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  • 1. Textual AnalysisContents pages

2. NME 3. Colour schemeThe whole page uses very dark colours, black, red, whiteand some edited blue lights faded in the background.That the blue lights are faded and the whole backgroundis faded, gives the reader the feeling that when the manin the photograph, who all the focus is directed on, whenhe plays his music nothing else in the world matters inaddition to his facial expression telling the same by hisclosed eyes and soft expression. The man in the image issitting on a chair that is by both lightning and editingmade to seem red as well as his guitar, this red draws aline between the text and the image. Moreover the redis mostly located to the left in the photograph listing upwhats inside the magazine, making it easy to discoverand see for the reader if this is something or someone they want to read more about in an furtherarticle. The white is basically a background for the texts and writing on this page with either a blackor red writing, although some placed the have swished it around where the black is the backgroundand white is the colour of the text, this creates variation and differences which makes it moreinteresting for the reader instead of just having the same colours all over. Furthermore the black inthe picture is the colour that repeat it self the most, though the text, the background colour for sometext but also very much though the photograph where the background of the man with the guitar issitting in a dark almost black room, he has a black suite and shoes on. These colours are though of asrock colours and the whole contents page has a very consistent use of those though the page. 4. PhotographyThe photograph is taken live form aconcert and is very naturally. There isa man sitting very causal andnaturally on a chair with is guitar,centred in the middle of the image.The background is very faded and indark colours creating a focus on theman telling the reader that he is theattraction and main focus in thephotograph. The image is taken froma low angle, where the reader islooking up at him while he is closinghis eye giving the reader theimpression that he is in his ownworld when he plays his music. He iswearing a suit, which shows that he isdressed up and taking the concertserious, the suit is also black givingeither connotations to funerals orwork, which again shows theseriousness. 5. Writing styleThey have on the left side along stripe downwards filledwith the contents of themagazine, on the top of thisstripe they have in big boldwords: Whats inside, which isa casual way of telling thatthis is the contents. Both thestripe and the big headline toit make it easy for the readerto see what the magazineconsist of. The magazine isalso using words like snapshotand specialoffer to attractattention from the readers.They have also picked out asmall article giving the readera preview of that they canread about further. 6. Text/picture ratio& FontsThe photograph is placed on almost thewhole page leaving a space to the left tointroduce what the magazine consists of.They have also put a shot paragraphreferring to the picture where the text isexactly not covering any parts of theman in the photograph. The big coverline, snapshot, is letting the readerknow that this is a snapshot and is not to see other place that in this magazine. What is more, there is a stripe on thebottom of the page letting the readerknow about a special Christmas offer.Arial Black is the main font used, this creates attention because of the big capitalletters, that is in a way in your face and easy to notice the words. Furthermore arethey using Times new roman in the article to making it easy and straightforward toread. 7. PublisherWith information gathered fromNMEs media pack we learn thatthey are the longest publishedand most respected musicweekly in the world. They reachmillions of music fans everyweek. Their average age marketis 25 yrs, 73% of their readers aremale and there target market ismale 17-30.The publisher of NME is TracyCheesman. She is currently alsopublishing uncut magazine, it is amovie and music magazine withmodern indie, rock, classic indieand Americana. Uncut is likeNMEs cooler, older brother.There average readers age is 37and 86% of their readers aremale. 8. Q 9. Colour schemeThe page has a whitebackground colourgiving a feeling of purityas well as the black textagainst the white makesit very ordinary, tellingthe reader that they area serious magazine andare saying the newsstraightforward as theyare. The photographsare dark and with verylittle colour in themmaking the pageconcrete and simple. 