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An overview of the french revolution with video links to you tube. Designed for my social 20-2 class (grade 11)

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  • 1. The French revolution
    A timeline
    Hang onto your hats

2. 1789
January 24: Summoning of the Estates-General
May 5: Meeting of the Estates-General
June 17: National Assembly declared
3. The tennis court oath
June 20: Tennis Court Oath
4. 1789 continued
July 14: Storming of the Bastille
5. More 1789
August 4: Surrender of feudal rights
August 27: Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
October 5-6: Outbreak of the Paris mob; Liberal monarchical constitution, March on Versailles
6. 1790
July 14: Constitution accepted by King Louis XVI
July -- : Reorganisation of Paris
September: Fall of Necker
7. 1791
June 20-25: Flight to Varennes of the royal family
July 17: Champ-de-Mars massacre
September 30: Dissolution of the National Constituent Assembly
October 1: Legislative Assembly meets
August 27: Declaration of Pillnitz ( Frederick William II and Leopold II)
8. 1792
February 7: Alliance of Austria and Prussia
April 20: French declare war against Austria
August 10: Storming of the Tuileries Palace. Louis XVI of France is arrested and taken into custody
September 2-7: The September Massacres
9. 1792 continues
September 20: Battle of Valmy
Clip from a movie made in 1932
10. More 1702
September 21: National Convention meets; Abolition of the monarchy
December: Trial of Louis XVI before the Convention
11. 1793
January 21: Execution of Louis XVI
Reign of Terror
February 1: War declared against Britain, Holland, Spain
March -- : Royalist revolt in the Vende
April -- : Power centered in the Committee of Public Safety and the Committee of General Security
June 2: Arrest of 31 Girondist deputies
July 13: Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat
12. 13. 1793 continued
October 16: Execution of Marie Antoinette
November 10: Abolition of the worship of god: Cult of Reason
December -- : Retreat of the allies across the Rhine
14. 1794
January 19 : English land in Corsica
February 4 : Abolition of slavery in colonies
June 8 : Festival of the Supreme Being
June 10 : Law of 22 Prairial (power to the Revolutionary Tribunal)
June 26 : Battle of Fleurus (1794) (French victory in Belgium)
July 27 : Fall of Maximilien Robespierre (9 Thermidor)
December 24 : Repeal of maximum
15. 1795
March 5 : Treaty of Basel (Prussia withdraws from war)
April 1 : Bread riots in Paris
June 8 : Death of the dauphin ( Louis XVII)
August 22 : Constitution of 1795

16. Enter Napoleon
17. More napoleon
Enter Napoleon
October 5 : Napoleon's "whiff of grape-shot"
October 26 : Convention dissolved; Directory begins
18. Grape shot?
Grapeshot is a type of anti-personnelammunition used in naval cannons. It was similar to its land cousin canister shot, although its slugs were much larger to punch through the hull of ships. Instead of solid shot, a mass of loosely packed metal slugs is loaded into a canvas bag. Grapeshot can also be improvised from chainlinks, shards of glass, rocks, etc. When assembled, the balls resemble a cluster of grapes (hence the name). On firing, the balls spread out from the muzzle at high velocity, giving an effect similar to a shotgun, but scaled up to cannon size.
19. Grapeshot was devastatingly effective against massed infantry at short range. It was used to savage massed infantry charges quickly. Cannons would fire solid shot to attack enemy artillery and troops at longer range (although the shrapnel shell was invented to increase the effect of grapeshot at a distance) and switch to grape when they or nearby troops were charged.
20. 21. 1796
March 5 : War against the Holy Roman Empire
March 9 Marriage of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine
May 10 Battle of Lodi (Napoleon in Italy)
July Siege of Mantua
22. 1797
April 18 Preliminary Peace of Leoben
July 8 : Cisalpine Republic established
September 4 : Coup d'Etat at Paris (republicans over reactionaries)
October 17 : Treaty of Campo Formio
23. 1798
February -- : Roman Republic proclaimed
April -- : Helvetian Republic proclaimed
July 21 : Battle of the Pyramids
August 1 : Battle of the Nile
December 24 : Alliance between Russia and Britain
In other words a LOT of battles
24. 1799
June 17-19 : Battle of the Trebia (Suvorov defeats French)
August 24 : Napoleon leaves Egypt
October 22 : Russians withdraw from coalition
November 9 : The Coup d'Etat of Brumaire (18 Brumaire): end of the Directory
December 24 : Constitution of the Year VIII: Dictatorship of Napoleon established under the Consulate
25. In review
26. and the slogan you need to know
27. Libert, galit, fraternit