The french chefs recette 6ème

6°4 Collège Les Renardières 2014 -2015

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Collège Les Renardières

2014 -2015

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250g flour - 4 eggs - a pint of milk - 1 pinch of salt

50 grams of butter - 1 packet of vanilla sugar

1 tablespoon of rum (5 cl)

First,you need crepes. You also precisely need 1 packet of vanilla

sugar,50 g of butter. You need 4 eggs, a pint of milk, 1 pinch of salt, 1

tablespoon of rum .

Nirmine et Maksym

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Do y ou wa nt TO do t he chocol a t e f onda nt ?

Fol l ow This r ecipe!

For the recipe we need : 150g of dark cooking chocolate .Y ou

also need 3eggs and 35g of flour.Y ou also need 80g of sugar and

100g of butter. One teaspoon of vanilla extract and 30 g of butter

and 1 tablespoon of flour for ramekins.

B y I slam and Y anis

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What do you need to make a millefeuille ?

For the custard you need one egg , 25cl of

milk , 50 grams of sugar , 35 grams of flour

and a sachet of vanilla sugar .

For the pastry must 500 grams of puff pastry

and for the frosting you need icing sugar and

a piece of chocolate .

By Joliette

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Paris Brest recipe

For a Paris Brest you need : ¼ litre of water,

200 grams of butter, 1 pinch of salt, 4 whole

eggs, 2 egg yolks, 250 g of sugar, 250 g of

soft butter, some praline, 100 g of almonds,

50 g of icing sugar and egg yolk.


Louis and Juliette B.

Page 6: The french chefs recette 6ème

Recipe : madeleines

You need 100 grams of very soft butter ,100 grams of icing sugar ,2 big eggs at room temperature,

160 grams of flour, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, a teaspoon of vanilla sugar and 2

pinches of salt.

Produced by Clara and Shirel

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La fondue savoyarde You need cheese ,of course ! You need 500g of cheese

precisely .You also need 2-3 glasses of white wine (

Abymes),400 g of Comté cheese,300 g of cheese of

Savoy,1/4 of Reblochon cheese (optional),1 small

glass of kirsch,1 teaspoon cornstarch,1 clove of

garlic and 1 large bread crust .

Yummy !!!

By Alan and Philippe

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You need 2 eggs ,100g of sugar,120g of

flour,120g of melted butter ,100 g of black

chocolate,baking tins . Bake it for 30

minutes in an oven. YUMMY !!!!!!!!

By Audrey and Juliette L.

Page 9: The french chefs recette 6ème

This is Boeuf Bourguignon

First you need 600 to 800 grams of beef. You need 4/5


You also need salt and pepper, 1 bottle of red wine and

100 grams of butter

Preparaton time :60min

Cooking time: 30mn

By Anis and Lucas

Page 10: The french chefs recette 6ème

Clafoutis:cake from Limousin


You need some butter,4 eggs, a little of salt,2 big mugs of

flour,a mug of sugar, 4 mugs of milk.


You need a bowl, an oven, a

knife, soup spoon and of course

you need cherries.

By Marie

Page 11: The french chefs recette 6ème

Recipe of Paris-Brest

First, you need the choux pastry

You need 25 cl of water .You also

need 70 g of butter, some flour, 3 eggs

and 70g of ground almonds.

For the cream:

You need 2 egg whites, you also need 125g of sugar, some

praline and 155g of butter


by chef Shaan and Wassim

Page 12: The french chefs recette 6ème

Recipe : the chocolate moelleux

You need 80 g of flour. You also need some

butter and 3 eggs. You need 180g of sugar and

170 g of chocolate


By Diara and Raouf

Page 13: The french chefs recette 6ème

Lemon pie

Ingredients :

You need 200g of flour, 1 pinch of salt, 100g of

sugar, 80g of butter and 1 egg

For the garniture :

You need 4 lemons, 125g of

brown sugar, 50g of butter and 3 eggs.


By Noeh and Sara

Page 14: The french chefs recette 6ème

The Moroccan tajine of

chicken prunes INGREDIENTS :

You need 8 chicken drumsticks, prunes, potatoes, carrots, 2 onions,

some almonds, honey, cinnamon, a pinch of saffron, olives, olive

oil, salt and water.


-a pan

-a tagine pot


It‘s very easy to make a tagine ! YUMMY !!

By Inès et Ptissem