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  • August 2016

    The Disciple A Monthly Publication of St. Jude's Church

    “The purpose of St. Jude's Church is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by proclaiming through words, actions and love the Good News of God in Christ; to provide for spiritual growth and to minister, with love, to the needs of this congregation and to all people.” 907 Wichman Street h Walterboro, S.C. 29488 The Rev. Bob Horowitz, Rector e-mail: online: (843) 549-1050

    Ed Rollins has spent a lifetime in politics including stints as campaign director for presidential candidates. When he was asked to give his insight into the current political landscape he said "I am handicapped by fifty years of experience, which is totally irrelevant in this presidential election." What was once an aid to understanding the present – past experience – no longer seems to be of any benefit. No matter your political persuasion it cannot be denied that there are seismic shifts and changes going on in our country and there is no way to know what it will look like if and when the dust settles. As the media people on TV like to say "We will keep our eye on this story as it continues to develop." It is never easy or comfortable to live through periods of great change – either in our personal lives or as a country. How do we as faithful followers of Jesus Christ face these changes?

    First, we're reminded that the church does not exist in a vacuum. It never has. In every age, ever since God's call to Abraham to be the father of many offspring through faith, God's revelation in the Scriptures is grounded in historical reality. Over a period of time spanning thousands of years - in the Old Testament and in the New Testament –ordinary people of faith have lived in real families, surrounded by real cultures. They lived in cultures that were friendly, indifferent or hostile to the faith they professed and lived. People called to be loyal to the covenants vows they made with Yahweh and Jesus lived under different kingdoms and empires and faced ethical, moral, religious and spiritual choices in their daily lives. Some labored in obscurity while they kept the faith. Their stories were not recorded for us to know but their faith was always known to God. Others found themselves in the limelight through God's will and human circumstance. God used their lives to reveal what faithfulness and covenant keeping looks like during

    challenging times to inspire the rest of us to do the same in our day. Always with a greater purpose at work – to glorify God so that His Name may be known in all the earth and others may be reconciled to God through his Son.

    Leslie Newbigin was a British theologian and spent most of his life as a missionary in India. He was one of the most influential Christian writers of the 20th century regarding Christian mission and engaging culture. He wrote: [A transformed society] is not our goal, great as that is…our goal is the holy city, the New Jerusalem, a perfect fellowship in which God reigns in every heart, and his children rejoice together in his love and joy…And though we know that we must grow old and die- that our labors, even if they succeed for a time, will in the end be buried in the dust of time – yet we are not dismayed…We know that these things must be. But we know that as surely as Christ was raised from the dead, so surely shall there be a new heaven and new earth wherein dwells righteousness. And having this knowledge, we ought as Christians to be the strength of every good movement of political and social effort, because we have no need either of blind optimism or of despair. (Signs Amid the Rubble: The Purpose of God in Human History).

    Christ's work on the Cross shatters the folly of blind optimism that ignores the brokenness, injustices, and evil in the world caused by human sin. Christ's Resurrection shatters the descent of despair that looks all around and says all is hopeless and I'm not my brother's keeper. Our hope in Jesus Christ is certain because he has told us plainly "I have overcome the world". Faithfully, Bob+


    Thank you to our adult choir for their commitment in rehearsing on Sundays from 9:30-10:15 in music room. Several people have commented on the joy of having a “full” music service in the summer. This is because of the dedication of our singers We will continue with only our Sunday rehearsals through August.

    On Wednesday, August 24, from 6:00-7:30pm, singers and newcomers are invited to “preview” our Fall/Advent/Christmas music. A short “festivity” will follow!

    Sincerely, David Martin

    We are looking for a third person to join Brooke Nichols and Samantha Knapp as a Nursery Worker on Sunday mornings. The person would not be working every Sunday but would be a part of a rotation. There is also the opportunity to work additional hours for Parish events during the week if the person is interested in earning more money. The pay is $10 per hour. If you know someone who is interested please have them contact Fr. Bob via phone 843-549-1050 or e-mail:

    Would like to thank everyone for taking time to help out with this ministry. CON T I NENT AL BREAKFAST will now be served

    from June 5 through August 28 with the full breakfast beginning in the fall.

