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This magazine is very simplistic looking and contains only a few bits of information, but the include the main information the reader needs. This magazine says it comes with 5 awesome posters this is mostly seen in childrens magazines. on the cover it contains many short quotes that pull readers in for example I was almost killed on stage. This is something people would want to know. In my magazine I will use an interesting pull quote. The layout of the magazine is well planned, I like how the main image is in the middle with minimal text around it, this makes it look less crammed and more clear. A weakness I would say is the title it is hidden behind the main images head, if I didnt know what the magazine company was I wouldnt be able to find out because it doesnt say the title anywhere else. If this is an issue in my magazine I will plan out the positioning of things

The 1st page of the double page spread is a full page picture with text in it saying the worst phone call of my life this is a good use of a pull quote and a brief overview of what the interview is about. The text is easy to read and easy to understand what is an answer and what is a question. A positive of the page is the running theme of white, blue and yellow these colours all fit in with the theme of rock and roll.