Thankful for iPad Apps

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Thankful for iPad Apps. A Tool for Planning, Research, Presentation and Practice. Reading. Wooords. Vocabulary HD. Spelling. Learner’s Dictionary. Writing and Language. Line and Verse. Mad Libs. Social Studies. Google Earth. Whole Wide World. This Day in History. Life Science. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thankful for iPad Apps

Thankful for iPad AppsA Tool for Planning, Research, Presentation and Practice+Reading


Vocabulary HD+Spelling

Learners Dictionary+Writing and Language

Line and VerseMad Libs+Social Studies

Google EarthWhole Wide WorldThis Day in History+Life Science

Leaf SnapMini MonstersLife Science Through PhotographyAnimal Encyclopedia+Earth Science

Rock HoundEasy Learn Rocks and MineralsDinosaurs HD

Earth Science Through Photography+Physical Science

Touch PhysicsCaseys Contraptions+Lists and Brainstorms

PoppletIdea SketchiBrainstorm+Research Tools


Puppet PalsiMovieComic LifeBook Creator+

+Math Concepts

Splash Math 3Geometry4KidsBills and CoinsFill the Cup+Everyday Math Games

+Math Computation

Trade-First SubtractionPartial Sums+For Fun

Doodle BuddyGarageBand123D Sculpt+