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  • 8/13/2019 The Development Of Children's Toys



    TheDevelopmentOf ChildrensToys


  • 8/13/2019 The Development Of Children's Toys



    Figure 1 ommons/!/!"/Toys#$#%s#sg.&'(

    For many adults toys can be a nostalgic memory of dolls, games, Lego and puzzlesremembered with fondness. Rag dolls, cabbage patch kids and barbies were of hugesignificance to little girls, whilst toy cars, Action an and !attleships were marketedtowards the boys. "he notions associated with children#s games of getting them outand about, learning and e$ploring still remain. For a while there was concern thatde%eloping technology would keep our kids glued to screens, and fears of obesityand lack of social interaction would be damaging to their growth. &et now with theincredible 'umps technology has made we are seeing a return back to getting ourchildren out and about again, in most cases.

    For some, howe%er, the elaborateness and how far a design can go seems to bemore dominant in their production than benefiting the child. (ere we will e$plore the

    ways in which toys ha%e grown, for better and for worse.


  • 8/13/2019 The Development Of Children's Toys




    Figure )http://f *,"/f/)**+/1,,/,/f/-ar!ie#The#Diamond#Castle# #!y#s hrita.0pg

    From china dolls to !arbie and *indy, dolls featured hea%ily in the childhood toystores and pro%ided the foundation for hours of play with friends and alone. "hey

    would be taken on days out, to the park and e%en to school +if permitted . any babydolls would ha%e accessories and you could buy prams and different outfits.*abbage patch kids were %ery popular, and still are- Although there is now more%ariety in which doll you can choose, predominantly, they are the same dolls thatthey were in the /s.

    !arbies , similarly, in essence, are the same dolls they always were. &et the lifestylesthey now represent ha%e manifested somewhat. "he glamorous dolls now followambitious careers, from mo%ie stars and pop stars, to architects, teachers and

    wedding stylists. "hey ha%e their own lu$urious homes, con%ertible cars that glistenin the sunshine and e%en dolphins in their swimming pools +0pisode 3 4tyle 4uper45uad 6art 1 . &our children can play with their dream houses, camper%ans, horses,

    'eeps, wardrobes and so much more. 7r, they can watch their music %ideos, playsand reality dramas online or on 898:

  • 8/13/2019 The Development Of Children's Toys



    Figure http://farm .stati fli kr. om/2121/213 ,"3*3 #113d1+*+f #o.0pg

    Flying has come significantly further than most aspects of playtime in recent years.;n the past paper aeroplanes and kites were the main sources of aerodynamics, butnowadays children are able to successfully take off, direct and land remote controlhelicopters before they are allowed to sit in the front of a car. "hese helicopters canbe pretty serious machines too, designed to be light and easy to fly, they are nimble

    and e$tremely 5uick.

  • 8/13/2019 The Development Of Children's Toys


  • 8/13/2019 The Development Of Children's Toys


    Con lusion

    Figure " http://farm,.stati fli kr. om/ * 3/ 1 "2 +*#ed12"2 d)+#o.0pg

    @ith further ad%ances of technology seeing i6ads, interacti%e physical games on [email protected] and e%en full body gaming which uses motion tracking for serious gamersC it ishard to see what effect this will ha%e on children#s de%elopments. For many, thead%ances ha%e only affected higher ages as the comple$ity is too much for youngchildren. &et if things continue to de%elop at this rate will we be seeing motionsensiti%e mobiles, or mood sensing cuddly toys for infantsD