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A story by Pilar RomoMic was a little yellow fish with blue stripes who lived in a small coral reef with his brothers, sisters and friends. They played and swam together and he felt happy and safe.

One day an enormous wave came and, all of a sudden, Mic was alone in the blue. Oh! He was lost! Alone! How scary! There was nothing around him, only blue water. What could he do?

He swam and swam in the blue until he met a moray with black spots. What a strange creature! It was like a snake!He went close to her but not very close because she seemed scary and asked her: Have you seen my family? What is your family like? asked the moray, interested.They are like me, yellow with blue stripes answered Mic.

No, Im afraid I havent. Yesterday I ate a beautiful fish, but it wasnt yellow with blue stripes, in fact it was blue with yellow stripes a cousin of yours, maybe? whispered the moray going close to Mic.Oh, well, thank you so much, I dont want to bother you any longer goodbye! exclaimed Mic, a little afraid of the moray, and he swam away as fast as he could.

Again, he swam and swam and, suddenly, a giant manta ray appeared in front of him. What an elegant and amazing creature! It seemed to have wings!Hello Have you seen my family? asked Mic.What is your family like? asked the manta ray.They are like me, yellow with blue stripes answered Mic, wondering if a manta ray could be dangerous to him

By the way, do you eat fish?Well I eat really small fish, prawns, krill but not fish as big as you.Thanks goodness! Mic sighed with relief.

But be careful, said the manta ray, Ive seen a few dangerous sharks prowling around here not long ago, and they seemed very hungryI wish I had a reef to hide thought Mic sadly, swimming away from the manta ray.

Just a few minutes later, he saw a shark who was swimming straight to him with not a very friendly faceHe tried to swim away as fast as he could, but it was very difficult, you know, sharks were much faster than him

But suddenly, the shark turned and left. Mic was astonished. What had happened? He looked around and then found himself in the middle of a big group of fish exactly like him. All of them were closed together as if they were only one big yellow fish, much bigger than the shark. His family had saved him!