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Textual AnalysisDisturbia-Rhianna


Disturbia- RhiannaThis music video I find is very suitable to study as it has many pop rock characteristics we would like incorporate in our music video. It features flash backs, transitions and dramatic lighting. All of these is what we are looking for for our music video. This was released July 2008 and The video

managed to reach the top spot on Total Request Live in August 2008 and stayed there for eleven days.


Textual Analysis- Mis-en-scene/ Camera Angle, Movement, Shot

Here shows a range of camera angels/shots and misen scene. The image above shows the set and as you can see there are bars on the window which connotes she is trapped maybe relating to her mental state, also outside the bars there is light and brightness which connotes outside her mind there is brightness and life. The wolf is also a predator which could put her in danger and the red sky connotes this., but as she is taller maybe she is the danger and more powerful. The bottom image again is trapping her in bars and this is a reoccurring feature which connotes her reoccurring mental state as the camera is jolting and jumping around. The close up on the top left is very powerful as her lipstick is red connoting lust and danger, this is a major contrast to the setting which connotes her split

Textual analysis- EditingIn this music video there is a lot of color editing and overlapping of moving images. For example the image above has a series of three moving images which is very interesting, it could also connote a split personality or alter egos all in one shot. The color is also very gloomy and grey which shows off her state of mind and mood she is in. The image below is completely different and has different moods. The color and saturation has been edited. The reddish-rust color connotes her fiery personality and mood. It could also connote blood or danger as she has a giant spider on her arm which could be putting her in danger, also her outfit is made of barbwire which is surrounding her on her skin. The

Textual Analysis-Sound

At the beginning of the song there are sound effects of an eerie piano played by the artist and rusted clogs turning. This makes it feel secluded as there is no other sound and it is echoing meaning there is nothing in the background. Again this shows her mental state of being isolated and her feeling of being empty. The emptiness of her life is shown via the echoing sounds. Her playing the piano instead of someone else is connoting she feels the emptiness instead of someone else.

Textual Analysis- Special Effects

Here are some prime example of special effects in different ways. The image on the left is when the moving image is jolting and shacking really fast, this connotes she maybe has a crazy mental state, the black make up is also smudged and dark connoting her dark mind. Her hair style is also very jaggered and alternative which could connote her state of mind also. In the other image to the right she is being shown in an isolated, dark and dingy room, surrounded and trapped in the circle of lights which again connotes her feeling on isolation and seclusion. In both scenes they are very atmospheric which works well with the song