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  • 1. TEXTUAL ANALYSIS OF FRANKIE By: Rymel Constantine

2. MISE-EN-SCENE The setting of the film is in a suburban geographical region of area, this is exemplified through the background of following image: 3. SOUND There are a lot of diegetic sound during the short film, most importantly the main feature of sound that stood out to me was the main characters strong accent. The main characters accent sounded like an Irish accent which also reinforced the idea of location where the film had been set. The film started with a calm sound track which was suddenly interrupted abruptly by a non-diegetic sound of a train horning. This may have been used to emphasise the execution of the calm mood the peaceful soundtrack was setting seen as straight after this abrupt interruption the audience were faced with the visuals of the main character walking vastly which reinforces the fact that the horn may have been a way of bringing the audience back to reality in parallel with the visuals 4. CAMERAWORK The first establishing shot of the short film is a birds eye view shot of the main character lying in his bed. However this shot doesnt just get the character only in the shot, it also gets the background of the room which is very cluttered and untidy which reinforces realism of the film. 5. EDITING When analysing the short film I noticed that the film consisted of a lot of jump cuts. This may have been deliberately implemented simply to give the audience an in depth understanding of the characters lifestyle due to the fact that there isnt a lot of time during the short film so that abrupt jump cuts allow the audience to see the background of character quickly.