The Future Can’t Wait

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The Future Can’t Wait How education can remain valuable as the landscape evolves.

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The Future Can’t Wait. How education can remain valuable as the landscape evolves. Rebooting Education. Megatrends. Globalization Demographics Technology Changing Values and Attitudes. On the story of success…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Future Cant Wait How education can remain valuable as the landscape evolves.

The Future Cant Wait

How education can remain valuable as the landscape evolves.Rebooting Education

MegatrendsGlobalizationDemographicsTechnologyChanging Values and AttitudesOn the story of success

In writing about the story of success of the most wealthiest, Gladwell explains, If you were born in the late 1840s you missed it. You were too young to take advantage of that moment. If you were born in the 1820s you were too old: your mind-set was shaped by the pre-Civil War paradigm. But there was a particular, narrow nine-year period window that was just perfect for seeing the potential that the future held. (p. 62)

Similar to the industrial revolution, from the years 2000-2010, the world went through another revolution The Information Revolution - where advancements in technology have fundamentally changed they way people live, work, and learn. If you were born in the 1990s you really had the potential for great opportunities in public education, but sadly the mind-set of your teachers and school leaders was shaped by a different time period, therefore you pretty much missed that wave.


We need to somehow change faster.7We need to somehow change fasterNo one jumps a 20 foot chasm in two10 foot jumps. Miguel Guhlin

When the world changes so fast that we have no reasonable way to forecast what it will look like in a mere decade or two, all we can do is teach kids how to be adaptive to be learners in the truest sense of the word

Weve always talked about preparing lifelong learners in schools, but our practices typically havent matched our rhetoric. Its time to put some bite into our toothless vision statements and recognize that we have to teach kids how to learn to learn if they want to be successful in this new technology-suffused, globally-interconnected world

Credits: and (see Guhlin comment) (see Guhlin comment)


I dont even know, what I dont know!How can I increase my rate of discovery?How do school become innovation engines?

Thomas L. Friedman


Sir Kenneth Robinson

13Tony Wagner

14Clayton M. Christensen


John Seely Brown16

18Who has ever heard of David Warlick? How many of you have ever sat in a room with him and had an open conversation about education and learning? I never have, but here I am in Second Life doing it.

19The Adult Problems: The future of teachingTeaching TimelineTeaching in the FutureThe negative effects of an ineffective teacher persist into future years. (Linda Darling-Hammond, 2010)Teacher of the 1800s

Teacher of 1910

Teacher of 1960

Teacher of 2000

Teacher of the Future?

The Teacher of the Future will have to employ:

Collaborative approach

Tech-Powered pedagogy

Blended learning Teachers must accept:Teacher-student relationships will changeTeachers will shift away from the owners of information to facilitators and guides to learningThey must find different ways to use class timeInviting introverted students to participate via online Global perspectives for studentsDifferent approaches to teaching being used in the same classroomThe Teaching Profession must change:Changes to Collective Bargaining Agreements (Edupreneurs)Changes to Teacher Preparation Programs (starting now)Past vs. FutureTraditional






32Future?Hands On


33However, this can never happen again

34Framework for Success35Schools for Student Success36Student Success37Student Success38Student Success39Customized Education Report for One Student

40One Class ID Chart

41Future of Blended Learning42What does the future of education look like for students?

STEM Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

CTE Career Technical Education

Blended Learning Models

Customized Education Plans

Global Interactions

Project (Problem) Based Projects

Community interaction

Vested learning student and teacher

Pathways and goal setting for studentsEach community based school will need to address the future of education in their individual ways. Government should only provide guidelines through Common Core; however, each community should address how to get to the finish line. 43