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A small powerpoint on the Great Lakes

Transcript of The Great Lakes

  • 1. The Great Lakes
    What you should know
    By John Lees

2. There are 5 Great Lakes
Hint: To remember all of the
lakes just spell out H.O.M.E.S
3. Lake Huron
Size: Second Largest Great Lake
Average Depth: 195ft
Shoreline(including islands):3,287mi
Fact: 1stGreat Lake discovered by explorers
Lake Huron
4. Lake Ontario
Size: Smallest Great Lake
Average Depth: 283ft
Shoreline(includingislands): 712 mi
Fact: Lowest elevation of the Great Lakes
Lake Ontario
5. Lake Michigan
Size: 3rd largest Great Lake
Average Depth: 279ft
Shoreline(including islands): 1,638mi
Fact: Only Great Lake completelyin the U.S
Lake Michigan
6. Lake Erie
Size:4th largest Great Lake
Average Depth: 62ft
Shoreline(including islands): 871 mi
Fact: Warmest of the Great Lakes
Lake Erie
7. Lake Superior
Size: Largest Great Lake
Average Depth: 483 ft
Shoreline(including islands):2,726mi
Fact:Superior could hold all of the other Great Lakes plus 3 more lakesthe size of Erie
Lake Superior
8. Fish of the Great Lakes
Salmon:-Weight: 4lbs-Length: 26in
Carp:-Weight: 1-7lbs-Length: 15-22in
Lake Trout:-Weight: 3-9lbs-Length: 17-27in
9. Vessels on the Great Lakes
Freighters: Carry cargo,biggest ships on the GreatLakes, and can be as longas 100oft
Tugboats: Push barges, usedfor working, and can pushmost ships
Sailboats: For recreation, andleisure.
10. Pollutants in the Great Lakes
Mercury- Used to make metals
Lead- Found in metals and used in fossil fuels
Petroleum- Comes from oil and other fuels
Sewage- Comes from sewage treatment plants
Fertilizer- From Farms and yards
11. Great Lakes Islands
Raise your hand if youve been there!
Mackinac Island
Beaver Island
Isle Royale
Drummond island
Bois Blanc
12. What have we learned?
There are 5 great lakes
The differences between all of the lakes
Types of fish in the lakes
What kind of boats there are on the lakes
What pollutes the lakes
Some of the many islands through out all of the lakes
13. Sources:
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