The Haunted Castle

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The Haunted Castle. An adventure story by Year 6. One foggy December night Patrick and Jane were walking in the woods. They were lost and couldn’t find their way home. Suddenly, Patrick heard a noise and saw a pair of evil yellow eyes peering out of the dark trees. Ask “Who’s there?”. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Haunted Castle

The Haunted Castle

An adventure story by Year 6The Haunted Castle

The ghost woman blew dust out of her mouth. As soon as the dust hit the children they turned into statues.Try something else.

Lightning struck and fried the children to a crisp!Try again.

The children ran for their lives. Then it began to rain. Up ahead the children saw a spooky castle.Knock on the door.Climb through the window.

What happened to you? asked Jane curiously. I was hung by my husband because we argued about money, replied the ghost. If you help me find the right case on the 2nd floor I will show you the way home. Slap the ghost.Agree to help

Patrick cautiously opened the lid. Out of the case stepped the woman carrying her baby. You have returned me to life, she said, For helping me I will help you return to your home.

She blew an enormous cloud of white dust out of her lips. Patrick and Jane felt themselves become lighter. It felt as if they were floating in a magical cloud.As soon as the dust cleared the children were back in their own cosy homes. But that night, as she was just falling asleep, Jane heard a baby crying.

A Heathfield International School Production by Y6