The Haunted Growl Mansion

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The Haunted Growl Mansion. Play. Skip Tutorial. !!!!!. Simon Growl has left his mansion for a holiday on Music Island and now it’s near Halloween his Mansion has became haunted!. OK. As you are my bravest Super moshi I’m sending you to investigate. Eek!. I’m on it Elder Furi . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Simon Growl has left his mansion for a holiday on Music Island and now its near Halloween his Mansion has became haunted!OK

As you are my bravestSuper moshi Im sending you to investigate.Eek!Im on it Elder Furi.

Be brave Super Moshi! You can always exit this mission by right clicking and clicking end show.OK


My names moonshine the Gouly Ghost what brings you to the Haunted Growl mansion?

Ive heard this Mansion is now Haunted.

It sure is! But its locked so no moshi can enter. Only us spookies can enter. Ill let you off if you can find my phantom spheres. OK

You found them! Admission granted.OK


Hello my names Pumpkina the spooky starlet! Im afraid only spookies like me are allowed in here. (Cant think how you got past Moonshine)OKMoonshine is ill so he sent me to get you.Simon Growls back early. I can see him!

Oh no! I must go. Goodbye!OK



SSSSUPER MOSHI! WHAHHH!*sniff sniff* Thank goodenss you came! Simon Left me here and went away with just Zack.OK

Pick me up and lets go!OK


Hi! My names Vampy! Id leave if I was you! Hey! Whats that?OK





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