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The Haunted India




For My Family For My close friend Nakshatra who also helped me in this book.


CONTENTS1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Bhangarh Aghori Lohaghat Tunnel-103 Shimla The Lambidhar Mines The Haunted Road The Graveyard4

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8. Ghost Need Cigarettes 9. The Sanjay Forest 10. Two Man And a Ghost Cow 11. The Little Black Tyrant 12. A Trapped Soul 13. Munja 14. Chudail 15. Brijraj Bhavan 16. Chhalava 17. Kurseong Dow Hill 18. Shimla 19. Khavis 20. Mussories Incident 21. Qutub Minar 22. The Haunted Factory 23. Savoy Hotel 24. Ghost in Indian Army 25. Hotel Raj Kiran 26. Dumas Beach 27. The Sinhagad Fort 28. The Hostel Ragging 29. The Devil Child 30. Walk With a Ghost 31. Surathkal 32. Witchcraft5

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33. Black Magic 34. Gurgaon 35. Haunted Call Center 36. The Haunted Railway Station 37. G.P Block Meerut 38. Roopkund 39. Hauntings of Mumbai 40. A Strange Incident 41. Delhi Cantonnment 42. The Haunted House 43. The Farmhouse 44. Kalyan 45. Army Ghosts 46. Meerut Cantt 47. Human Flesh 48. Banglore 49. Grand Paradi Towers 50. Kuldhara 51. The Haunted Encounter

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThere is just a few people who have directly and indirectly made this book possible. I acknowledge my sincere debt to all of them. I can say that collecting tales of real experiences and encounters is defiantely. As I wandered looking for these, I went on a tough kind of journey, discomfort and anger. Thankfully in the end the work is completed. For this book the credit goes to my friend Nakshatra and my family who listened and watched my progress regularly with patience and encouragement. I must also say that the idea of this book was by myself and by my friend who helped me a lot in this book.


BHANGARHHave you ever visited a monument where you enter the place at your own risk? India is indeed a variant when it comes to culture, language, religions and the supernaturalism.Bhangarh is a place that is widely known in India for its ghostly stories and the haunting that has been witnessed by some people residing in the area surrounding the deadly place.

BHANGARH is the most haunted fort of India. It was built in 1573 during the rule of Maharaja Bhagwant Das who was the father of Madho Singh and Man Singh. But the ruler after maharaja Bhagwant Das was Man singh not Maddho Singh,hence after the death of Raja Man Singh the next ruler was Chhatar Singh who died in 1630 near Ajabgarh which was founded by Ajab Singh.When Mughal empire become weaker due to thedeath of Aurangzeb, Jai Singh-2 attach Bhangarh to his state forcefully and after getting diminished in population in 1783 the town of Bhangarh was abandoned and has remained a ruin ever since.8

There are many stories of the fort of Bhangarh as some people say that the fort is cursed. But actually as far as I come to know there are two myths that lead to demolishing of the fort, one myth is that the fort was cursed by Guru Balu Nath as he had sanctioned the construction of the town only and only one condition i.e. the moment the shadows of your palace touch me, the city shall be no more and it will get destroyed. After listening the warning by Guru Balu Nath the prince didnt even consider it once and raised the palace to a height that cast the shadow on Guru Balu Nath after that the palace has been destroyed and Guru Balu nath is said to be










Now the second myth that exists, its about the princess of Bhangarh Princess Ratnawati as she was believed to be the Jewel of Rajasthan. On her eighteenth birthday she began to get married so offers throughout all over India and from some nearby regions came very fast as she was so beautiful and very good looking princess. In one nearby area a tantric (magician) lives who was well10

versed in a technique called as Singhia and suddenly

had felt in love with the princess as he also know that his and the princess match or marriage was impossible as she is a royal princess and he is just a magician not a man from a royal family or a king. So one day the magician saw the maid of the princess in the market, suddenly he came up with an idea by which he can easily control or marry the princess as he would use his technique and11

