The Escaping Classroom

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Transcript of The Escaping Classroom

Andrew SmithOUR classroom has escaped

starting periscope session


Our classroom has escaped

monolithic learningthe enclosed world of the classroom/lab/lecturethe enclosed world of the distance learning moduleeven MOOCs are (kind of) self contained

Our classroom has escaped

Leaking for the last ten yearsSince the adoption of social media classrooms (real and virtual) have been escapingMost of this is great some of it - not so goodGroups, pages, communities have all formed - if you an OU module chair - check Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIN there may be a group discussing your module

it is the unstoppable disruptive locomotive

Our classroom has escaped

Embrace the locomotiveThe only constant in the universe is change get used to it.It is happening, it has been happening and it continuesOur students are doing it - lets join in - look for the back channelsWE ARE TOO PROTECTIVE OF OUR CONTENT - understand that we now have a freemium learning culture

Stop treating OUR content like another brick in the WALL.misused & abused PINK FLOYD LYRICOur classroom has escaped

Our classroom has escaped

Let it leakGive away supporting content via social media Twitter, Periscope, Facebook, LinkedIN and Google+ all support this

Our classroom has escaped

Complimentary MicrocontentMultiple knowledge nuggets per dayShort videos on Periscope and YouTubeMicro-podcasts on SoundcloudAnimated GIFs (old school yet so new wave)Images (of course)Links to articles, blogs and useful content

automating our social media content

Our classroom has escaped

Automatic timed postingFollows the classroom / distance learning content flowUsed on @OUCisco and @OUCyberSecPreplanned, prepared and easy to load into the machine.

and the community is engaged

Our classroom has escaped

Community engagementBoth students and non-students engageyou will easily generate a wider community of interest

Our classroom has escaped

thoughtsHow can we enhance our teaching by allowing our classrooms to escape?What social media would sync best?Could we teach a course/concept entirely by social media?

any questions

Andrew SmithOur Classroom has escaped