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Textual analysis Ryan Gudgeon

Layout- the margin gives the magazine an orderly format. Its in a L lay out so you read the magazine from left to right. The colour scheme is red white and blue, which is simplistic appealing and mature.Main image- Rihannas pose and positioning is very provocative to the male perspective. The pose is also appealing to women as it is strong and aspirational, which women can look up too. The white of the top could be a representation of innocent, nevertheless this is contrasted by how revealing the top is, making her gun tattoo visible which show a fierce and fiery side to Rihanna. The brightness of the red hair connotes passion and lust, the same connotations she feels towards her music. The fiery red against the blue background instantly draws the human eye to the centre of the page, which is the aim of the publisher. Date and price- a common convention in retailed magazines. The price is rarely one to want to stand out as the price should not put of its audience of the middle class people Barcode- a common convention on a magazine, required in order to purchasepull quote-my fans don't really know who i am makes the reader want to find out more about Rihanna and feel closer to her as a fan and reading an exclusive about her.the feature headline- RIHANNA, written in block capitals which shows authority over the cover, she is the centre of attention. The font with a fade at the bottom of each letter suggests and placed over the pull quote with no fading font suggests that the Rihanna we think we know we dont. the feature headline spreads across the whole page, bigger than the masthead , which reinforces her dominance as well as suggesting that she is bigger and more famous than the magazine its self.the use of the white coloured font against the purple/ blue background make is bold and initially stands out to the viewers eyes. the white could represent an underlying innocence or purity on Rihanna behalf. billboard magazine is a music magazine that doesn't cover one specific genre, which is similar to Rihanna because she is a mix of r&b as well as pop music, so she is very in sync with the magazine.Rihanna appeals to the target audience of young adults interested in chart music, because Rihanna is a young adult who is in the charts Masthead- uses the billboard logo, which is seen on every edition of the magazine, so it is easily recognisable. the font is very informal- aiming at teenagers. the colours red and yellow re gender neutral, appearing on both sexes.picture of Rihanna is overlapping the masthead suggesting that billboard is very successful magazine and customers will recognise it even if the title is covered.

The band index is a unique feature to NME magazine which would appeal tot he readers as it is an easy and simple way to find out where artists of interest to the reader are located within the magazine. in addition to this the writing in red stand out against the pale white back ground and links in with the centralised colour scheme of NME. the page numbers are in black so it makes it obvious and simple to find the page they are looking for.The main image- quite small image situated in the centre of the page, this suggests that it is an important image because it is in the centre and also there are no other images on the contents page. The photo is a neutral image of the band playing live, this makes it appealing to the reader as it is not posed as well as this it is a medium shot of the lead singer Alex Turner and ambient lighting has been usedThe text underneath the images provides a short summary of the article. the title ARTIC MONKEYS in bold black block capitals is used to make it stand out to the reader and the large red page numbers makes it visually easy to carry on reading this article on a later page. The text underneath is quite colloquial and chatty , normally aimed at a slightly younger audience. The text is finished with a question which makes the reader want to find the answer on page 45v, drawing the readers in effectively the masthead of the content page is the same scheme as the one on the front cover as they like to keep the identity of the magazine throughout. as well as this, the bright red with the white outlining makes it stand out against the jet lack background and instantly eye catching to the readers. the same technique of white on black is used on the contents. the date of the issue is situated underneath which is a common convention of a contents page.

a visual convention of the contents page is the regulars section, these are certain article feature d in every addition. the regular section has been split into sub-genres like news. the sub title link the font together like the masthead, bold black on white background. red is recognised by regular readers as page numbers. under the heading there are small synopsis of what to expect int he article. NME have also used arrows pointing to articles that feature on the over page. these are black and bold which are easy to notice with on the cover inside in white. this is eye catching and will draw attention. it is more efficient.

the layout is ver organised, with a lot of text involved, the image takes up less than 20% of the page, this shows that there are many different aspects to this magazine, its not all focused on on particular artist and in fact there are many successful musicians insidethe colour palette for this magazine is predominantly, black white and red which is unstereotypicaj for this genre of magazine, these colours are normally more situate with rock magazines. the colour yellow is uses once on the content sage this make it instantly eye catching to the advertising, increasing chance of making money

The large USA covering the double page showing this is key part of the article Florence is looking directly at the reader (the female stare) which invited the reader into the article. the way she is sitting slows well with the image but also suggest she is a dominant woman as she is sitting in a confident pose. Florence is wearing tight black clothing which suggests she is aiming for a sexy look however the connotations of the colour black is death and darkness which contradicts Florences image and music. The red is the only colour that is bright and vibrant on the page which attracts the readers attention. the colour from the american flag also links in with the colour of florence hair colour. Florence hair colour is more of a fiery red which drags the attention to her as the centre of attention as well as having a n underlying meaning that there is any problems in america but there will always be fame and glory The copy in the column which follows the convention of a double sheet spread. based not he text alone it also gives the article a feel that it is aimed at an older target audience instead of teenagers due to the formal layout technique and well presented. Whereas the picture is very provocative to the teenage audience which contrasts the texts and widens the target audienceThe article uses a drop capital which follows the magazine conventions. it also lets the reader know where the start of the text is The bold grey texts suggests the the theme behind the article however does not distract the reader away from the picture of florence as it is eye catching and captivating.The heading got the love is a very appropriate one as it is a line from one of her number one singles. the big bold font is eye catching, and in the darkest font across the page to contrast with the scheme to daw attention. the fun is also different to any other used on the article. The word got the love in black is a contrast because love is associated with red and pink whereas black is represented as dark and death