10. PhotographyThere are three photographs on the page. Thereis on which is staged and posed in a studio, it isan very interesting picture since it is taken withan establishing shot, that shows the wholescenario and the studio as well. They have stagedit as if it is raining and the man in the picture isstanding in the middle of it, they also use a blackbackground to reflect on the dark and sadnessrain brings with it. The man in the picture is wearinga black suit giving either connotations to funeralsor work, which shows the seriousness anddedication. There is another going slightly on topof the on with the rain shower, picture that is edited so that there is only a man standing without anybackground, just cut after his body form. This cutphotograph is of a man singing with his microphone, the picture is exiting because of theway that man is acting, he is deeply singing and feeling the song by screaming out and actingand feeling the song. The last picture is slightly underneath the one of the cut man. This is atwo shot taken with a mid angel from their waits and up, the photograph is in black andwhite again reflecting to the black and white text and background. There are two people inthe scene, one man with a cigar and a woman with a cigarette. They both have a posedattitude and are also both dressed formal. 11. Writing styleThe way the magazinewrites is very formal andseems slightly poshusing words like featuresand full stops often.They have picked outsome of the articles thatthey think will attractthe reader the most andwritten their names andheadlines in capitalletter to make it easierfor the reader to seewhat they want to read. 12. Text/picture ratio& FontsThe magazine hasseparated the picturesand the text by left andright. The text is locatedto the left and thephotographs are placedon top of each otherdown the right side.There is also a fewsentences on the rainshower picture referringto the man/artist in thephotograph. 13. PublisherQ is a popular musicmagazine that is publishedmonthly in the uk. Theirtarget audience is an openmined, engaged andpassionate music fans that iscontinually want to discovernew music and to share theirmusic knowledge with others.They have a reach of 75%male and 25% female andwith 68% ABC1. Theirpublisher is the Bauer MediaGroup, which also publishesKerrang. 14. Kerrang 15. Colour schemeThe colours that are usedare very strong and bright.There are all in all fourcolours repeatingthemselves though thefront cover, black, white,red and yellow as it did onthe front cover. Giving thereader again the view thatKerrang is a rock magazineso that readers that likerock will know instantlythat he or she has chosen amagazine that fits his orhers view in music. 16. PhotographyThe contents page has a lot of images likethe front cover also had. There are twosmall images from a double page spreadform further inside the magazine, thisshows the reader what he or she will findfurther in the magazine and also that therock style is maintained throughout themagazine. It is also a way to tempt thereader to read the article up close.Furthermore there is a big photograph ofMarilyn Manson, it is shot from an lowangle, making him look powerful whichenhances the scariness of his character. Inaddition to the costume enhances this withhis dark costume, black nail vanish and theblack make-up around his eyes. The grainybackground and the red sofa increase the view of his as a rock artist. To the bottomright there is a picture of the editor, it is shot with a medium close up which makes theimage more personal, by the look of her, the dark hair, rather pale skin and her beingdressed in black shows the editors own rock personality. 17. Writing styleThere are different underpoints beneath the Kerrangthis week, categorising andmaking it easy for the readerto find what they want arelooking for within themagazine. Under this underpoints again there is either aword or a short sentencedescribing what you will find.The only thing that requires abit more reading is theeditors note. The languagethat is used both in thecategorising and the editorsnote is simple, informal andnot with big complicatedwords in addition to referringa lot to the reader. 18. Text/picture ratio& FontsHalf of the top page is covered with images,while the other half has only some smallimages but mostly text. Making a clear dividein the middle of the page, and splits themagazine into two sections, this helpsorganize the page, and fits the columnpattern.They have used the same fonts from in thecontents page as on the front cover, whichshows consistency in genre that magazinecovers. However, the contents page has alsounder titles written in black, simple font.These under titles are vital for telling moreabout the content of the magazine, and theirsimple style is important for giving the page amore organized look. For the editorssignature, her real signature has been used,something that gives a personal feel to hereditors note. 19. PublisherWith information gathered from Kerrangsmedia pack we learn that they are theworlds larges uk weekly music magazine.Their reader are usual young, their medianage is 22 years, have a younger target markethas shown to be a big advantage for Kerrang,as young readers usually are expensive andelusive to reach but their issue contains ofm