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Transcript of That Is Wearing Puma Apparel

  • 1. Ad Campaign By Saad Kemmou
  • 2. Target Market: Fashionable 18-30 year olds Description: In the past five years a number of events and trends have sprung up which have made this project possible. A sharp rise in the number of cell-phone owners and broadband users worldwide has made it possible for our target market to use our application. This has also seen the rise of text messaging as one of the preferred methods of communication by our target market. During these last few years an important trend has evolved in that the people making up our target market have an increased thirst for personalized services. The approach taken with this project was that advertising in its current state delivers relatively no value to the target market and so finds it extremely difficult to cut through the clutter effectively, this campaign on the other hand serves the customers need for personalization while riding the wave of text messaging. The essence of this project is that the target market creates an avatar (hence forth called a Mini-me) that is wearing Puma apparel which he then sends through messages to his friends. After the Mini-me has been created the user can either send a message directly his cell-phone or our website. By adding real value to the target market this campaign has greater chances of being accepted by them. This also serves as a gateway to present new collections to the target market.
  • 3. Process
    • Steps:
      • User creates avatar online.
      • Sends message through our program to friend
    • OR
      • 2. Sends message to us with friends phone number through normal SMS platform
      • 3. Server forwards animated avatar with message to friend.
  • 4. Process (Flow Chart) Website Database Users Cell Phone Friends Cell Phone Server Access saved avatar information. Using cell-phone number as identification. Save avatar preferences for later use. Send message directly to friend. Forward message to friends cell-phone. Send message through our servers.
  • 5. Step 1 : Creating an avatar Creating the basic layout of the users Mini-me.
  • 6. Personalizing the Mini-me.
  • 7. Creating an environment and telling a story through his animation.
  • 8. Step 2 : Send a message Online By cell phone The user can either send a message through the website or from where ever they are through their cell-phone by putting their friends phone number at the end of the message.
  • 9. Step 3 : Reception of message The friend receives the message as an MMS with the text scrolling through at the bottom of the screen as the animation plays. The Puma logo is clearly visible in the message.