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  • 1. Looking into existing TV soap opera channels, with more depth. TEXTUAL ANALYSIS
  • 2. There are three channels that are associated with Channel 5, and these are Channel 5, 5* and 5USA with the online viewer being called Demand 5. Channel 5 was launched on 30th March 1997, and was Britain's first new terrestrial channel for 15 years. 5USA was launched in October 2006, concentrating on showing imported movies and programmes from the United States. 5* was first launched as Five Life in 2006, rebranded as Fiver in 2008 and then 5* in 2011. It was launched alongside 5USA, in order to create a multi-channel strategy, which all other analogue broadcasters had already achieved. CHANNEL 5
  • 3. CHANNEL 5 WEBSITE Channel name in the top left hand corner, contrasting the black background. This area shows the most important shows of the week, with a rolling slideshow. This section clearly demonstrates the shows that can be viewed online. The colour is different signifying a different section of the page. Navigation shows internal links on the site. This section highlights new shoes, hoping to engage the audience by showing a preview. The right hand side box highlights the range of channels and what is being shown tonight.
  • 4. Channel 5, although not being as well known as other TV channels uses combined features to engage a mass audience. The website is organised with sections titled effectively. The use of a search bar enables the audience to specify a search, improving their overall experience of the website. The imperative language used throughout the website is important as it is persuasive and directs the audience by using watch these shows. The page largely consists of the sliding images showing the important TV shows with gripping storylines. Channel 5 uses synergy successfully, with the links to the official twitter page and also watching clips of the shows, a massive positive for Channel 5 as this enables the audience to engage further with the channel. The demand service is shown in a different colour, this creates an idea of importance and will draw the attention of the viewer into this section. TV listings are provided on the right hand side, showing what shows are going to be on at what time for each channel. This is an easy way to get information about when your favourite show is being aired. It allows the audience to immediately see which shows are going to be on each channel, with a simple schedule that is not difficult to follow. There is a large area of black space on the right side of the website, and this can suggest that the website is not as well thought over as it could be. This could be filled with a range of information, such as previews or even a poll which would again entice the audience. There is an extremely dark colour scheme, which could potentially turn viewers away from the website, as this does not create an appealing area for viewers. WEBSITE ANALYSIS
  • 6. BBC WEBSITE The BBC logo, and also navigation of other elements of the BBC e.g iPlayer. A search bar to enable the audience to find what they are looking for A list of the channels from the BBC, finding programmes easier. A few large inserts, showing programmes that are currently on, with the name, time and channel. This dominates the page. On now, on tonight and previews navigation, so the audience can change view easily and quickly. A link to an a-z programme list, helpful for the audience Highlights the BBCs other features, what is currently happening.
  • 7. The BBC website includes a range of features appealing to the audience. The logo again is on the top left of the page, and does not move no matter which aspect of BBC you are looking for, showing the consistency of the company. The navigation pane along the top of the page is useful for the audience as it enables them to become aware of other features that the BBC offers, and they could find something they are interested in as a result of this. Underneath there is a second navigation pane, this time highlighting the many different channels associated with the BBC, and when clicked just focuses on TV shows from that channel. This is a good way to engage the audience as it shows the time and effort put into the website and also makes it easier for the public as they do not have to go through hundreds of programmes to find what they are looking for. The most dominating area of the website is the images which show the programmes which are on now and will engage the audience, where some may even press to find out more information. The large, bright eye catching images are used therefore as an engaging method, and this does work as I would be drawn in to find out what the programme was about if the image was enticing. The BBC have done well to create a website which has no blank areas, and therefore they show how professional and organised the company are. The dark colour again is the only negative of the website, as this does not appear the most appealing colour for an audience, and could potentially turn the viewers away due to black being considered a daunting colour, but the BBC have tried to change this view by including large, bright colour, dominating images which take away from the black, harsh background. WEBSITE ANALYSIS
  • 8. ITV ITV+1 ITV 2 ITV 2+1 ITV 3 ITV 4 ITVBe ITV Encore CITV The Store ITV
  • 9. ITV WEBSITE Large dominating images show the most important TV shows currently. The horizontal navigation shows the options available on the website, this is easy to notice and engaging for the audience. This section shows the other important TV shows that are available on ITV, showing a range of genres to suit a mass audience. The ITV logo is colourful and centralised, and is the main focus point as it is directly in the middle of the page. The search bar enables the audience to search for a programme they wish to watch.
  • 10. The ITV website is the one I would consider the most successful, it provides an interesting visual experience for the audience, and engages them as soon as the page opens through the central navigation bar and also the eye catching images. The large images at the top will easily engage an audience, as they feature a small spoiler caption, which will be used to interest the audience to read on. The navigation pane features a centralised logo as opposed to previous websites Ive looked at who place it in the left hand corner, this is a great reminder of what TV channel you are currently looking at, but also engaging as ITV are organised but unique. This includes a search bar which enables the audience to specify the programme or kind of programme they are searching for. There are a few options either side of the logo in easy to read format, and these are helpful to the audience as they are able to navigate around the site effectively. Although the ITV website is the most modern, some would believe that through the use of dominating images, ITV loses a sense of the text which goes hand in hand with the images, therefore losing the overall effect. There is also the lack of the other TV shows that ITV own presented in an easy accessible area, these are found under one of the navigation options at the bottom of the page, where as if advertised on the main home screen, could attract more viewers. WEBSITE ANALYSIS
  • 11. Through thoroughly analysing aspects of Channel 5, BBC and ITV, it has enabled me to see conventions that I would like to include when I make my own website, such as a navigation pane and a search bar, along with large brightly coloured images as they attract an audience. It has also enabled me to see what could go wrong when creating my website, and possible areas to avoid such as having my entire website filled with images with very little text, which could potentially turn away an adult audience. This has helped the group to understand what a typical TV website is like, and will hopefully enable us to create the best website possible. FEATURES TO INCLUDE
  • 12. A consistent logo, providing a sense of continuity and a professional company. Bright attracting colours that contr