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This is a textual analysis of NME and Q, two already existing music magazines.

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2. Q MAGAZINE Circulation 64,596 Readership 369,000 Mission - Q is the magazine that brings music alive. It draws together the biggest stars, the most exciting phenomena, thenew artists that matter and a healthy dose of irreverence to create an unmissable widescreen picture of whats reallyhappening in rock and roll right now.Qs reviews section is the ultimate critical overview of music. And magazines unrivalled access brings its readers up closeand personal with the stars who set the agenda. Q is the ultimate rock and roll read. Chris is 29 years old and lives in Leeds. Music is more important to him than anything else. Its at the centre of hissocial life. It soundtracks all the best moments in his life. Its his identity, his social currency and his world.Chris lives for gigs, festivals, and those electrifying moments of togetherness that only music can provide. He is theone who sorts out gig tickets for his friends, turns them on to new bands and sets up the big festival weekend. Histastes are mainstream eclectic the big stadium acts like Muse or Noel Gallagher mixed with the best of genresspanning rock and electronica, plus the finest discoveries from musics past.Chris works in a professional job and finally has the money and time to indulge his music habit to the full. He liveswith a partner (no kids yet) who is similarly music- mad. He is discovering quality in all areas, from sound systemsto deluxe reissues to cars, travel and clothes.Chris loves technology he was first with the iPod, iPhone, iPad and now streaming music services. He downloadsmusic but still prefers to own CDs. And he spends more on music than anything else: a big -ticket gig every week orso, six albums a month plus a Spotify subscription and countless on-the-go downloads. 3. Q MAGAZINE PUBLISHER BAUER MEDIA The publisher of Q magazine is Bauer Media, a publishing company that has producedmagazines such as Empire, FHM, Closer, as well as Q. Bauer Media Group is a multinational media company headquartered inHamburg, Germany which operates in 15 countries worldwide. Since the company wasfounded in 1875, it has been privately owned and under management by the Bauer family.It was formally called Heinrich Bauer Verlag KG, appreciated to HBV and usuallyshortened to H. Bauer. Worldwide circulation of Bauer Media Groups magazine titles amounts to 38 millionmagazines a week 4. Q MAGAZINE JANUARY 2012 FRONT COVER The colours in the background of thismagazine reflect a graffiti style and thecoverline also reflects this style. Thecoverline could also look like an autographand that would give the magazine apersonalised feel. Layering has been used to attract moreattention to the logo of the magazine, withChris Martins arm manipulating the Q. Thismeans that the magazine will be more eye-catching amongst competitors, as not manyother competitors manipulate their logo. The layout as a whole is reallycramped, there is next to no open spaceand this could be hinting at a magazine thatis cramped with information. The main coverlines font also seems asthough Chris Martin himself has wroteit, mirroring an autograph. 5. Q MAGAZINE JANUARY 2012 - COVERLINES This image of the front cover shows the coverlines. Theheadings of the coverlines appear to be in a Broadwayfont, with the numbers 50 and 12 especially looking atthat way, which hints towards the scale of the magazinebeing possibly on the same scale as a Broadway show(obviously in the equivalent of a magazine) The colours used reflect an upbeat personality and remindyou of happiness, this is relevant since this issue inparticular is going over all of the good times in 2011 interms of the music industry. The positioning of these coverlines is in the bottom right ofthe page, this means they are not detracting from the mainimage or the main coverline whilst still being relevant to thewhole pictures design. 6. Q MAGAZINE JANUARY 2012 MAIN IMAGE The main image in this magazines front cover is ofColdplays Chris Martin. It is positioned central to the rest of themagazine, whilst steering clear of all of the coverlines. As I mentioned earlier, his hand is positioned so itgoes through the hole in the Q, almost giving off a 3-Dfeel and to some extent making it seem real. The position he is in is heavily related to music anddancing, and gives off a very happy and cheerfulvibe, this in turn relates to the theme of the magazine(looking back at everything successful in 2011). Hischoices of clothing also represent being relaxed andcalm, and perhaps suggests the tone of the magazineis also reminds me of street dancing, which would alsomatch up to the pose. 7. Q MAGAZINE JANUARY 2012 FRONT COVER COMPOSITION AND FRAMING This image is a long shot, which allowssome establishment of the backgroundand also showcases his full bodylanguage. The image is not cropped but has beendigitally manipulated to go through thelogo of Q, I will mention about this inmore detail in other parts of thePowerPoint. The background is of graffiti, which isvery stereotypical of the street dancescene which is what Q Magazine appearto be going for here. The main image catches my eyefirst, and rightfully so as he is essentiallythe protagonist of this magazine. He is inthe centre of the page and should benoticed first. 