The impact of free navigation navigation 3.0


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The impact of free navigation: Navigation 3.0

Telematics MunichNovember 2010David McClureDirector of Telematics & ITS1Closed &IsolatednavigationFlexible &Connectednavigation



Free navigation to account for over 70% of all sales by 2014Apps in the car viewed as important by 80% of Nokia usersFree navigationApps4Dramatic increase in interest in navigation after experiencing free navigationBeforeAfter

But, given the choice, people prefer to use optimised navigation systems

ConnexibleHow?Why?7PlatformBack-endCommunication moduleRequirements for Connexible navigationControl is the key


PlatformBack-endCommunication moduleFully embedded visionHigh control & high cost9

Are OEMs ready for the cost & complexity?Built-inBrought-inConnectivity critical to business model & ease of use

Surprising (?) recommendations for volume OEMs

PlatformBack-endCommunication moduleNon-embedded visionLess control & low cost13

Strong interest in Terminal Mode to access limited number of apps whilst driving

Smartphone integration is not a trivial task

16MINI Connected

SOLUTION TYPEBUSINESS MODELHMI FOR IN-CAR INTEGRATIONFEATURESProxy software in car with pre-defined HMI allows control of MINI Connected app on phoneHardware cost App cost Data cost1,200 (hardware) + 250 (software)FreePhone data planCar HMI (Control via in-car joy stick)RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Google search, Google send to car, MINIMALISM analyzer,Trip information


Free MINI Connected appControl phone app from carApp features sent to car

Proxy software16

17BMW/MINI iPod Out

SOLUTION TYPEBUSINESS MODELHMI FOR IN-CAR INTEGRATIONFEATURESiPod Out Pre-defined iPod MI streamed to in-car displayHardware cost App cost Data costBMW: 3,000MINI: 1,450N/AN/ACar HMI (Control via in-car joy stick/iDrive controller)Music streamingFull control of iPod music menuInternet

iPhone iOS 4.0Select and play media

iPod HMI streamed to car

iPod Out SW17Who is going to certify the apps?

Choosing the right strategies19

Market trends reportsBespoke

Free info-posters for connectivity & apps21