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  • 1.The Heros Journey Your Journey Nancy Goodman, MSEd, LPCVocatusrethink what you know about life and work 208-406-3234,

2. Who has ever Experienced an unexpected life changejob loss, divorce, illness, and so on Resisted change Married, had a child, started a new job,relocated Had to make a terrifying decision Embraced a new challenge Dreamed of pursuing a long-held passion Longed to live life authentically; on yourown terms 3. Dust off your suit of armor and WELCOME TO YOUR HEROS ADVENTURE!! 4. Your Tour GuideJoseph Campbell Sarah Lawrence College Mythology and ComparativeReligion George Lucas and Star Wars Carl Jung Follow Your Bliss Power of Myth with BillMoyersfeatured onGilmore Girls episode The Hero With a ThousandFaces 5. Who is a hero? 6. Who else is a hero? 7. The Hero as Metaphor Stories of Mythology and Religion havecommon themes, characters, andoutcomes The adventure of the hero is ultimatelypsychological Change in worldview as a result of theadventure The hero is us 8. Types of Heroes Physical Types of Spiritual Adventures In the vWillingillage Cast ou t of t h e Hero-in-trainingvillage Rite of ReluctantPassageSerendipitous 9. The Serendipitous Hero The Magic of Life When the student is ready, theteacher/lesson appears Adventure evokes aspects of characterthat have been dormant Courage, creativity, brilliance, spirit, self-reliance You might not get that which youseek 10. Heros Journey Cycle 11. al Refusof the Call KNOWN UNKNOWNRefuof t salhCa e Ref us ll of th al e Cal l Refusal of the Call = The Abyss alal RefusRefus of the of theCallCall 12. The World of Common Day Our comfort zone Our not-so-comfortable zone things are predictableand known Established set ofrules Some people spend lifein this world, unless 13. The Call to Adventure Event or circumstancethat shatters status quo Divorce, job loss, act of God, any transition Urges toward a moreauthentic life Vocation, avocation Big calls, small calls 14. Refusal of the Call The voice of NO The yeahbuts Fueled by fear,uncertainty, lack ofself-trust andconfidence Occurs at beginning andthroughout adventure 15. Threshold Crossing Ready or not, there youare Transition betweenknown and unknownworlds Meet allies, gatherresources First day of class,parent orientation, gradschool! 16. Road of Trialsand Revelations Challenges elicit hiddenstrengths Getting lost, dead-ends,receiving help,improving skills developing newmindset Ups and downs 17. The Abyss It is by going into the abyss that you discover thetreasure of life. Where you stumble, there lies yourtreasure. Joseph Campbell The darkest times, but ultimately themost enlightening times Exhaustion, hopelessness, fear,uncertainty Patience and Ego battles Question purpose, self-doubt, feel alone Hanging by a thread 18. Slaying the Dragon Dragons are internal The bound ego Epiphanies, insight, self-awareness, taking risk,conquering fears,challenging old ideas Surrendering,acceptance, patience,restoration of faith Neutralizing negativefeelings, letting go 19. The Return Return with boon toshare with those aroundyou How will you bereceived? New center, new homestate, new way-of-being What will this adventurehave taught you for thenext one? 20. The Journey is Spiritual Psychological Social Transformative Cyclical Catalyst for positive growth Thank You!