The Civil War.... Civil War 1861-1865

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Transcript of The Civil War.... Civil War 1861-1865

Civil War

The Civil War...

Civil War1861-1865 Was Involved?The Confederate States.

-Virginia-North Carolina-South Carolina-Georgia-Tennessee-Mississippi-Florida-Alabama-Arkansas-Texas-Louisiana Union States.

-Kansas-Illinois-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Michigan-Iowa-Ohio-Pennsylvania-New York-Maine-New Jersey-Massachusetts-Connecticut States.-Missouri-Kentucky-Delaware-Maryland-West Virginia Lincoln

President of the United States of America! Davis

President of the Confederate States of America.

Allies ?Confederacy Allies were France and Great Britain. They needed alliances so they can have more artillery and weapons. At Fort Sumter!April 12-14, 1861Fort Sumter, South CarolinaBrigadier General Beauregard(Confederacy)Major Anderson(Union)No Casualties The significance is that this was the battle that started the war Battle of Bull Run.July 21, 1861Prince William County, VirginiaBrig. Gen. Irvin McDowell (Union)P.G.T. Beauregard (Confederacy)Union- 2, 896 CasualtiesConfederacy- 1, 982 CasualtiesThe significance is that they both realized that the war was going to be more longer and have more casualties Of Gettysburg!July 1-3, 1863Gettysburg, PennsylvaniaMajor General George Meade (Union)General Robert E. Lee (Confederate)Union Troops: 93,921 CasualtiesConfederate Troops: 71,699 CasualtiesThe significance was that this battle had the most deaths and casualties and it was the turning point for the Union Battle at Fort Fisher!January 13-15, 1865Wilmington, North CarolinaMajor General Alfred and Rear Admiral David D. Porter (Union)Major General W.H.C. Whiting and Robert F. Hoke (Confederacy)Union-1,338 CasualtiesConfederate-583 CasualtiesThe significance of this battle is that the Union sealed off the last port of AppomattoxApril 8 - 9, 1865Appomattox County, VirginiaGeneral Lee (Confederate)General Grant (Union)Union: 164 CasualtiesConfederate: 500 and 27,800 surrendered CasualtiesThe significance of this battle is that it ended the war




Horses Civil War Ending.When General Lee surrendered there were at least 175,000 more troops out there still fighting minor battles until June 23, 1865 the remaining troops surrendered. Did This Effect Our Future?This effected our future in a tremendous way! Because of the Civil War we do not have slaves. Also, our country wouldnt be united together, instead well be living in the Confederate states of America!