yuki Cheung

Lifestyle 2nd place: Jason Greene

Landscape winner: Vasco Galhardo Simoes

Landscape 2nd place: Nazaret Sanchez

Food winner: Andrew Montgomery

Food 2nd place: Kuankuan He

Flowers winner: Lone Bjorn

Flowers 2nd place: Amo Passicos

Animals winner: Erica Wu

Animals 2nd place: Mette Lampcov

Architecture winner: Jian Wang

Architecture 2nd: Patryk Kuleta

Abstract winner: Jiayu Ma

Abstract 2nd place: Junfeng Wang