The History of Lutheran Schools The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

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Transcript of The History of Lutheran Schools The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

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  • The History of Lutheran Schools The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
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  • Transforming Lives And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lords glory, we are being transformed into His likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.
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  • Martin Luther on Christian Education Establish and maintain Christian schools 1524 A Sermon on Keeping Children in School 1530
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  • Luther lamented, "How I regret now that I did not read more poets and historians and that no one taught me them! Instead of them I had to read, at great cost, with labor and injury, that devils filth, the writings of the philosophers and sophists, so that I have all I can do to purge myself of their falsehood. - What Luther Says, Ewald Plass, CPH, 1959, 1325
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  • Early History 1683 Saxon Schools 1711-1787 Muhlenberg206 Schools in Pennsylvania 1752 St. Matthews Manhattan (oldest school in LCMS operates a PS today) 1847 LCMS formed 14 Schools
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  • C. F. W. Walther on Christian Education Concern for the future of their children. Schools were early buildings Synod Constitution Support for schools
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  • May God preserve for our German Lutheran Church the treasure of her parochial schools! Humanly speaking, everything depends on that for the future of our church in America. As all church bodies in America have worked for their own dissolution from the time on when they permitted the state to care for the education of their children, so the most careful cultivation of our parochial schools is and remains, after the public ministry, the chief means for our preservation and continuation. - C.F.W. Walther: The American Luther, Arthur H. Drevlow, Walther Press, 1987, page 184
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  • History cont. 1864 Addison Teachers Seminary Opened 1865 12 Graduates 1869 Concordia Publishing House Established
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  • History cont. 1872 25 th Anniversary of Synod 472 schools with 30,320 students 1884 13 women teachers reported 1897 1277 Schools with 73,000 students 1965 High Number of Elementary 1,374
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  • Other Important Events 1921 Dr. August Stellhorn first Secretary of Schools 1942 Lutheran Education Formed 1944 Association of Lutheran Secondary Schools formed 1953 National Lutheran Parent Teacher League formed
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  • Important Events cont. 1961 Dr. Wayne Kramer replaces Dr. Stellhorn 1971 Dr. Al Senske replaces Dr. Kramer 1982 Dr. James Boldt becomes Secretary of Schools 1987 National Lutheran School Accreditation/National Lutheran Schools Week begin
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  • Important Events cont. 1989 Dr. Carl Moser becomes Director of Schools 1996 Dr. Judy Christian becomes Director of Childrens Ministry 2002 Bill Cochran becomes Director of School Ministry
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  • LCMS Council of Presidents Report History of Lutheran Schools Lutheran Schools were critical to congregational life. No congregation without a school. Our synod grew along with the growth of our schools. We are a teaching church. Lutheran Schools today: confessional subscription mission outreach
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  • Our Lutheran Schools provide support for parents as they carry out their God given responsibility to train their children reach out to those that do not know our Lord with the Good News of Salvation teach, equip, and empower our students to live a God pleasing life of service to our Lord
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  • Some Statistics
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  • TRENDS THAT IMPACT SCHOOL MINISTRY OUR CHANGING FAMILIES Single parent families Parenthood II families Blended families Transformational families
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  • Two-generation retired families Singles Grandparent families Gay and Lesbian families Gangs
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  • CHANGING VALUES Self-fulfillment Drugs and Violence Medias effect on Values Materialism New Religions In God We Trust? WHAT WILL ENHANCE OR HINDER THE CHURCHS ROLE IN SHAPING VALUES?
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  • Opportunities for Ministry through a Lutheran School Evangelism +to non-member families +to inactive member families +to the community +through children +to families new to the community Nurture +Christian growth of member and non- member children +personal growth of pastor and staff
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  • Opportunities Service +to families in the community +to the community by providing graduates +to families who want quality education Fellowship +gathering school families for various events +becoming acquainted with school families +involving families
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  • Opportunities Worship +enhancement through staff and students involvement in congregations music ministry +school chapel, faculty devotions, special services
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  • Keys to Lutheran School Success Equipping leaders to articulate the value of a Lutheran School. Empowering Congregations to see the mission of Lutheran Schools. Maintaining high standards for faculty and staff. Developing sound fiscal policies. Cast the Vision!
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  • Mission Focus Gods Command Go and make disciples... 16% (47,912) Unchurched students attending Lutheran schools This is our number one purpose for having a Lutheran School!
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  • Lets Have a Great Year!