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Textual Analysis

Textual AnalysisBy Eleanor Waring, Lucy Pywell and Karis Hays

Voyeurism and notions of looking

Throughout the video there is a lot of use of notions of looking. The main singer seems to be watching her and following the female character in the video. However she seems unaware of this as if she hasnt noticed him. It may symbolise that he is her conscience or simply a man who is interested in her but she doesnt notice him.

The way that the main character is female and the singer is watching her throughout the video is use of voyeurism. Even though the women isnt particularly sexualised in an obvious way, it still counts as voyeurism because of the idea that the main focus is on the women and the man is constantly watching her, which suggests he may find her attractive. Also the female character used is portrayed as an everyday women who wears minimal makeup and ordinary clothes. Despite this the female character is still an attractive women who is naturally pretty therefore this is a use of the male gaze which will attract the male audience of the music genre.

Relationship between lyrics and visualsThe LyricsAn interpretation from the lyrics is that the male singer is talking about being tired of not living his life to the full and therefore he's bored with the life he has got. So he claims that from now onwards he is going to live his life how he wants and stay true to himself, regardless of what anyone may say or think of him. Hes going to give all his secrets away as he needs some more excitement in his life and he doesnt want to carry on being the quiet man who gets forgotten about.An alternative meaning to the song could be that the man is tired of his life and everything has caught up with him. For example all the lies hes told, all the heartbreak, secrets, all the pain caused to himself and others has caught up with him and hes realised he just wants to move on and let it all go so as a result he wants to let all of his secrets go in order for him to move on and for him to be true to himself and stop being fake. These two interpretations are similar and tie in together well.The VideoThe meaning of the video has a similar meaning to the lyrics, however it is from a women's perspective. She seems to be tired of waiting on this one man as she is seen to be waiting for at a bar. She seems sick of trying to make things work and continuously getting hurt or rejected, for example the man she is waiting for hasnt turned up yet. As a consequence she decides she wants to give up on this love interest and move on with her life and let that man go, even if it hurts him. When the women walks away from the bar the first time she presumably walks towards her house and she is seen to turn back and walk to the bar again because she is indecisive and doesnt feel like she wants to leave the man for definite. However when the women returns to the bar and sees the man did finally go to meet her she has a moment of realisation and decides that she is sick of this man and wants to move on so she cant be hurt by him anymore. When the lead singer of the band whispers in her ear, it gives the idea of what she is thinking as she is being persuaded my a voice that she needs to let all her secrets go and move onwards as there are more exciting opportunities that she could experience in her future. The man persuading her to move on could have a deeper meaning and suggest that there are also lots of other potential love interests she could have instead of wasting her time with this one man who seems to be hurting her.

Music Genre conventionsThe music genre of OneRepublic is alternative rock / indie. Other bands which are similar to Onerepublic is The Script, The Fray, Scouting for Girls. One of the genre conventions all of these bands usually have is to feature the band performing live in the video. This is shown in the music video Secrets by Onerepublic. A reason for this may be to make the audience familiar with the band members and as a result feel more connected to the band themselves. However another reason for this is because it might create more sales / views of the album and video because it is using star appeal in order to persuade more people to watch the video. For example, the audience would want to watch the video because it features the band which are considered as celebrities.Indie / alternative rock bands usually feature the characters in their videos as casual normal people. The main singers are usually dressed quite casually, this is the case in the video Secrets, also the main female character in this video was represented as a normal women. This was because she was also wearing casual clothes and she was wearing minimal makeup. The use of the band wearing casual clothes may be to suggest to the audience that the band members are normal people, not just celebrities. This is a clever way of making the audience connect more with the band and gain more approval of the band.

The clothes that the characters are wearing are all dark clothes, this fits in with the washed out, dark theme that the video gives off. This is a common convention associated with the indie / alternative rock genre. This may be because bands like Onerepublic write songs which have quite a depressing or sad mood. This makes the video compliment the feel of the song. Therefore that is the reason why there is a dark theme to the video Secrets.

Close ups and focus on star appeal

IntertextualityThe grainy filter that appears throughout the video gives the effect of an old new York film. This is the only intertextuality that features in the video. This fits in with the theme because the video is set in a city similar to New York.

There are lots of close ups featured in the video, particularly on the main singer. This is done because he is the most recognised member of the group. This is focus on the star appeal because it features the band in the video and because they are famous the video includes lots of close up on the main singer. Is may be done in order for the audience to feel connected with the artist and therefore promote more sales and interest in the band. Also focus on star appeal is a clever way of making the music video more popular as the audience might be more persuaded to watch the video if a famous person is featured in the video.

Technical aspectsMise-en-sceneThe lighting in the music video is very dull as the colours consist of dark colours such as grey and black. Despite this the video is set in daylight, however the theme of the video is dark and it seems as if there is a dull filter throughout the whole of the music video which makes the light colours look dull. This darker theme suggests that the music video is a sad and depressing mood as there is a lack of vibrant colours and everything appears to be washed out. Also the female character in the video is wearing a coat which could imply that the video is set in the winter months. This also adds to the mood of the video as the winter months can be associated with things dying out. This could resemble the womens relationship with the man in the video as it appears that they arent happy anymore.

The women is casual and this suggests that the video is set on an ordinary day. She is wearing casual clothes and minimal makeup. The male character in the video is also casual. However the main singer doesnt fit into the everyday theme as he is slightly more formal. This is may be to highlight to the audience who the main singer of the band is. Towards the start of the music video, the women is waiting for someone in a bar. For a while she is folding up a napkin and orders a drink. This suggests to the audience that she is bored as she is getting distracted by a napkin while she is waiting for someone to turn up. The person she is waiting for is obviously late and the female character seems to be getting tired of waiting and loosing patience as she seems to grow bored of it. The location of the video is set in a busy city, like New York. This may be because the video is conveying how busy life can be and that life does go on without stopping for anyone. This may suggest how the women feels, she appears to be tired of waiting around of this one man and at the end of the video she decides to move on. This may be because she doesnt want to be wasting time on this man anymore. Meanwhile, the video consistently cuts to a live performance of the band. This seems to be set in a studio but it is hard to work out because it is quite dark. There is a spotlight on the band and the main singer, this may be to highlight that they are the band and how is the main singer out of the band.

Technical aspectsCamera WorkIn the opening scene of the music video, there is an establishing shot. This shows the women in the distance crossing the road in a busy city. This is setting the scene and telling the audience that the women is heading somewhere. The video then cuts to the band how are performing the song and there are various close ups of the singers face and the rest of the band. This may be introducing the band to the audience and their roles in the band. There are a range of medium shots of the female character at the bar and its purpose is to make the audience aware that the women is waiting for someone at the bar. This is followed by close ups of her drinks and she pushes it slightly. The close up of the drinks suggest to the audience that she has being waiting a while for someone as she has already had two drinks. Also the close up of he moving her drink on the table suggests that she isnt relaxed and getting frustrated with waiting.

There are lots of medium close ups of the women waiting at the bar. This is to convey the womens mood across to the audience. Her facial expression is unhappy as she isnt smiling and seems to look frustrated as she is fidgeting around and app