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Page 1: The COBOL-IT Compiler COBOL-IT ® Compiler The COBOL-IT COBOL compiler, cobc, draws input from the command line, from a compiler


Compiler Suite

COBOL-IT - 231, rue Saint-Honoré - 75001 Paris - FRANCE

Page 2: The COBOL-IT Compiler COBOL-IT ® Compiler The COBOL-IT COBOL compiler, cobc, draws input from the command line, from a compiler

The COBOL-IT® Compiler

The COBOL-IT COBOL compiler, cobc, draws input from the

command line, from a compiler configuration file which can be

customized to increase compatibility with different proprietary

COBOLs, and from the environment. The COBOL-IT® Compiler,

cobc, translates COBOL into “C”, and then uses the host “C”

Compiler to complete the compilation. It can be used to

create shared objects, or native executables, or any of the in-

termediate artifacts that are produced as it proceeds through

its steps of pre-processing your COBOL source, translating it into

“C”, compiling, assembling, and linking.

COBOL-IT®’s compatibility with Oracle Pro*COBOL, IBM

UDB/DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Syncsort,

HTWC XFrame, and Oracle Tuxedo extend across the jointly

supported Linux, zLinux, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, AIX, and Windows

platforms. The COBOL-IT® Compiler Suite has been enhanced to

include extensions for Micro Focus and IBM dialects, and to sup-

port Micro Focus compiler and runtime command line emula-


The COBOL-iT® compiler and runtime system also support the

standard External File Handler (EXTFH) and External Sort Module

(EXTSM) interfaces. EXTFH and EXTSM compliance ensures that

COBOL-IT can extend the same portability and performance to

their customers that these longstanding standards have come

to provide.

The COBOL-IT® Performance Advantage

COBOL-IT ‘s formula of using the latest generation “C” compi-

lers for your host machines to generate executables ensures

that you will always have access to the latest technology, maxi-

mally optimized for the latest generation technology. Bench-

marks consistently show that COBOL-IT 's generated code

outperforms the object code of COBOL compilers producing

native code.

The COBOL-IT® Runtime

The COBOL-IT COBOL runtime, cobcrun, draws input from the

command line, and from the environment. Runtime environ-

ment variables are available to describe the location of the

shared objects being run, the location of the data files being

used, file mapping conventions that are being used, code case

conventions, libraries to pre-load, files created to capture error,

and tracing output, and more.

The COBOL-IT runtime includes support for the Open Source

VB/ISAM file system, which is a dual-file indexed file system, and

also supports binary sequential, line sequential, and relative file


The COBOL-IT runtime has certified interoperability with the Ora-

cle Pro*COBOL precompiler, as well as the IBM DB/2 precompi-

ler, assuring customers who rely on these solutions of continued

support, both by COBOL-IT, and by the host vendors Oracle,

and IBM.

The COBOL-IT runtime has certified interoperability with Oracle

Tuxedo, HTWC XFrame, and Syncsort, assuring compatibility with

critical transactional monitoring middleware, and highly optimi-

zed data transformation tools.

The COBOL-IT® Compiler Suite is the cornerstone component of the COBOL-IT® family ofproducts, which, together, are designed to deliver reliable, high-performance softwarefor mission-critical applications, and add value by reducing total cost of ownership,and increasing return on investment for all of our users.

TheCOBOL-IT® Compiler Suite

The COBOL-IT Compiler Suite consists of a highly ANSI-85 compliant COBOL compiler, a COBOL runtime, Tools, and

Technical Support. The COBOL-IT® Compiler Suite has been certified broadly by major Operating Systems, Relational

Database vendors, and providers of re-hosting solutions. New releases of the COBOL-IT® Compiler Suite are regres-

sion tested with COBOL Suites from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

COBOL-IT - 231, rue Saint-Honoré - 75001 Paris - FRANCE

Page 3: The COBOL-IT Compiler COBOL-IT ® Compiler The COBOL-IT COBOL compiler, cobc, draws input from the command line, from a compiler


The Deet Debugging utility

COBOL-IT®’s Compiler Suite comes with sophisticated debug-

ging capabilities, all available under GPL. The debugger in-

cludes the ability to step, set breakpoints, monitors, and take

quick views of variables for their values. The current line of exe-

cution can be colorized.

Application Profiler

The Application Profiler is designed to aid in identifying bottle-

necks in your application, so that performance-related efforts

can be undertaken with maximum efficiency. Compile your

program using the –fprofiling compiler flag, and profiling output

will be written to a tab-delimited text file that is created in the

current working directory with a .xls extension.

Memory Dumps

The Abend Diagnostic Report helps isolate the cause of an

abend in the minimal amount of time by dumping the maxi-

mum amount of information about the state of the system

when the abend occurred. The memory dump will be written to

the COB_ERROR_FILE, or if set, to the file named by the

COB_DUMP environment variable.


CitSort can serve as a drop-in replacement for external sort utili-

ties such as IBM’s DFSort, and Micro Focus’ MFSort, minimizing

the efforts required to adapt your source code for use with

COBOL-IT®, while providing an in-kind high-performance exter-

nal sort utility.

VB/ISAM tools

Vbcheck.exe and vbrecover.exe are included to check on the

integrity of your VB/ISAM files, and to recover them, if neces-


Technical Support

Silver, Gold, and Platinum Support levels are offered for pro-

ducts. Customers can enter bug reports, and enhancement re-

quests directly into an online CRM system, and benefit from

prompt access to COBOL-IT technical support staff, and, if nee-

ded, backup from skilled development staff.

For more information, contact [email protected].

COBOL-IT - 231, rue Saint-Honoré - 75001 Paris - FRANCE

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To start a debugging session, compile with –g, and then run with Deet: >cobc –g myprogram.cbl

COBOL-IT® Compiler Suite Standard Edition vs. Enterprise Edition

COBOL-IT distributes two separate versions of its compiler: the

COBOL-IT® Compiler Suite Standard Edition, and the COBOL-IT®

Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition. For more information on the

differences between these two versions, please visit