hypnotize the princess to fall in love with him. So he used his singhia technique or some kind of black magic on the oil that princess maid was purchasing for the princess and after using the oil the princess would surrender herself to him or may fell in love with him. But his plan had failed due to the princess as the princess saw him using his black magic trick on the oil, and pours all the oil on the ground immediately as the oil poured on the ground it suddenly turned into a big stone due the black magic on the oil and crushed the magician, while dying the magician cursed the palace with the death of all who had lived or who was living in the palace. After one year the time had finally come for the curse to come true as there was a fierce battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh in which the town of Bhangarh and the princess Ratnawati perished. So because of all that happened here the place is said to be haunted and some people also say there are ghosts of princess Ratnawati and the kings, etc. That is why at the present day the entry to the fort only after sunset and before sunrise is prohibited. The local people12

also believed that the Princess Ratnawati has taken birth somewhere else and the fort and the town Bhangarh is waiting for her to return and put an end to this curse once and for all.

At the present say, Bhangarh is nothing more than just ruins as there is nothing except crumbling walls, temples and pavilions standing alone against the silent wilderness of the dense forest cover hills13

which scream out about the towns ancient prosperity, the ruins of the arches and colonnades built on various levels suggest that it was once a lovely and awesome place. A portion from a pavilion and a minaret are still intact by a little bit. This is definitely the perfect place for a lovely picnic









Bhangarh also have lots of beautiful temples of Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva, Gopinath and Dev Narayan15

and also a shrine of a famous Muslim Saint, also some great and beautiful gardens that are just amazing and quite beautiful to watch. There was also an evocative ancient bazaar which has also been demolished, but now it has been restored and its a truly fascinating place to visit and to roam into that which is quite great. At nearby from the bazaar there is awesome, beautiful and finely carved Someshwar Temple in which there is an old tank that is still being used by the villagers to bath to wash their clothes and to fulfill other daily needs from water. Also there is another famous thing which is known as the Palace of Prostitutes, its usual name probably comes from female courtesans for whom the palace was built. In those days female court attendants were also taken from harems of rulers, so by looking all


these things Bhangarh is an exciting place to visit.

Now the Reality that I had come to know about theplace is thatCountless personal experiences and stories circulate to this day. People, including myself, who have actually visited the place, do feel a sense of impending danger. But I guess that's more to do with the pre-determined factors of belief and fear which a person acquires before visiting such places. However, the locals vehemently believe in the legend. The haunting are believed to be so17

frequent that none other than the Archaeological Survey of India(ASI)India's premier Archaeological institution has erected a notice board forbidding visitors to stay away from the place at night. The government did try to set up an army camp to dig the truth out. However that could not be established as none of the army personnel were willing to volunteer themselves for the operation. Such is the fear and awe with which everyone holds the legendary haunting of Bhangarh! Many have been reported missing over the last years who failed to return from the fort premises after having challenged to spend the night there. Surprisingly, none of the bodies were ever located. Legend or reality- the fact remains that the ruins of Bhangarh have a magnetic mystic occult associated with them and does seem to impart the traveler with more than one occasion for fear, eeriness, and the feeling of being watched over by some unknown entity! Among the scary incidents reported here after evening are: 18

a. real scary female screaming is heard(The princess?) b. Loud maniacal laughter(Tantrik or the baba?) c. Lights going on and off d. sudden loud wind and dust storms occurring all of a sudden. e. Ghostly figures and shadows moving around. Many have also reported the feeling of horror and dread near the ruins even in the day time. Some passages are dark without light and it is scary to even think of going inside. The ASI says that the "official" reason for the warning is that wild animals could be present after 6 PM and since the area is not well lit, the place may also present a safety issue. But ASI who are you kidding; we all know very well why you have out that notice. Local legends speak of so many brave men who tried to go here at night and never returned!!!


Bhangarh is so scary and has such reputation of being haunted; it always turns up in the list of most haunted places in the wo