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Textual Analysis By Daniel Clipperton

Date and PriceThe placement of the date and price upon the magazine is a convention across all magazine genres. The price is in a sans serif font and is the smallest test present upon the page. This is because the high cost of the magazine could possibly dissuade potential customers from purchasing the magazine. The magazine is priced at 4.20, which reflects the audience who they are trying to appeal to. As the Q reader has a high disposable income and no one else they have to provide for, so can afford the cost of the magazine.Main ImageThe main image is a four shot, long shot of the band U2, this gives the impression that the reader will be able to get an in-depth interview with each band member. Each band member is looking in a different direction, using direct address to catch the customer from every angle and draw them towards the magazine. U2 are placed in the foreground in front of the Q logo, showing that the magazine is well known and doesnt require the logo to be in the foreground to sell the magazine.LayoutThe layout is relatively uncluttered, drawing as much attention as possible towards U2, which are the main selling point of the magazine. The unclutteredness of the magazine appeals to the Q reader as they do not need lots of Sub-Headings to make them feel they are getting value for money as their preference is quality not value. It also shows the magazine does not have to over advertise its contents to appeal to the reader, as its well known for its quality and content. The magazine uses a bright coloured banner across the bottom of the page, which contrasts against the black text drawing in the audiences attention. Yellow is seen as the colour of intellect, which suggests that Q is top source for music knowledge. Getting across its mission of providing the best guide to the latest music.Buzz WordThe word World Exclusive draws in the reader as they believe theyll be part of a selective group able to get this exclusive information. This appeals to Qs readers as they build their social life around music and always want to know what's up and coming, to stay on top of their social group. The use of the word World gets across to the reader that they cant get this information anywhere else. Persuading them to purchase a copy and see this Exclusive content. This links into their mission statement by providing access to the biggest names across the music industry. The use of the word Plus n a larger sans serif font, draws in the audience as the reader feels they are getting something extra by purchasing the magazine.BarcodeThis is a common feature across all magazine genres. It is convenient way for the customer to purchase the magazine using an electronic point of sale system.Sub-ImageThe image is used to showcase what's featured inside the magazine. The image uses direct address to catch the audiences attention. The juxtaposition of the image along side the text, presents an article of importance to the audience.

Sub-HeadingThis the content featured in the magazine with an ellipsis that makes the audience feel the magazine is packed full of content. The ellipsis also peaks the audiences interested to see what else is inside the magazine along with what's featured in the listed articles. By using the colour red at the start of the sentence the audiences attention is drawn down to the Sub-Heading. Due to the fact that red conveys an a strong energy towards the audience.

HeadlineThe biggest story in this issue of Q magazine is advertised on the front cover in the largest, sans serif font upon the page. Its the major feature used in order sell the magazine to the target audience. As bands which formed prior to the 2000s are the favourites of the Q reader. The Headline is used to catch the audiences attention and persuade them to purchase the magazine based upon the main article. The use of a silver headline conveys to the reader that the story is of high quality and shouldnt be missed.PuffUsing The Worlds Greatest Music Magazine promotes the magazine to the audience over all other music magazines that are on the market. This will appeal to the Q reader as they are big consumers of music and rely upon it to form their social relationships, so require the best information.

MastheadThe masthead of the magazine is in a serif font, which suggests a formal, well informed magazine that is well respected. This is done to appeal to Qs older, more mature dedicated music fans. The Masthead is placed at the top of the page, which a convention used across all magazine genres. It allows the audience to immediately see the title of the magazine if it is within a sales rack, whilst also being the second section of the magazine the viewer is drawn to after the main image. Unconventionally the Q masthead is only situated in the top left hand corner instead of covering the entire top. This suggests that the magazine is very popular and well known as it does not require a full masthead to be recognised by the reader. The red colour of the Q logo represents passion and determination linking into the magazines mission statement to provide the best photography and articles (passion) and to get to the heart of each story (determination). The white letter Q represents Wholeness and Perfection, which shows how Q strive to produce the ultimate music guide fulfilling all your music needs. The contrast of the white Q against the red background creates a strong image, showing the magazine to passionate and proud of its achievements/company.

Plug A variety of musical names are placed on the front cover in order to appeal to different peoples musical preferences. This draws in the attention of the audience as they feel that magazine is providing something to appeal to them as an individual. It makes the audience feel involved with the magazine as it has an article of interest/importance to them.

LayoutThe layout of the Kerrang is relatively cluttered, which relates to the audience which its aiming to appeal to. As there's lots of different content to grab the younger audiences attention, with lots of Sub-headings listing the content in the magazine, it gives confidence to the reader that they are getting value for money. The articles present in the magazine are scattered all around the page in order to give the impression there is lots of content for the audience to read. The content surrounds the major article of Twenty One Pilots which Kerrang are trying to draw the majority of the audiences attention towards.Main ImageThe main image is a two shot, long shot of Twenty One Pilots, through the use of direct address they draw in the readers attention to the magazine. The two band members are placed in an action shot above a fiery trail looking back at the audience, suggesting to the audience, they are on a journey (their tour) and the audience can come to. Twenty One Pilots are placed in the foreground in front of the Kerrang Masthead showing that the magazine is so well known, doesnt require the logo to sell the magazine. Instead it sells its magazines through the content it provides upon the top music.Date and PriceIt is a convention across all magazine genres that the date and price are situated upon the front cover. The date/price is in a serif font and is the smallest font present on the page as the is could dissuade the customer from purchasing the magazine. Kerrrang want to draw in the audience with their content hooking them in prior to seeing the price. The price of the magazine is 2.30 which reflects the audience they are trying to appeal to, early twenties, who have a low disposable income.Sub-HeadingKerrang use a striking quote upon the front cover Id rather die than fake a song!, which makes the audience want more information, as there is no explanation of who specifically said the quote or why it was say. It acts as a way of teasing the audience into purchasing the magazine to find out more.

HeadlineThe biggest story in this issue of Kerrang magazine is advertised on the front cover in one of the largest, sans serif fonts upon the page. Its the feature which is used in order to sell the magazine to audience. The featured band is an alternative hip hop/electropop group. This relates to Kerrangs mission statement to provide a range of music, whilst focusing upon their primary genre of rock. The Headline catch the audiences attention and persuades them into purchasing the magazine just based upon the main article. Buzz WordThe word Special draws in the reader as they believe their getting something different/extra in this issue. This appeals to a younger audience as they think there getting more value for the same price as a regular issue. The On the Road Special will appeal to the Kerrang reader as theyre interested in everything music especially gigs and tours. So the issue provides the content the audience wants to read.

Freebie/PlugIt is situated at the top of the magazine so it is clearly visible if in a rack. Its used to draw in the audience, making them invest into the magazine in order to get something extra for their money. Providing posters is Kerrangs unique selling point it sets them apart form the rest of its competitors.MastheadThe masthead of the magazine is in a sans serif font, which is informal and inviting to the audience. This is done to appeal to Kerrangs younger audience, who lives are focused around music as they want to be invited into being part of the music. The majority of magazines follow the convention of placing the masthead at the top of the page, except in this issue of Kerrang a Menu Strip is placed above the masthead. The masthead of the magazine would still be visible if placed in a rack, allowing the audience to immediately see if the magazine is within their interest. The Masthead is in the largest font upon the page, making it stand out and grab t