The adventures of cuddly cat!

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Transcript of The adventures of cuddly cat!

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A day at work for Cuddly Cat

Another start to another day!

This would be a lot easier with thumbs!

Make mine a double.How do you want it?

Big cats are grumpy.

Waiting as usual!What you up to?

Well thats a shock, it crashed!Is it?

He says you have to buy the new version.So how do I fix it?On the phone to Apple Care

So what's in store today?

Im ready. Quick push the button!Office pranks are commonWhen Cuddly Cat is around

Bloody UAC!

Right, so what are we doing?

Just how I like it. No post!

Is this the right one?Im going to go with, Yes!

How do I get the new one up here?To the catcopter!

What the $%&@ did you do?It like it when I got here, honest!Toolless cases are essential for Cuddly Cat

Now what do we do?We got it!!

I dont like where the wheel is!Left a bit, down a bit.