The Great Wall Of China

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The Great Wall Of China. By Zachary eljashev and Charlie murphy. Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Great Wall Of China

  • By Zachary eljashev and Charlie murphyThe Great Wall Of China

  • IntroductionThe Great Wall of China is 3915 miles. The wall is 8 meters tall. 400,000 people died while they were making the Great Wall. The wall is the largest manmade structure in the world. The wall is made of wood, stone, dirt and sand and rocks. The Great Wall of China is one of the most visited places in the world.

  • How The Great wall helped with warThe Great Wall of China helped protect China from attackers. Chinese people could pour hot oil and/or shoot arrows on the invaders and they could not past the Great Wall of China. People in China were safer because of The Great Wall, so the population grew bigger. China had more archers in the towers and on the wall in war time.

  • Artifacts of the great wallThe great wall has people inside it. The great wall took about 15 years to make. It was made in B.C. times (before Crist). Qin shi huangdi was the emperor at that time.

  • Great wall from spaceThe Great Wall of China is visual from space. A Chinese astronaut said he could not see it. After China sent more astronauts to look they also sent a telescope to see The Great Wall of China. They said they could see it with the telescope and normal eyesight. If you are on the moon you cant see it with a telescope.

  • The EmperorQin Shi Huangdi was a very smart emperor. He has done something nobody has done at this time. He has built the Great Wall of China for being defended. From other Enemies.

  • Purpose Of The Great WallThere were watchtowers on the great wall usually to store swords but rarely to store archery some people put a fire on the watchtower to tell everyone DANGER! These were called beacon fire towers there were cannons hiding behind trees. Long ago there were guards called terra cotta warriors who defended the wall.

  • Fun factsThe wall is as long as 3915 milesThe wall is the largest man made structureWhen China made the wall they were #1 in defense in the world The Great Wall of China is 8 meters tall

    Born 2-18-259 (B.C.) Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi Death 8-11-210 (B.C.) Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi