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At InfoCamp Seattle 2010, Aaron Louie discusses the concept of awesomeness, why emotion matters in design, and how to design mind-blowing experiences.

Transcript of The Design of Awesome Things

  • 1. The Design of Everyday Awesome Things AWESOME Aaron LouieTwitter: @ajlouie

2. 5 most awesome things 3. Life Internet Time Travel Oxygen Cleavage Music Pizza A Nap Friday Physical intimacy Money Lasers Technology Electricity The Sun Lightsaber Lightning NinjasChocolate Sunlight Barbecue Bacon Intelligence Mom Leonardo da Vinci The Atmosphere Jet Pack Lego Liquid DNA French Kiss Star Wars Super NintendoTake-out Nature Beer Outer Space Ice Cream Puppy Irony Tetris Computer Earth Velociraptor Skinny Dipping Thumbs French Fries Batman Dreams Ice cream sandwich Jedi Fire Super Powers Princess Leia's Metal Bikini Bruce Lee HanSolo Steak Cheese Wikipedia Tyrannosaurus Solar Eclipse Super Mario BrothersAlbert Einstein Pyramids Language Youtube Nachos Low Rise Jeans Tacos FilmCombustion Tiger Dad Theory of Relativity The Wheel Summer Cheeseburger Moon Landing Fireworks The Moon Google Maps Civilization Pillow Millennium FalconGame Boy Cookie Monster Kiss Walking Electric Guitar MM's Meat Playboy Death Star Mario Kart 64 Volcano Humans Monty Python DeLorean Love Super Mario Bros. 3 Spacecraft Vikings Profanity Burrito Breakfast in bed Gummi Bears Lion Photosynthesis Air Conditioning Friendship South Park Pulp Fiction Cookie DoughPanda Whiskey Toilet Paper Clouds Swedish Massage Back to the Future Gravity Winning the Lottery The Center of a Black Hole Red Blood Cells Explosions Reese'sPeanut Butter Cups Optimus Prime Mount Everest Cake Hammerhead Shark Terminator The Dark Knight Hovercraft Snickers Snack Bikinis Hammock Meteors Orion's Belt Being a Kid Godzilla The Mystery Machine Robots The Godfather Fiji Pie Gandalf Niagara Falls Water Balloons Chipwich You When Scotty Beams Things Up Duct Tape HDTV Saturday Swiss Army Knife Sense Shoes Quesadillas BlanketFort Stealth Bomber Industrial Revolution Rock 'n Roll Jim Henson The Beatles Machete Benjamin Franklin Hug Democracy Victoria Secret Samurai TwixElectron Morgan Freeman Spiderman Flying First Class Night MythBusters Guinness Chuck Norris Recliner Dark Matter Connery Free Will Magnets Bill Murray Snow Day Mythology Quests Slinky Salsa The Muppet Show The Big BangPinball USB Superman Lamborghini Murcielago Kitten iPod Ancient RomeSource: 4. When your computer heals itself The air just before a thunderstorm Trying on your new clothes as soon as you get home from the store Driving home after a long trip and getting all your radio stations back When youre not the new guy anymore When you try cooking something new and everyone likes it The sound of water lapping against a dock Carrying the ice cube tray you just filled up all the way back to the freezer without spillingCorrectly guessing if the door is push or pull Scratching your back on some random thing Singing the guitar solo Hanging on When the foul ball is flying towards you Boat waving When youre merging into traffic and theres no traffic to merge into Ripping off a square of plastic wrap that doesnt get stuck to itself Blaming your fart on the dog Seeing your reflection in a store front window and liking what you see Baby toes Eating ridiculous thingsfor breakfast When those fake flowers turn out to be real When the crosswalk changes to walk just as you approach it Being next Pizza soulmates Food ogling When the subway doors stop right in front of you Seeing a plane from another plane Your Almost Name Checking somebody out and not getting busted Correctly guessing an old password you havent used in a while The point on a road trip when youre really far from where you started and really far from where youre going Figuring out how we got on this topic Looking up while underwaterDriving over a small hill in your car Pulling a weed and getting all the roots with it When your plugged up nostril just suddenly opens up with no warning Walking into a crowded party and locking eyes with someone you knowacross the room The smell and feel of bedsheets that dried in the sun Staying up so late that everything becomesfunny Horrible fake accents made by close friends Somehow waking up at the right time even though you forgotto set your alarm clock Picking things up with your feet Getting all sweaty and jumping in When you manage to get ready super fast when theres no time to shower Digging a hole in your mashed potatoes and filling it up withgravy When your friend returns your book and they actually read it That little hole at the top of your sink that prevents it from overflowing Those rare moments when youre the only person on the beach Forks TheChildhood Super Jump When you get in the car and notice someone filled up the tank Pain The sound of a corkpopping When characters in movies visit a place you know When a work friend becomes an outside-of-workfriend Using milk instead of water Guilty pleasure songs The moment of anticipation just before the first kissSeeing a dog that looks like a dog you know Finally getting the perfect picture The moment at the bar wheneveryone starts singing together Finishing your last exam When that social event you didnt want to go to getscanceled When someone who doesnt like pizza crust gives you their pizza crust When your guests do the dishes even after you told them not to Biting off the last piece of the popsicle without losing any of it Starting thelawnmower on the first pull Hearing a song that reminds you of someone you love Watching soccer and actually seeing a goal Taking Friday off Licking all the flavor off your fingers Source: 5. 5 most awesome designed products/experiences 6. Spectrum of awesomenessMind-Amazing Blowing DelightfulExcellent Usable 7. Why do we need emotional impact? 8. Emotion and memory 9. Emotion and memoryHappy now! REMEMBER THIS! 10. Why do we need to design for emotional impact? 11. What if libraries were consideredawesome? 12. What if your designs were considered awesome? 13. When to design awesome things Users want: Something interesting/entertaining To learn/grow/win Clients want users to: Have fun or complete a challenge Remember them Share with others Come back again and again Just plain functional wont be enough to compete 14. When NOT to design awesome Users want: Plain old functionality Transparency Clients want users to: Get work done and get out 15. How to get there from here?Interviews Usability StudiesAWESOME Surveys Personas Business AnalyticsRequirements 16. 5 stages of a mind-blowing experienceAttention/SeductionAnticipation/ExpectationSatisfaction/Flow/Addiction Inversion/Expansion Termination/Transition 17. 5 stages of a mind-blowing experienceAttention/SeductionAnticipation/ExpectationSatisfaction/Flow/Addiction Inversion/Expansion Termination/TransitionAWESOME 18. ASAESFAIETT 19. 5 stages of a mind-blowing experienceAttentionWaiting Satisfaction UpendingMoving on 20. AWSUM 21. 22. Bacon Attention: Whats for breakfast? Bacon. Waiting: The aroma fills the kitchen. Sizzling sounds from the oven. Satisfaction: Mmm bacon. Upending: What? Theres more? And its dipped in dark chocolate? Moving on: Aww, bacon all gone. 23. The Process 24. Focus Choose an audience Choose a few things to do extremely well Choose a desired outcome 25. Understand your users Personality Likes Dislikes Common desires Mental models Expectations Priorities 26. Design the payload Match the expectations perfectly Do it better than the competition Meet a primal need (hunger, sex, social, etc.) 27. Design hooks How will you get people into the experience? How will you build up expectations? How will you deliver the payload? How will you keep them (and/or their friends) coming back? 28. Design schema-inverters Do something in an unexpected way Reveal a completely new perspective Mash it up with other things they like 29. Design the denouement Stop while youre ahead Create strategic gaps Set the groundwork for the next version/phase 30. DISCUSS Twitter: @ajlouie