    THANKS, Dana Cheney


    1 Amy Richardson 18 Brad Peurifoy 1 J.P. Downey 20 Bobbi Greene 2 Andrew Harvin 22 Arnie Greene 3 Scott Harvin 24 Bill Richardson 8 John Payne 25 Wayne Keith 10 Mary Ann Johnson 27 Glenn Utsey 11 Alice Cinader 28 Sydney Haynes 13 Kallie Peurifoy 30 Michael Smith 16 Riley Downey 30 Sarah Siner

    31 Eve Richardson

    PARISH FAMILIES MINISTERED TO... ...Cindy and Byron Lee ...Wayne and Sue Keith ...Chris and Gary Stroble

    We try to have an ongoing Food/Flower/Card/Soup Ministry and we feel bad when we do not know or find out late about a need in our church family. Please be certain to contact the church office and let us know of a need in our parish family whether it’s a meal or a visit from the Rector.



    The St. Jude's Youth Group has taken off for the Summer, a much needed rest for the

    Advisors. Our group has moved from a very young Middle School group to a rising Sophomore group, with much busier schedules and activities. We will be kicking

    off the new year with a Canoe Trip later in August, generously hosted by Joe Grange, the members of the Youth Group will be invited to bring friends who may want to join our group. St. Christopher weekends will be

    scheduled, so that we can take part in Diocesan activities and programs. Prayerful thanks to the Living Waters Trust which makes these weekends at St. Christopher

    and many other opportunities for our Youth to learn and grow as Christians possible.

    The Advisors will be planning programs for the coming year, realizing that we are working with older teenagers.

    Soon they will be driving, please pray for all of our Youth, they are entering a dangerous time in their lives. We expect to continue with mission and outreach works

    within the community and make early plans for a mission trip next summer with another group.

    The Youth Group will continue to prepare and move the bags of food to the distribution site for the Food Pantry

    Ministry. This has been a really good fit with the strong youth taking on this "heavy lifting" part of the outreach work, and they undertake the work with such joy and

    good will, that we have to remind them that they are doing ministry. My hope is that as the Youth continue to undertake mission and outreach work, that we will be able to remind them that this is one aspect of being a

    Christian and that they are learning what they are called to do for the rest of their lives.

    Please remind your teenagers and those of friends that this is a good time to join the Youth Group and become

    involved in important Christian work, think of grandchildren, nieces, nephews, children of friends, of any denomination that could use a good influence in their


    Faithfully Yours in Christ

    Marianne Holmes, Toni Jackson, Charles Bridges

    YOUTH SUPPER VOLUNTEERS The following parishioners have volunteered to prepare

    supper for the Youth group on Wednesday nights during the month of August.

    3 Sue Yin & Paul Hinson 549-9306

    10 Bethel Presbyterian 17 Kathie & Bob Smith 538-3722

    24 Stephanie & Fr. Bob Horowitz 782-3272

    31 Hilda & Jeff Holman 538-2262

    If you would like to volunteer to prepare a meal for the Youth group please contact Marianne Holmes @ 844- 8400 or Toni Jackson @ 542-9398.


    N E W S

    While we all strive to survive the summer heat, give some thought to a Saturday retreat for the Women of St.

    Jude’s in September. I’d love suggestions for where, when and what activities you would like to incorporate. Please email me directly at

    I especially want to know which Saturday will work best for the most people. Check those ball game schedules and kids/grandkids events and carve out a day for

    yourself to enjoy the company of friends and the Lord.

    Yours in Christ,



  • The DOK meets on the first Sunday of each month at 9AM in the Vestry Room in Skardon

    Hall. The only requirement for membership is a commitment to prayer and serving our Lord! If you ar