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Textual Analysis: Someday

Textual Analysis: Someday

Close up of the bike as well as spot lighted form of lighting emphasises the importance of the bike in the riders life. The slow pan left highlights this in addition to the depth of field change showing two bikes, one in focus one not in focus demonstrating it is ever present in the riders life. The voiceover furthermore shows a connection between the speaker and object.

Medium close up of the man being interviewed incorporated with both his clothing and the background imagery displays the close relationship between the pair. The lack of a soundtrack or score stresses the importance of his discussion about motorbike riding.

The long shot of the man working on the bikes along with the long takes and fades, shows the long methodical nature of being rider and how it is more than just the speed aspect. The quiet orchestral score juxtaposes the aggressive biker stereotype and allows the audience to see it differently

Another close up of the bike panning left possibly incorporates how the rider appreciates all the individual parts coming together

Close up of the rider preparing to ride continues to show the audience the long and caring process that goes into the riding

The final shots are close ups of the speedometer during a track day. The use of these clips at the end demonstrates what the rider has gone through to achieve this and therefore how much it means to him.