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  1. 1. The conqueror of the world
    By Miriam Esteve Campello
  2. 2. The conqueror of the world
    The conqueror of the world is reality show of adventure where sixteen persons must pass proof up to reach Faro Les claireurs (The lighthouse at the end of the world) and he/she win. In my opinion, its the best reality show on TV.
    The sixteen person are eight men and 8 women. They form two teams, Pumas and Condors. These teams must pass proof. Living conditions are harsh, they must support cold, hunger and thirst. Physicalability and ability to live with strangers fundamental for survive a this adventure. I enjoy watching this programme because the reality show is a combination of physical adventure and human drama. On the one hand, it show how persons with difficulty passing the proof. On the other hand, the relationship between the persons are very dramatic and funny.
    Even ifyou thinkcruelty proof are disgusting, youll enjoy dramaand romance in this reality show.