8. Q MAGAZINE JANUARY 2012 - LOGO The logo is very staple to Q magazine, it ispositioned in the top left of the page and thishas become a convention for this magazine.Its position has never been moved and toswitch things up they make the main imagemanipulate the logo. The logo also has a staple red and whitecolouring, this is incredible eye-catching andcan relate to the genre of rock. They have also gone for a one-lettertitle, which stands for the person whoproduces the magazine. The fact his arm is going through the logocould show some attachment to the magazineand the retrospective company, perhaps hetrusts them or they are his favourite musicmagazine? 9. Q MAGAZINE JANUARY 2012 FRONT COVERTHEORIES The front cover could have multiple theories applied to it. Blumler and Katzs Uses and Gratifications theory (1974) is relevant to thismusic magazine because the magazine would be used for escape. Themagazine would allow the target readers to forget about their daily troublesand the daily routine and be occupied by something that they in particulartake an avid interest in. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs theory (1954) could be applied to this frontcover because they would want to know about the best 50 albums of theyear so that they can still be a part of their social group. They want to checkout what Q magazine feels is the best albums of the year do that they cancontinue to fit in with what everybody else in their group is doing. 10. Q MAGAZINE JANUARY 2012 FRONT COVER OVERALL OPINION This is a fairly good front cover, however I feel it is toocramped. In-between the main image, coverlines, logo andthe main coverline, there is very little space for your eyes torest. I also feel the background is a little too busy, most of themodern music magazines have a plain white background orjust a block colour background. This front cover has gone fora full on graffiti front cover with too many colours and toomany patterns and it just hurts to look at. The positioning of the main image is good though, he ispositioned to be the centre of attention and is easily the firstthing you notice, I feel the way he is dressed and the posthe is in also compliments the background. The main coverline is interesting as well, along with 2011reviewed as both of these look like they are hand writtenand is an interesting touch to the magazine. Other than that I would say this magazine is pretty staple ofother Q magazines. If I was to take anything from this magazine, it would be thepositioning of the coverlines as they are not interfering withthe magazine. 11. Q MAGAZINE JANUARY 2012 CONTENTSPAGE This is the contents page; it continuesto display the house style that wasrepresented on the front page via thelogo. The Q CONTENTS at the top reflectsthe same pattern that the logointroduced on the previous page and Iwould hazard a guess that it is thestaple of every issue of theirmagazine. The red, white and black used are verycommon for magazines that cover therock genre (regardless of if they coverother genres as well or not) and havebeen proven to be successful time andtime again. It gives the magazine anupper class look. 12. Q MAGAZINE JANUARY 2012 CONTENTSPAGE LAYOUT AND DESIGN As you can see, if we were to apply the rule of thirds to thisimage, it would be highly successful. Her nose is aligned withthe top horizontal bar, and the second vertical bar goesstraight through her nose. This means our eyes would focuson her first. The rule of thirds provides insight into their layout, with thelistings appearing on the left third entirely, almost in line in factand the images appear across the other two pages. The bottom vertical line almost lines up with the top of the 96box as well, and the ISSUE 306 circle is directly in the centreof the top middle box. This all points to a well arranged contextpage that is aesthetically pleasing. The conventional reading path in the western culture is top leftto bottom right, meaning we would notice all of the featuresand the main story before the two smaller stories at thebottom. This makes perfect sense and shows the company hasput a lot of thought into their contents page. The images on the page are nicely placed, with each onegetting its own amount of unique space and nothing feelscramped. The fonts used are very simplistic and minimalistic and theycome across as quite modern. This can be backed up by thewhite background and the amount of space on this page. 13. Q MAGAZINE JANUARY 2012 CONTENTSIMAGES As you can see, the images used (especiallythose that have a page reference) follow a housestyle. They are all typical modern, simple