The Haunted House HALLOWEEN PARADE AND Awaits You! · PDF file Fall Family Fun? On October 16...

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Transcript of The Haunted House HALLOWEEN PARADE AND Awaits You! · PDF file Fall Family Fun? On October 16...

  • The Chantilly Highlander

    In This Issue:

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    ACC Alteration Request Form Bicycle/Moped Info Board & Committee Contacts Board Minutes Classified Ads Community Calendar Halloween Activities Voting Information

    Your Community Newslet ter Serving Chant i l ly Highlands Visi t us on the web at ht tp: / /

    October 2004

    NEW DEADLINES & RATES! The deadline for the newsletter has been

    changed to the 12th of the month, and the following ad rates have changed:

    NON-RESIDENT Business Card ad - $40 NON-RESIDENT 1/4 page ad - $60


    PARTY Everyone is invited to attend the

    Chantilly Highlands Annual Halloween Parade and Party! Meet Sunday, October

    31st at 1:30 PM at the common area at Kilbrennan and Kinross, near Centreville

    Rd. The parade will end at the Community Center with treats, fun, and lots of

    mystery surprises! If it is raining, meet at the Commu-

    nity Center at 1:30 PM.

    Chantilly Highlands Annual Golf Tournament

    Sun 10/10 @ 9:30 am Cost $60

    Breakfast, lunch, fees, & prizes For more information, or to

    register, contact Lawrence

    Shorten at 703-435-7760.

    The Haunted House Awaits You!

    There’s something for everyone! Friday, October 22nd

    & Saturday, October 23rd From 7 - 9 PM

    at the Community Center Donations requested for

    the Haunted House Games and food tickets are 25¢

    Hosted by Girl Scout troops 541 & 3122 mailto:[email protected][email protected]&Subject=October%202004%20CHHA%20Newsletter

  • Page 2 The Chantilly Highlander

    Chantilly Highlands Homeowners Association Board of Directors Meeting Thursday, September 2, 2004

    Submitted by: Wendy Osborn August minutes were not available for approval.

    Minutes are tentative and will be reviewed and approved at the upcoming Board of Directors meeting. Board Attendees: Jim Ceh, Dan Feer, Mark Hassinger, Wendy Osborn and Chris Tacinelli Absent Board members: Jeff Boehlert, Mary Kerr and Jerry Thatcher Treasurer’s report: The budget is on track and current expenses are under budget. We will have capital ex-

    penditures by the end of the year for the parking lot repaving and tennis court resurfacing. Land Management: The Stone Heather entrance sign and playground playhouse are in need of repair and

    will be addressed. Community activities: A volunteer has come forward and is interested in coordinating social events. There

    will be a fall planning meeting for volunteers to look at the social calendar and begin planning events. A volunteer recognition party is being planned for January.

    ACC: The ACC is working on a new exterior application request form and will finalize after board review and feedback.

    Highlander: Effective October, the newsletter deadline will be the 12th of each month. There also will be new business rates for non-resident ads.

    The newsletter and database manager are working on the resident directory that will be published in October. Old business: The board continues to review by-laws and covenant revisions. It was reported incorrectly in

    the August newsletter that signs are permitted in the VDOT public of way. The right of way is the VDOT state right of way and signs are not permitted.

    New Business: Open contract positions for webmaster, bookkeeper and resale were reviewed and will be voted on.

    The Morgan Stanley money market was closed and consolidated into a checking account. We will be insuring that all other funds are secured and FDIC insured. There has been lack of progress in meeting a settlement agreement with a resident in violation of multiple

    covenant infractions. A letter by the CHHA attorney has notified the owner that he is in material breach of the settlement agreement.

    Chris Tacinelli made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Jim Ceh seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:22pm.

    ACC REMINDERS For these and other ACC Covenants, go to

    TRASH CANS shall not be placed curbside prior to 6 p.m. or dusk, whichever comes first, on the evening be- fore pickup. Make sure lids are on and secure to prevent animals, odor, and wind blown garbage from affect- ing adjoining homes. Trash and garbage containers shall not be permitted to remain in public view except on days of trash collection. Paper and plastic bags curbside for trash is not acceptable. (Be sure to follow your

    trash collection company’s policies regarding items for pickup.)

    FIREWOOD must be neatly stacked and located behind the house. Firewood cannot be used to create a fence or barrier between proper- ties. Storage of firewood on Open Space or Common Ground is pro- hibited. (Be sure to have your fireplace and heating units properly serviced or cleaned.) mailto:[email protected][email protected]&Subject=October%202004%20CHHA%20Newsletter mailto:[email protected][email protected]&Subject=October%202004%20CHHA%20Newsletter mailto:[email protected][email protected]&Subject=October%202004%20CHHA%20Newsletter mailto:[email protected][email protected]&Subject=October%202004%20CHHA%20Newsletter mailto:[email protected][email protected]&Subject=October%202004%20CHHA%20Newsletter mailto:[email protected][email protected]&Subject=October%202004%20CHHA%20Newsletter

  • Page 3 October 2004


    With Election Day creeping up on November 2nd, those who are new to the area, or others who have not yet registered to vote, must register by October 4th. You must be at least 18 years old by November 2nd, a US citizen, and a Virginia resident. In addition to electing our President, we will vote for

    members of Congress, state constitutional amend- ments, and bond issues.

    Four bonds that voters will be asked to vote on are: Human Services Facilities Bonds, $32.5M; Public Library Facilities Bonds, $52.5M; Parks and Park Facilities Bonds, $75M; and Transportation Im- provements and Facilities Bonds, $165M. More in- formation on these bonds can be found at

    Your options to register are restricted to do- ing so in person at this late date. Go to the regis- trar’s office between 8 AM and 6 PM weekdays at 12000 Government Center Pkwy, Suite #323. The phone number is 703-222-0776. For recorded infor- mation 24 hours a day, call 703-324-4700. You can get an application at public libraries, DMV offices, various government offices, or by downloading from

    Information for absentee ballots is available by calling 703-222-0776 or at gov/eb/absentee.htm.

    Set a good example for the youth in your household and fulfill your civic obligation by regis- tering and voting this election year. 2 mailto:[email protected][email protected]&Subject=October%202004%20CHHA%20Newsletter

  • Page 4 The Chantilly Highlander

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    Don’t forget to mark your calendars to set your clock back one hour on Sunday,

    October 31st.

    (You get to sleep an extra hour!)

    Read This Before You Drive Off to DMV

    If you’re not aware, the DMV has a utility available online to find out how long you might have to wait by checking the agency's web site,, before your visit. This tech- nology links with the "take-a-number" system in state- wide DMV offices to provide you with approximate wait-times on the web for each location. Customers can find an office location, cur- rent wait-times at that location and wait-times at other nearby offices. Wait-time is calculated based on the number of customers in the lobby, transaction types, and the average time to complete those transactions. You can also find out what documents you will need to bring with you to DMV. Take some time to explore the transactions available via the Internet. DMV offers 19 online transactions, includ- ing driver's license and vehicle registration renewals. Don't go to DMV unless you have to!

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    Page 5 October 2004

    Your Chantilly Highlands Neighborhood Specialist

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    Personal Investment in Your Satisfaction

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