The 19th century

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THE 19TH CENTURY Time for change

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The 19th century. Time for change. Economic change 1750 - 1850. Enclosure movement Revolution in agriculture Technological innovation and the Industrial revolution Textile industry Steam engine Iron production Canal building. Economic change 1750 - 1850. Railroads Factory system - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The 19th century

The 19th centuryTime for changeEconomic change 1750 - 1850Enclosure movementRevolution in agricultureTechnological innovation and the Industrial revolutionTextile industrySteam engineIron productionCanal buildingEconomic change 1750 - 1850RailroadsFactory systemIndustrial capitalismIndustrial citiesExploitation of women and childrenEconomic change 1850 - 1914Steel, chemicals, electricity and oilBessemer process of steel productionInternal combustion engineTelegraph, phonograph, telephoneWright Brothers develop first airplaneSocial transformationCapitalism and socialismMarx and Communism (Das Kapital, 1867)Trade unionismDemanding the right to vote: expanding the franchiseThe rise of nationalismThe spread of education

Social transformationScience and religionDarwin and the theory of evolution (Origin of the Species, 1859)Modernism in art: impressionism and beyondFreud and psychoanalysisThe role of women and the rise of femininsim