The British National Army Museum

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THE BRITISH NATIONAL ARMY MUSEUM: THE EVOLUTION OF WAR & THE SOLDIER Kendra Clark, Crystal Davis, Marilei Denila & Grace Khasar
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Transcript of The British National Army Museum

  • 1. The British National Army Museum: the evolution of war & the soldier
    Kendra Clark, Crystal Davis, Marilei Denila & Grace Khasar

2. The revolutionary war
3. Fashion
History of Redcoats
Why red?
4. women
British women
Loyalist women
5. Conflict
Fight for power over colonies
Who was in the military
6. strategy
Gentlemens war
Strong Navy
7. 1853-1856
Crimean war
8. Crimean Soldiers
Mature Old Men
Most men came from
rural backgrounds
9. Fashion
Trotter Knapsack (1805)
Greatcoast & Messtin
Leather 60 round ammo pouch
The Red Coat
10. Women and The Crimean War
Florence Nighting Gale
Mary Seacole
11. Florence Nightingale
12. Conflict
Russian Expansion
Conflict over the
Holy Land
Peace attempts
13. Strategy
Same old Tricks
A lot of Firsts
14. World war
15. Fashion
Ash colored uniforms
different armed forces
16. women
Womens Land
Canary Girls
17. Conflict
French and Germans
18. strategy
19. Post-cold war
20. Fashion
Style transformed for more
mobility and protection
More items to carry
Bright colors are reserved
for special events
Typically combat camouflage
21. women
Redefining womens role in war
Disbandment of the Womens Royal Army Corps
they remain excluded from primarily combat units, but are still able to enlist
22. Conflict
Creation of the United Nations
changed the of rules of war
Shift to conflicts of ideologies
Military to play a larger peacekeeping role
Alliances and
Agreements are
used as preventative/
protective measures
23. strategy
No Total War
Strategy relies heavily on technology to minimize casualties and improve efficiency
More attention to Military science, engineering, and technology
Introduction of guerilla tactics
Most actions are politically rather than militarily
24. What has not changed?
25. characteristics
Queen is still the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces
Use of Secret War
Spies have been incorporated in all aspects
Red Coats are still used for special events