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Textual Analysis A2 Media Lucy-Anne Richardson. Trailer 1 – The Possession. Credits The film was created by Lions gate and Ghosthouse pictures. Directed by Ole Burnedal Produced by Sam Raimi Written by Juliet Snowden and Stiles White - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Textual Analysis A2 Media Lucy-Anne Richardson

Textual Analysis A2 Media Lucy-Anne Richardson

Textual Analysis

A2 Media

Lucy-Anne RichardsonTrailer 1 The PossessionCreditsThe film was created by Lions gate and Ghosthouse pictures.Directed by Ole BurnedalProduced by Sam RaimiWritten by Juliet Snowden and Stiles WhiteThe use of some of the names above, especially Sam Raimi are very popular directors/producers which is a persuasive element as the audience will most probably know of their successful work which provides more trust in the film. It also provides the names of the actors such as Geoffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick as well as an extra website leading the more information on Facebook. NarrativeLooking at Todorovs narrative structure, you can compare this to the trailer as it goes through all of the stages. Firstly you have the equilibrium where there is a balance. The first characters you see are the parents which is the balance. This then leads on to a disruption in which it focuses on the main little girl who finds the box in which the films stems from. They then try to repair the disruption by going to see specialists and doing the exorcism. However, they do not show you the overall ending as this would spoil the film; they show all the events leading up to it, therefore the audience would need not go and pay for the film.PerformanceThe performance of all the actors is of a very high standard. Each actor suits their role within the film; especially the father who is played by Geoffrey Dean Morgan. However, in my personal opinion, the young girl who gets possessed didnt play the part as well as she could have due to some parts being dull. The use of successful actors also allows the audience to have more trust and expectation in the film.

Release DatesThe trailer doesnt specifically say when the release date is, it only shows Coming Soon and a website where you can find more information. This could be due to enticing the audience to keep updated. Also, as the film came closer to being shown in cinemas, it would have had the release date shown at the end as it has been updated. The release date was 31st August 2012 from recent trailers and the website. It would have only shown the release date for the UK and it is where it is being shown. However, the date would have been different if shown in other countries such as the USA.

Camera WorkThe camera work is very good, it uses a wide variety of different shots and many techniques that increase the tension of the film. It includes many jump cuts that allow you to focus on the important aspect of the scene such as when the young girl finds the box at a yard sale. There are also a couple of establishing shots which allows the audience to create the scene and understand where it is based etc. which looks into the context. The use of close ups show the audience the facial expressions which could be considered the most important as it is a thriller/horror meaning the actors have to act of the influence of a spirit that is supposed to be there although it isn't. The use of good camera work in the scene where the girl sticks a fork into her dads hand only shows the actions of going to do it rather than the after shot; the audience assumes it has happened due to the acting and camera shots leading to it.

Editing and SoundSome of the editing techniques are of a very high standard and is personally, why I like the trailer/film the best. I have gained many ideas from this trailer when looking at editing especially the scene where the spirit gets released from the girl which shows essentially a swarm of flies leaving her body. I want to do a similar scene with to show the same thing. However, I may have to change some sections as they would have used high quality equipment so I may need to change some of the editing techniques come the post production phase. Another good example would be when the box moves by itself into the corner of the room. It accompanies sound effects with it which makes it scary and more effective. They have made the box move faster then suddenly stops when the music stops. The Sound matches a lot of the actions and editing. Throughout the trailer, they have used a variation of different sound effects as well as music. The music they have used within the exorcism scene is quite powerful as it sounds choir like or people would associate it with the church.


Trailer 2 The ApparitionCredits Within the trailer itself, it doesnt actually show the credits at all other than the Warn Bros (Time Warner) and Dark Castle logo obviously showing who is creating it. However, you dont get to find out the director or producers, including the actors like you would in other trailers. This could be harmful to the film as people may be influenced by certain people within the production to actually come and watch it. One of the reasons it may not mention actors names would either be because people are likely to know who they are like myself but only because they are from films I would enjoy. This could differ with different audiences as others may not know which could be why they havent including names as they arent hugely famous actors. It does give a website at the end leading to Facebook which will give this information and release dates (as it only included Coming Soon). More recent trailers may be shown when the opening of the film is approaching which may give different bits of information such as the release date.

NarrativeOne of the main strengths of this trailer is the fact they have narration at the beginning which sets the scene and lets the audience understand whats going on and why they are doing certain things. For example, the narrator says that it was a college experiment that succeeded and therefore released a spirit. It then stops and allows the actors to portray the rest of the story. The voice of the narration suits the trailer and genre very well. It is serious and is a male voice which goes well when he is explaining the experiment as the audience may associate him with a professor etc.

PerformanceThe acting is quite well done, especially as I know of the actors and love the films they have starred in. The main girls acting out shines the other actors especially in the scene right at the end of the trailer when she is being captured by the spirit. However, one of the men who is shown laying on the ceiling could have been done to a much better standard. He makes it look unrealistic, perhaps just because the other two actors are really good. There are only four people shown in the entire trailer which seems odd as you would expect extras or random people in the background of certain scenes. In my opinion, this is another factor showing its unrealistic.

Camera WorkThe camera work is done well as it creates tension and suits the storyline. There are random flashes of science related images such as DNA and chemicals etc. which links in with the experiment story.The camera also shows the events through another camera which is actually shown in a film. It is clear to see through the differences in camera quality this really effective. Other parts of the camera work would be jump cuts which makes the trailer jumpy as well as close ups which, again, show the actors emotions. Also, the mid/long shot used when all three are standing looking over the town is useful to the audience as it creates contextual information such as where they are etc. The last shot is one of my favourite's which I would love to somehow incorporate into my trailer. At the end the main girl is sitting very still and the camera slowing zooms into her face whilst the demons hand wrap around her body and eventually her face showing the audience she has been captured. Editing and SoundAt first I didnt think the sound was very good but once I listened again, there were many effects that I didnt notice because I was focusing on everything else that was happening. Some of the sound effects were slowed down when something scary was about to happen, then when it did it sped up and made you jump which was really effective. There are many sounds that link in with the storyline such as the sound of equipment in the background, some of which are squealing/squeaking sounds which are really quite uncomfortable to listen to but it creates tension. One of my favourite effects used in this trailer would be at the end when you can hear the girls thoughts but she isn't actually speaking it out loud. To link in with the genre, it follows some contemporary aspects such as screaming and the sound of the demon itself.Looing at the editing techniques, they may have used some form of CGI to make it look like her bed sheets were suffocating her. It created the shape of her body which was really scary and it makes the audience feel uncomfortable.Lastly, other good editing techniques included the girl getting sucked through the wall as well as the man laying on the ceiling.


Trailer 3 The Skeleton Key CreditsThe credits are not shown at the beginning of the trailer but at the end, all together. It is a black screen with white writing right at the very end, tell the audience information about the film such as actors involved, directors etc. It tells us that the film has been written by the writer of The Ring which is a very successful scary film. This gives the audience more faith that the new film will also be a success. This is the same with the mention of the actors names including Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands and Peter Sarsgaard. It also tells you the director, Iain Soffrey and produced by Daniel Bobker. PerformanceIn my personal opinion, I think the performance in this film is of a very high quality. All three of the main actors are well known actors and have had successful careers. The use of actors such as Kate Hudson is appealing to audiences, f