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  • 1.THE COLOUR 1 E.S.O. Arts & CraftsCsar Fernndez lvarez

2. How many colours do you know? 3. What is the colour? Colour is a property of light as seen by people. 4. PRIMARY COLOURS Primary Colours can be mixed to make the other colours. CYAN MAGENTA YELLOW 5. SECONDARY COLOURS Secondary Colours are a mixture of two primary coloursREDGREEN BLUE-VIOLET PURPLE 6. THE COLOUR WHEEL A colour wheel is a circular chart that shows primary and secondary colour. Try this at the computer. 7. TERTIARY COLOURS The tertiary colours are made by mixing a secondary and primary colour together. On the colour wheel, the tertiarycolors are situated between the primary and secondary colours they are made from. 8. Activity: Draw a colourwheel Draw a colour wheel by using only primary colours temperas. Use black to shade colours. 9. Colour harmonies Monochromatic. Warm colours. Cool colours. Complementary. 10. Monochromatic harmonie One colour (or family of colour) with white to lighten and black to shade. 11. Warm colours Red, Orange and some Yellows and Purples are considered warm colours. Red is the main warm colour, and a symbol of fire and heat. 12. Cool colours Blue, Green and some Yellows and Purples are considered to be cool colours. Blue is the main cool colour, a symbol of water, ice and sky. 13. Complementary colours Two colours oposed on the colour wheel are Complements. Mixing complementary colours together produces a neutral grey. 14. What harmonie can you identify? PICTURE 1 1. Warm colours harmoniePICTURE 22. Monochromatic harmonie 3. Complementary harmonie 4. Cool colours harmonie 15. What harmonie can you identify? PICTURE 1PICTURE 3PICTURE 21. Wamr colours harmonie2. Monochromatic harmonie3. Complementary harmonie4. Cool colours harmonie