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  • 1.The Cooke Legacy: Chapter Thirty Girl Power!
    • A joint legacy between: ilovereecee and meadowthayer

2. Welcome Back!

  • Thanks for coming back to read the thirtieth chapter of The Cooke Legacy. In the last chapter you saw Leighton Cooke become the next heiress, marry her sweetheart Hayden and they started their family together. They had two lovely little girls, Madeline and Molly. That is where this chapter picks up.


  • Madeline is a child now and shes already studying her skills that will earn scholarships for college! Hayden and I like to be good examples for our girls, so he skills with Maddie. Im proud of my growing family everyone is so smart and goal oriented!


  • Molly can you say my name? Can you say Grandma Kenadie My mother Kenadie has been teaching my youngest child her talking and walking skills.
  • Gamma Kennie, As you can tell, that is a work in progress. But Gamma Kennie is closer to Grandma Kenadie than anything else Molly has said by now!


  • Peek-a-boo Molly! Peek-a-boo!! Madeline loves to play with her baby sister! She adores Molly and wants to teach her how to play with her toys correctly and how to play peek-a-boo. Whenever Molly isnt napping or being fed, Madeline makes sure to spend time with her. Shes a great big sister. I cant wait to see how shell do with two siblings once my third baby is born.


  • Hayden is still working hard to become a Mad Scientist. I feel so extremely proud of my husband hes a dedicated worker, father and husband. He really does it all. Just today he was promoted to an Inventor. That is the level that I started out on and now Im a Mad Scientist. It wont be long before Hayden has reached his lifetime want.


  • Ill be so thankful once my pregnancy is over. I am expecting my little one any day now and I couldnt be happier. When I was pregnant with Madeline and Molly I never had any problems. But with this pregnancy I have heartburn every time I eat, Im constantly weak and tired and I can hardly keep up with my kids during the day.


  • Thankfully I didnt have to wait much longer on my newest baby to arrive! My little daughter made her arrival just on time for her due date. She, like her older sisters, has blue eyes and brown hair. It seems that I wont get a child with my blonde hair. Haydens hair color is just too dominant! Im very proud to be the mom of three beautiful girls no matter what color their hair! Our new baby is named Melody.


  • Hayden and I decided that Melody would be our last child. In just a few months Molly will be a child and Im ready to be done with diapers, bottles and naptime all together after Melody. Once I knew I was done with babies, I began working out so that I could get down to my old size. Hayden thinks Im silly, but I know if I work hard I can be as skinny as I was when we first got married. He says its impossible after three kids Ill show him!


  • Hayden and I both think its important that our children have the best education possible. Summertime is almost over and that means Madeline will be starting school. So mom invited over one of the many headmasters she met while getting us all into private school as children. She gave him a tour of the house while Hayden cooked a salmon dinner. He was very impressed when he saw that our children arent glued to the television, but that they work on their skills and play with toys that enhance learning.


  • I have to admit, I think you and Mrs. Cooke are doing a wonderful job with your children. Madeline is very polite and Molly is a sweetheart. Thank you for inviting me into your home and for this amazing seafood dinner. It would be my pleasure to have Madeline in my school. Once Molly is school aged, you just have to have me back for another dinner. The headmaster loved our family and accepted my daughter Maddie into his school!


  • Melody is a complete joy in our lives. Shes such a doll! I know once shes a toddler Im going to miss her being so little, so I try to spend as much time with her now as I can. Hayden, who works for half of the mornings, usually takes the night shift with Mel while Im working. This way we get to both spend an equal amount of time with her while shes an infant. Were going to miss this stage once its all said and done.


  • We invited over my sisters Lily and Leona to celebrate Mollys birthday with us all. I cant believe my middle child is growing up so fast! She certainly turned out to be a beautiful child. I see much of my father in her she has his nose. Im glad I have a child that looks like my dad. I really do miss having him around. I know hed enjoy watching the girls grow.


  • After the party was over, I got to introduce my sisters to their new niece! It makes me happy that I have such close friends in my sisters. Theyre the best friends I could ever ask for. They love me, Hayden and of course our three girls. Its great to have family around so often.


  • The day after Mollys birthday was a school day. She and Madeline go to two different schools, since Maddie is in private school. Maddie has always come home happy from school, but Mollys first day in public school was a tad different. She didnt come home excited to tell us about her day or show us what she did. I think its time Hayden and I invite over the private school headmaster and see if he cant find some room for Molly in his school!


  • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Melody. Happy birthday to you! We all sang the traditional birthday song to Mel as she was about to age into a toddler. Im so thrilled that my sisters, Komei, my mother Kenadie, Hayden and Mels big sisters could all be together to celebrate this exciting event!


  • Melody turned out to be a beautiful little girl. She certainly is precious. I think she looks a lot like her oldest sister Madeline. I cant believe that Mel is the last toddler I will ever have. This night has been bitter sweet for Hayden and I. Our baby is growing up so quickly.


  • Before the party was over, Lily and my mother Kenadie made a deal together. Snowball and Butterbean dont really get along enough to have kittens together, so Lily asked if she could take them home for her two boys Alvin and Matthew. Mom agreed and adopted two new kittens after the party was over. Maddie and Molly named them Snowball II and Pepper. Hopefully they will get along well enough to have kittens once they are fully grown cats.


  • The celebrations were over for Melodys birthday party, but Hayden came home from work celebrating that night. He went in right after Melody aged and came home with a promotion to Scholar. Im so proud of my handsome hubby.


  • Its time to get Molly into private school! Hayden and I want our little girls to get the best education possible and dont want little Molly in public school any longer. So my mother Kenadie made chili con carne for dinner, Hayden gave the tour and at the end of the night Molly was accepted!


  • Hayden and I were discussing the events of the weekend over leftover chili con carne when my mom walked into the room with the grim reaper. Instantly I knew what was happening! I cant believe my mom is dying. Its not fair to have her taken away from me when so many exciting things are happening in the family.


  • Mom was close to all three of her granddaughters, but she helped raise Madeline and Molly since they were born. They have the most memories of their wonderful grandmother and are completely torn up over her death. Im still mourning the loss of my last living parent, so Hayden tries to comfort our girls as much as possible.


  • The only way Im getting through losing my mom is by my babies. While Maddie and Molly are at school, Melody takes my mind off my mother. Shes such a sweet child and a joy in my life. I couldnt function at work anymore all I did was mope around the lab thinking about mom. So I quit my job to finish raising my girls. Its a decision I already know will work out for me. I love staying home with Melody.


  • Now that Im no longer working, I get to see my older girls off to school everyday. Im so happy that they are in private school Im proud to know that they are getting the very best education possible.


  • Molly is a very soft hearted child. She is friends with Hayden, me and both of her older sisters. She even wants to be friends with Snowball II and Pepper.
  • I hope that she remains to be as kind and patient with everyone she meets in her life as she grows. Im proud to have three such wonderful and caring little girls to call my daughters. They are the biggest joy in me and Haydens lives.


  • Hayden is still working towards becoming a Mad Scientist. He is almost at the top of the science career and getting closer everyday! Today he was promoted to a Top Secret Researcher. Hes almost there!


  • When Madeline and Melodys birthdays came around, Hayden and I decided not to have a party. During Melodys last party my mother was taken from us, and the memory is still on our minds. Instead, my small family of five celebrated together without our extended family.


  • Im overly proud of how both of my girls aged. I cant believe I have three smart and gorgeous girls to call my