The Eight Boxes - a Personality theory


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A simplification of Leopold Szondi's (1893-1986) personality theory. It is the core of the HumanGuide concepts, which can be used in many ways in order to develop individuals/leaders, teams (and also couples), companies/organizations and support recruitment.


  • 1. 1The Personality theory 8 Boxes Aims for:To increase self-knowledge and understanding of others 8boxTheory_eng.ppt 13-10-18 H.E. Humankonsult AB,

2. 2SensibilityComplaisant, considerate, understanding, diplomatic, obliging, careful, perceptive, helpful, sensitive, tactful8boxTheory_eng.ppt 13-10-18 H.E. Humankonsult AB, 3. 3PowerEnergetic, competitive, straightforward, speedy, driving, eager, quick, strong, fearless, powerful8boxTheory_eng.ppt 13-10-18 H.E. Humankonsult AB, 4. 4QualityReliable, quality-conscious, conscientious, enduring, detailed, thorough, unselfish, dutiful, supportive, nurturing. 8boxTheory_eng.ppt 13-10-18 H.E. Humankonsult AB, 5. 5ExposureCharismatic, neat, charming, proud, distinct, colourful, witty, spontaneous, trendy, ready-witted8boxTheory_eng.ppt 13-10-18 H.E. Humankonsult AB, 6. 6StructureOrderly, logical, methodical, neutral, distinct, correct, realistic, disciplined, objective, forethoughtful8boxTheory_eng.ppt 13-10-18 H.E. Humankonsult AB, 7. 7ImaginationVersatile, subtle, artistic, imaginative, flexible, visionary, inventive, ingenious, progressive, freedom-oriented8boxTheory_eng.ppt 13-10-18 H.E. Humankonsult AB, 8. 8StabilityConservative, tradition-bound, thrifty, stable, economical, cautious, firm, serious-minded, thoughtful, earthy8boxTheory_eng.ppt 13-10-18 H.E. Humankonsult AB, 9. 9ContactsCheerful, open-hearted, food-loving, facetious, easy-going, outgoing, sociable, playful, optimistic, natural8boxTheory_eng.ppt 13-10-18 H.E. Humankonsult AB, 10. Explanations Personality theory 8 boxesMiniProfile Primary factor Secondary factor CorefactorCo-factor 11. 112+2= ? 8boxTheory_eng.ppt 13-10-18 H.E. Humankonsult AB, 12. 122+2= FactorAnswer I think it is about four, what do you think?RelationFOUr!Power2 + 0 = 2, 2 + 1 = 3, 2 + 2 = 4Quality ExposureFourh!Structure4,000Imagination About four StabilityFOOUURR...ContactsTja, four...8boxTheory_eng.ppt 13-10-18 H.E. Humankonsult AB,