The Fearsome Kraken

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Memoir of my Nightmare. Which terifying hound of Hell. This thrilling adventure of me will Quench your thirst of adventure.

Transcript of The Fearsome Kraken

  • Creigh Niebuhr

    Nope. Nobody down stairs. Now was my chance. I had to

    snag the last slice of pizza. Now or never. I pounced on the

    slice of pizza. The pizza was delicious. Warm cheese and

    Potatos melted in my throat sinking into my gullet. Especially

    when Im the one who ate it. My brother has a really dreadful

    luck to not get the last slice. I wiped the cheese off my face

    and used toothpaste to do away with the smell. I tiptoed to bed

    in fear that my mom would catch me.

    After all the terror that happened later, I regret taking the


    All of a sudden I was in a museum with my friends, Thomas,

    Maito, Zenon and Jason. I have no idea why but I had my

    consciousness in my dream. I knew it was a dream but this

  • dream seemed like a good slumber so I decided to go along

    with it. My first fatal mistake. I should have woken up then

    and there.

    I lead my friends to the frozen-kraken-thingy exhibit. For

    some reason no one was at the exhibit and had DO NOT

    TOUCH signs all over the exhibit even though the other

    exhibits didnt. The place had a lot of tension in the air and

    made me feel uneasy. So I decided to go to the next exhibit

    and ditch my friends. Best choice ever made.

    One of my friends, called Zenon, touched the giant mega-ton

    beast and all of a sudden the beasts enormous eye zeroed

    onto my friends. I hate Zenon for igniting the nightmare.

    The ground shook and the museum rumbled I decided not to

    stick around. With a tremendous roar the king of serpents

    demolished the exhibit and with one gulp ate everyone at the

    exhibit. I was the sole survivor. The kraken then prepared to

    eat another helping: me. I quickly ran for the door of the

    museum to escape the creature of death. I was desperate for an

    escape. The Kraken was a giant of a creature having scaly

  • skin like a crocodile and a long tongue for devouring far away

    prey. The Kraken also has a mane of writhing snakes that spit

    venom and a giant flameproof mouth for shooting fireballs

    with a powerful tail, and a massive flipper on the end for fast

    propulsion through the water. It also had two Horns for goring

    other Krakens during fights, and bat like wings for gliding and

    jumping long distances. Scaly and dragon like, this creature

    was unmistakably the top of the food chain in the dream


    I reached the entrance to the monster museum but it was

    locked. I had thirty seconds to escape the 20-ton behemoth

    that was coming with surprising agility and endurance. I tried

    to use the force but Yoda was full of baloney. I wish I had

    acid to melt the door. But I didnt so in my desperate insanity

    I stepped back to gain power for my mad head butt. Bad


    I stepped onto a sewer entrance and fell through the hole in

    the ground and slid through the pipes. I finally emerged down

    town in the dream world. Just my luck the Kraken had

  • destroyed the museum and had followed my scent. The

    awesome creature was just around the block straining to find

    me by either sight, hearing, radar or echolocation since the

    ears were swiveling and its red and gold eyes were darting

    around and its mouth kept opening every ten seconds. I made

    my get away by sprinting quietly away but the Kraken had

    found me with its super senses and pounced on top of me. I

    shook in terror of being eaten and facing death. But just

    before his legs would crush me I rolled onto my side and

    missed the legs by a centimeter and ran to a nearby garbage

    bin. I wasnt so enthusiastic about hiding in a garbage bin but

    it was either hide and survive or run around and be eaten. No


    I then dived into the bin and shut the lid. I couldnt stop my

    shivering and the cold sweat dripping from my face. This was

    the worst Nightmare ever. The Kraken slipped into berserk

    actions. It was having such a hard time devouring me that its

    brain had flipped. Meanwhile the writhing mass of serpents

    stopped biting each other and spat venom and acid in all

  • directions. The buildings started melting and purple splotches

    lay on the street making dents. Luckily I was out of range.

    The Kraken didnt want to just eat me now. It wanted to see

    me dead. I understood now that the Kraken would stop at

    nothing to make me its next victim. The behemoth then

    spewed fire in all directions showing no mercy to anyone or

    anything. Unluckily the Kraken had used the venom to light

    the fire and the flames erupted scorching people and giving

    off sparks everywhere. The whole place was a colossal

    bonfire with columns of fire devouring anything in its path. I

    escaped the garbage bin just before it exploded into red-hot

    flames. I jumped through the window of a half melted truck

    that was still on fire and to my luck the ignition key was

    inside. I didnt know how to drive so I kept swerving left and

    right. The Kraken had heard me and was coming at me while I

    drove a burning, out of control truck on a dented, scorched

    and destroyed road at 88 miles an hour. Could things get any

    worse? Unfortunately it did. The engine exploded at the

    monster museum and I flew out of the wreckage and waded

  • through the pile of ash that used be doors. I bolted through the

    museum and found myself at the unfrozen Kraken thingy

    exhibit. There was a large explosion as the Kraken obliterated

    the back door of the museum. With a giant roar the Kraken

    shot its tongue out and was just about to eat me when I woke

    up. I was drenched in head to toe in cold sweat. My stomach

    hurt. It was the pizza that had started this Nightmare. Because

    of the stomachache I had during sleeping, the Nightmare

    Ignited. I am never going through that horror again. From now

    on no pizza at ten in the night.