The Fancy Dress Shop

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Storyfun for Movers Unit 10

Transcript of The Fancy Dress Shop

  • {he foncg'dl"ess shoPBen emailed DoisU on invltotion to his party. The email said,

    (()t tt

  • When Doisg wathed into the shop, she loughed! 'There qre hundredsoJ things thot I con weor here! Look, Mum! A Jiremon's jocket, onostronout's costume, o nurse's un[Jorfr, o circus ctown's trousers, opondo costume! ] con't choose!''How obout this hongoroo costume?' Doisg'smother soid. 'Or whot about this pineapp[ecostume? Oh [ooh, Daisgl This hittencostume ls greot!'

    'Ermm ... no. I don't wont ony oJ those.''Whot obout this doctor's coot?' Doisg'smother oshed.

    'Ermm ... no.' But then Doisg sow o pirate'scostume. She loved it.

    'Con I trg thot one, p[ease?' she osked theman [n the shop.

    'Yes! You need o moustoche ond o beord Jor that costume too. Here!Put them on,' he sold, ond gove her o curtg moustoche ond o longbtock beqrd. 'There's o room at the boch oJ the shop with o bigmlrror in [t.'

  • Dolsg corried the clothes ond the beord ond the moustache to thesma[[ room ot the boch oJ the shop and put the trousers, shlrt, be[t,scarJ and hot on. Then she put the moustoche and beord on too. shesmited ot her Jace in the mlrror. 'l love thls!, she thought. ,yes. This isgreat. I'd lihe to be o pirote Jor one o.Jternoon.,Suddentg, Doisg Jett the wind in her Jace.She [oohed down ot her Jeet. They weren,ton the Jloor oJ the sma[[ room ot the bochoJ the JoncA-dress shop in Duch Street. Shewas on a big ship in the sea. Pirotes ran upqnd down the ship. They o[[ loohed verybusg.

    'Come on!' one oJ the pi.rotes shouted at her. ,We wont some moretreosure. Climb thot soil and looh Jor ships!'But Doisy couldn't move! 'Am I dreaming?' she thought.Wl

    'who.t's the matter?' the pirate shouted ot her. ,you oren,tctimbing the soils, are you?,'Yes, I om!' Doisg onswered.

    oJrotd oJ

    'Then j*mp i.nto the seo with the shorhs!, he shouted. ,We d.on,t wontony pirotes who ore scored on this ship!'


    @) Daisy wos very aJraid now. 'where am I?' she ashed.

  • The pirate stopped shouting ond looked ot her coreJully. 'l don'thnow you. Where did you come Jrom? Did gou come Jrom onotherpirote ship?' he osked.

    'No. I come Jrom the Jancg-dress shop in Duch Street,' Doisg saidquietlg. 'And ]'d lihe to go boch there now, pleose. I don't wont to beo pirote Jor an oJternoon.'

    Then a big wove sploshed her Jace. Woter drtpped olJ the end oJher nose and'ojj her moustoche ond beord. Her pirate hot, 'shirt andscorJ got verg wet too.

    She toohed down ot her Jeet again but she didn't see the ship. Shesow the Jtoor oJ the shop. 'Mum!' she cotled. 'Come here qulchly!'

    'Whot's the motter, Dotsy?' her mother oshed. 'And how did gourJoce ond o[[ gour pirote ctothes get wet?''Don't osh me, Mum. I don't hnow!' Daisg soid. 'But I hnow I don'twont to weor thls plrote costume ogain. Please glve it bqch to themon.'

    'Wett, would you [ to try the'/Vo, Mum!' Daisy soi.d ond[oughed. 'l don't wo"nt to goto the moon! Con I put on thehitten costume, pleose? Thenchltdren con come ond ptaywith me in our garden!'

    ostronout's costume?'

  • {he foncg'dress shoP

    @ New words for gou!

    Mg sisterWoter

    Drow lines between the green words ond the pictures.f

    An mqg go to the moon!A needs lots of wqter to do his job!I love jumping in the qt the beqch.Look qt thqt next to the islqnd!

    mhb;&[email protected]\

    Write A, B or C.

    Exomple: Whqt cqn I weqr to the portglI We cqn go to the foncA-dress shop in town.2 Whqt obout this kongqroo costume?3 I'd lil

  • @ @u" lflfhe''s in t*wr: *sGuF

    'Llow r:b*ut this riien, llcrisqi ii:;'Yes, I lil

  • @ @tt Yes, it's right! No, it's wrong!Look of the picture. Listen ond write ges or no.Exomple: .U99.






    @ Whot's the mqtter?Write words from the box under the pictures.

    tiqT;r' ' l;''*'

    ongrg cotd surprised hot ofroid hungrg sqd Ji{'ed

    ,;.ti#Ft".tI :;rt#ilitis'{

    ..t::.rr;jt; -j s .Fli:l

    :.'lfl *" - 4q'rnl * it\fi' aillT, T{F

    tl r' l;!

    ' *

    ' ,':'lWp



    @ A different end to the storg!Cross out the green words ond choose new words.'Whqt's the mqtter, Doisg?' her moth er *F......9.9.i.q...... .'Andhow did gour (1) ........ ond o[[ gour pirote ctothes get

    (2) .................. ?''Don't osk me, Mum. I dont know,' Doisg sqid.'But I know I dontwqnt to weor this pirote costume ogoin. Pteqse give it bock to

    (3) .................. .''We[[, woutd gou tike to trg on thecostume next, Doisg?'




    Whqt's themqtter?

    (| 'No, Mum!' Doisg sqid ond(4)

  • @ @" Whcrt kind of work do theg do?Find the 3 wrong sentences.Write themI weor shoes thqt qre verg, verg [ong.Lots of children think I'm funng.I put point on mU fqce.| live on o ship.

    in the correct ploces.


    I hetp peopte to get better.Peopte come to see me ot the circus.Doctors sometimes osk me to hetp them.

    "L, 'w"\p

    Listen ond write.Who's Doisg tolking to?I Nome:2 Doesn't work on:3 Weors:4 Ptogs:5 Works qt: the


    @ How sbout hoving s portg?Pton o portg with Uour friends, then write o portg invitotion.How mong peopte cqn come to the portg?

    Where con UCIu hsve the portgl


    :g r